5 Ways To Style Your Charm Bracelets

Regal and sparkling or fun and hip charm bracelets come in various styles. From formal events to pool parties, these uniquely designed wristlets can be worn at any gathering. One of the many types of bracelets, charm ones are quite popular. However, most people don't know how to style these gorgeous ornaments. After all, without the right aesthetically pleasing attire and accessory, your bracelet might stand out as an odd and chunky piece of jewellery. So do you want to know how to integrate your charm bands with your outfit as well as ensure that all eyes are on it? We are here to tell you just that.

Wear Complementary Outfits

If you want your colleagues to notice your new silver bracelet design embedded with American diamonds, then opt for a smart and modern office wear work outfit consisting of dark-coloured blazers and suits. The sharp lines of the tailored suit would also be a beautiful contrast to the circular pattern of the bracelet. As such, it would be the perfect combination. However, if the traditional route is more up your alley, then you can style the silver wristlet with a red or black churidar. Though, don't wear strictly dark colours. If your outfit for a gathering is a black churidar, then ensure that it has silver-coloured detailing embossed on it. This will allow your silver wristlet to blend in while still remaining the premiere piece of jewellery.

Choose Matching Accessories

Oftentimes your bracelet won't be the only accessory on yourself. Most women and girls prefer adorning themselves with other matching ornaments. Finding jewellery that will perfectly pair with your wristlet might prove to be a mighty task. However, it's not an impossible one. You can wear your blood red crystals and American diamond embedded wristlet with a necklace set constructed with sparkling Austrian crystals and red rubies. You can also wear bold metallic rings on your fingers as a startling contrast to your delicate wristlet. However, if you are wearing a gold-plated bracelet with diamonds embedded in it, then wear matching gold ornaments. This isn't really a hard and fast rule. You can also style your looks with an exquisite gold and silver necklace to compliment your wristlet.

Match Your Shoes

After coordinating your outfit and jewellery perfectly, it’s time to bring your attention to your shoes. The ideal footwear can bring your entire attire together as an example of marvellous perfection. So it’s necessary to choose shoes that will compliment your bracelet as well. For example, if you have chosen an elegant rose gold and pearl bracelet for your party, then slip on a pair of dark velvety pumps for formal events. What about family gatherings or casual events? Then, you need to pull out a pair of dark loafers. Do note that loafers, especially women's loafers, pair well with slim pants. If you feel like loafers are not your style, then try wearing soft brown or ochre flats.

Add Charms To Your Bracelet

Customising your jewellery allows you to add your personal touches to it. So add your birth gemstones, beads, and other trinkets that will let you put the charm in your charm wristlet. Often it becomes quite challenging to procure wristlets that can be personalised. If you are facing such troubles, then you can simply use bracelets for girls and women already made with adorable or classy baubles. Try wristlets with ornamental crystals, blue/ green cat-eye stones, and miniature diamonds embedded in a floral motif on a delicate rose gold base.

Carry A Cute Purse

You are now wearing the perfect outfit that will highlight your looks and an exquisite bracelet embedded with Austrian crystals, American diamonds, or green cat-eye stones. To complete the look, you must have chosen the ideal footwear that will add to your delicate perfection. Now, all that remains is a purse. Which one should you take?

In our humble opinion, the days of shoulder handbags are long gone. This is the era of short purses with multiple compartments you can carry in one hand. However, a matching purse can act as an accessory rather than just a space to put your wristwatch or money in. If you are wearing a bright gold plated bracelet with American diamonds adorning it, then carry a black purse with a golden sling chain and buckle on it. If you are not too fond of black, then opt for the maroon ones. We also know that nowadays, shoulder-sling purses don't look inviting and stylish during formal events. That's why you should give rectangular leather wallets a try. Also, at the end of the night, when you are too tired to ensure that your expensive wristlet is still on your wrist, you can just slip it into your wallet and head home in peace.

Don’t Be Afraid To Wear A Wrist Watch

Many women and girls think it's a choice between a wristwatch and a charm bracelet. But we can tell you that's false. You can easily pair your wristlet with a nice watch. Pair your ornamental and classy diamond studded wristlet with a slim gold watch. However, if you want to wear a chunkier watch then go for a solid bracelet that covers a lot of area on your wrists. Keep on mixing and matching to figure out a style that's unique to your persona.

Charm bracelets come in different kinds. Some are colourful, like the ones composed of purple Austrian crystals or blue cats-eye, while others are subtle, like the gold-plated ones. Some have American diamonds embedded in them, while others have a lustrous Rhodium finish. So there's something for everyone. Of all the types of bracelets, charm wristlets look the best when they are stylized according to their design with other accessories and paired with a mesmerising outfit that lets them shine. So if you are looking for a bracelet that will fill the spot in your jewellery box, then take a look at our site!