4 Basic Rules Of Styling Gold Vs Silver Necklaces

4 Basic Rules Of Styling Gold Vs Silver Necklaces

Metal jewellery was first made of copper, followed by silver and gold, almost 5000 years ago. Since mankind began to accessorise itself with precious metals, the debate over which is better or looks better has hung heavy in the air. Gold and silver, out of all the other metals, are the most revered and widely worn. Both look gorgeous and are of significant value in many cultural and traditional ways.

However, the age-old debate over how to best style gold vs. silver does not appear to have found any solid ground. It becomes very difficult to choose the one that suits you the best, as both are beautiful in their own way. This long-held confusion has its roots in comparisons, and despite all this, we have accumulated numerous pieces of these metals in our little treasure.

Gold v/s Silver

Though gold jewellery has seen its fair share of the spotlight over the years, the 21st century woman finds silver modern and sophisticated. Silver jewellery is now getting its own moment in the sun. With celebrities endorsing silver jewellery it has become an inseparable staple of everyday outings, but gold still dominates for auspicious special occasions. Limiting oneself to a single metal, on the other hand, becomes monotonous and boring rather than a fashion statement.

There are so many general fashion rules cited for choosing the best jewellery set; however, they both have their drawbacks and advantages, and the deciding factor can come down to personal style. In this blog, we have created an inclusive list of a few points to be considered while styling gold and silver necklace sets.

The Traditional Skin Tone Or Skin Undertone Rule

Over the centuries, we have been advised that the most common way of deciding which metal suits us the best is based on our skin tone. Though gold jewellery designs have been traditionally worn over the years, the warmer skin tones look the best while wearing gold fashion jewellery whereas silver works the best for cold skin tones. Now, how do you know which skin tone you have? Just flip your hand over and see the veins on your wrists. If you have blue veins, you have a warm skin tone, and if you have green veins, you have a cold skin tone.

Don't Forget The Time Of The Occasion

We do need to pay attention to the time of day when the occasion is held when deciding on which metal jewellery to go for. Gold jewellery designs, for example, look best when worn during the day because the warmer tone of gold shines brightly while still looking prestigious, whereas non-pretentious silver looks elegant and ladylike when worn at night.

We have in-depth necklace styling guide which will help you elevate your necklace styling game for various occasion and outfits.

Match With The Colour Of The Outfit

There is no doubt that the classic colour gold looks just as timeless as it does with any outfit, but the glory of this precious metal reaches another level when paired with the right shade of outfit. For example, with colours such as red, yellow, and orange, which are termed "warmer tones," a gold necklace would be a wonderful choice, whereas colours such as white, blue, and green would have a distinct look when paired with silver ornaments.

Pay Attention To The Make-Up As Well

The choice of makeup plays a vital role in the overall look, along with being a decisive factor in accessories. The shade of the makeup has an impact on the look of the necklace set we choose to wear. The shiny finish of silver stands out when paired with icy or bold make-up, whereas the aesthetic of the gold necklace set is accentuated when worn with grey or glittery make-up.

As mentioned earlier, this list is inclusive, and apart from this, points such as hair colour, the type of outfit, the latest trends, the occasion, etc. also play a role in deciding which metal would be the best to be worn. They both look wonderful in their own ways; hence, there is no comparison between them.

To not fall into just one category, one must keep experimenting and wearing both gold and silver, considering the aforementioned factors. Blingvine, one of the leading brands in fashion jewellery offers many jewellery designs at your fingertips in both gold and silver that will surely find their place in this little treasure of yours.