Best Valentine’s Day Gifts For Your Activist Valentine

Being proud of your significant other because he or she does so much for the cause they think is unfair to the society and its people is natural. But have you ever expressed your love and respect for their hard work? Well, you may or may not have. This valentine’s day we, at Blingvine have brought to you the best of the valentine’s day gifts that you can gift to your activist valentine. These are to support them in their cause and celebrate your love in a different way this year.

If They Have One Of Their Campaigns The Coming Month

Campaign T-Shirts

Gifting them a campaign t-shirt for their coming campaign is a really thoughtful gift for your activist valentine. This simple gift of a t-shirt shows so many emotions of encouragement, pride, love, support, care and kindness. It will be the best to join them and participate in the campaign too, if you can. There’s nothing better than having your significant other by your side.

If They Are A Flag Bearer To Girl Education

Stickers To Stick On

Having a partner who is so passionate about education for girls for an educated society is definitely something you can take pride in. This valentine’s day to support their point you can gift them stickers consisting of quotes that speak for mandatory education to young girls. These stickers could be put on vehicles, workplaces, cafes, etc. and thus help spread awareness, at the sametime will let your partner know that you really care about what they think and work for.

If They Love To Wear Things For A Cause

Clothes And Bags That Give Food

Fashion has become one of the greatest mediums of protests and supporting a cause. Going along the same line you can gift t-shirts, sweatshirts or tote bags to your partner. These materials aren't just designed to support a particular cause but their production brings food to a number of people and children. Sale of one product can provide food for two children which is really incredible and will surely be applauded by your activist partner.

If They Are The Biggest Feminist Ever

Accessories Best For Feminists

With the evolution of the definition of feminism, if your partner is carrying out the torch of feminism it's really something for which you can put stars on your shoulders. To show your support for their thoughts and opinions regarding the place and status of women in society you can gift them these accessories especially designed for feminists. This way they can speak for the cause even without speaking a single word.

If They Have A Soft Spot For The Refugees

Items For The Refugees

A refugee is someone who has lost his home, his shelter and sometimes even his family. Your partner choosing to be a help to these people is a deed of a greater good. To show your support to your partner for the same you can gift some items that are useful for survival along with some food items to fill in their stomachs. This is the best valentine’s day gift for her or a valentine’s day gift for your husband.

If They Are Support Anti-Discrimination Movements

Black Lives Matter Merchandise

Discrimination may have been a thing of the past but it has not subsided even in the modern world. If your partner is someone who hates discrimination and has been an active participant in the black lives matter campaign, then gifting them the merchandise of that campaign will surely make them happy. You yourself can get some of these for yourself, and wear it with them for a more active participation and support.

If They An Environmental Activist

Tree Planted In Their Name

You can gift them a tree planted in their name in the UK, as a valentine’s day gift for her or valentine’s day gift for husband, whoever your partner is. Planting a tree or multiple trees is the best thing anyone can give to an environment enthusiast. So just go for it, this valentine’s day and let them know your support for their kind deeds.

These are some of the best valentine’s day gifts for your activists valentine. This valentine's day, pick a gift that shows your love for your valentine with your active support for the cause they work so hard for.