5 must have Earrings!

5 must have Earrings!

Earrings are one of the most versatile and popular accessories that women use all over the world. There are myriads of styles and designs to choose from, each of them suitable for a specific occasion. Here we decode the earring styles that you must own to complete your perfect earring collection.

Casual Stud Earrings:

Nothing works better than a lovely pair of stud earrings to brighten up your face when you are running late for office or are going out for shopping. Add little twinkle to those ears and you’re all dressed up for the day. These Floral Earrings are a perfect stud addition for your collection. 

Pearl Earrings:

Class and sophistication is what pearls are all about. Every woman must own a pair of pearl earrings for all the occasions when she wants to look her classiest best. White pearls are timeless but grey or black pearls earrings adds a younger touch to the entire persona. 

Tasselled Earrings:

Tassels are the latest trend, be it necklaces, earrings or even dresses! So a long tasselled earrings is what you definitely need this season. Tassels can be in vibrant colors for fun outings or in more classy style for formal events or parties.

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Chandelier Statement Earrings: 

Nothing speaks glamor than a statement diamond/Swarovski earrings. These are a must have for any Red carpet or Black tie event. No wonder they are a favourites among all the Hollywood and Bollywood stars.

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Hoop Earrings:

Big or small, you can’t go wrong with Hoop earrings. Pair them up with a western attire or a traditional dress, they will never let you down.