12 Best Gifts For Your First Valentine Together

For your first Valentine’s together, getting the perfect gift for your partner may leave you scratching your head. Since the relationship is somewhat still new, you don’t want to go overboard with the gift. The confusion is very understandable. This is why we've listed out the perfect Valentine’s day gifts for your first Valentine’s day celebrations.

For Her

If you’re looking for the 1st gift for girlfriend, make sure to create a great first impression with it. We recommend gifting her something that can be of use, while also being something special.

If she’s a cuddler

A Weighted Blanket

If you’re not familiar with it, a weighted blanket is just as its name suggests. It provides the one under it with just enough weight to make them feel like they’re getting a hug. Gift one to your girlfriend or wife to give them comfort even at times when you’re not right beside them.

If she likes a great atmosphere

Scented Candles

If your Valentine is someone who loves to put her nose in flowers or loves the smell of beauty stores, scented candles are the perfect gift for her. From classic scents like lavender and vanilla to niche ones like old books and wood, there is no shortage of options when it comes to scented candles. If you’re unsure as to what you should get, going for popular floral scents like lavender and rose are options that rarely go wrong.

Something subtle and sweet

Artificial Earrings

Perhaps the perfect 1st gift for girlfriend, a pair of artificial earrings makes for a fantastic Valentine’s day gift. If your girlfriend or wife likes to wear earrings, this option just cannot go wrong. Just make sure to get high quality products.

If she’s a hard worker

Self Care Products

Help take care of your girlfriend or wife by giving her some self care products. She’s been working hard and deserves to be pampered. Be it a moisturiser, face mask sheets, bath bombs or freshening spray for her face, get her something that’ll take care of her skin while she works hard on her goals.

If she likes to capture memories

A Polaroid Camera

Polaroid cameras have become quite popular over the past few years. If she’s someone who looks for camera features when buying a phone, gifting her a polaroid camera will just fill her with awe. Polaroid cameras produce images with a unique aesthetic that’s almost universally loved.

To turn up the charm

A Pendant Set

One of the most romantic gestures you can do this Valentine’s day is to gift your partner a pendant set. It’s a timeless gesture of romance and is sure to impress her. Just be sure to pick out a pendant that can convey some meaning to her.

For Him

Gifting men, no matter the occasion, can be tricky. Afterall, unlike the abundance of gift ideas available for women, men hardly ever get the same treatment. That’s why we have created the perfect list of ideas to pick from. So read on and choose your first valentine gift for boyfriend or husband.

If he likes it fancy

Bottle Of Cologne

If your Valentine is someone who likes to be fashionable or look smart, add to his style, a bottle of cologne. Pick from the various lines of men’s scents available to find the one that’s perfect for him.

If he enjoys creative indulgence

A Bar Set

If he’s one who’s excited to tend the bar whenever opportunity arises, this is the perfect first valentine gift for boyfriend or husband. A bar set is sure to blow his mind and let him indulge in his creativity.

If he likes to be on the move

Travel Bag

Just the right gift for a traveller, a travel bag will help your partner a great deal during his adventures. We recommend finding one that’s compact while also having a lot of pockets to segregate his packed goods.

To add some music to his life

Portable Speakers

While you think of the travel bag, also consider a portable speaker that he can add to it. Something like this always ends up coming in handy. So go on and get him a compact portable speaker that sounds good and has a good battery life.

Something classy

Whiskey Glass Set

If your Valentine likes his booze, or likes to live in style, consider getting him a whiskey glass set. You can choose from the numerous designs and shapes available. Some of the most popular include the classic set, rotating glasses, diamond or cube shaped ones and the cigar holder whiskey glasses.

To remind him of your love

Couple Rings

Couple rings came into fashion a few years ago and show no chance of going out of style. A symbolic show of connection, a pair of couple rings is sure to get your partner smiling every time his eyes fall upon it.

Now that you have some idea of what to get your partner for your first Valentine together, go on and pick the perfect Valentine’s day gifts for him or her and celebrate your love together!