A Brief Guide On Types Of Bracelets

Simple and stunning, bracelets have been an inseparable part of the jewellery world. One of the oldest ornaments, bracelets have graced our wrists since 5000 BC, adding a playful touch to our otherwise simple appearance. Available in various patterns and materials, bracelets have evolved over the centuries. The variety of bracelets is fascinating; from rocks to platinum, bracelets have come a long way in adapting to fashion trends. There are numerous types of bracelets available on the market, and all of them have been honoured with love and acceptance over the years. This blog is an inclusive compilation of various patterns of this embellishment that does justice to every style, helping you shortlist the perfect style for you.


The most worn form of bracelet in India, bangles need to be discussed first. Bracelets in the form of an inflexible single loop are called bangles. Bangles are rigid, unlike other adjustable bracelets; hence, they are worn by sliding them down your hand. Over the centuries, bangles have been an innate part of our culture. Bangles even have religious significance. Often worn in layers, they add an effortless flair to ethnic wear.

Cuff Bracelets

A thick and heavy evolution of bangles with a slight gap at one end, cuff bracelets are open at one end, making them adjustable. Cuff bracelets are worn low on the wrist and are said to be one of the evolutions during wartime. They come in a variety of materials like leather, wood, and metal, making them the perfect choice for Indo-Western wear.

Link Bracelets

These bracelets consist of small elements linked together to form a bracelet chain. Link bracelets have been in trend for long and aren’t going out of fashion any soon. These bracelets are made in all designs and patterns. A stud chain-link chain that can be unisex, an adorable charm link bracelet or a gold-plated link bracelet etc., there is a link bracelet for every style.

Chain Bracelets

One of the most widely loved and adapted bracelets for women with lobster claws, chain bracelets are delicate and chic. The timeless classic bracelet design—an interlocked oval or round metal chain available in various materials like gold, silver, and platinum—is an inseparable staple of women’s everyday accessories.

Charm Bracelets

Very popular amongst teenagers, a charm bracelet, if put simply, is a bracelet design decorated with various charms hanging from the bracelet chain. Charm bracelets, which were traditionally worn to bring good luck, have gained popularity among young people as a souvenir of their travels, where they add small trinkets from places they have visited, making it a personal item.

Tennis Bracelets

Since 1970, when Chris Evert wore a delicate line of diamond bracelets in one of her matches, naming it her tennis bracelet, this bracelet for women has become vastly popular. Tennis bracelets have small diamonds in one delicate line worn loose down the wrist, bringing a little glitter and clatter to sports.

Multiple Strand Bracelets

A unique take on the general single-strand of bracelets, multiple-strand bracelets, as their name suggests, comprise multiple strands of beads and wires, giving them a joyful vibe. Preferable for those looking for a bit of an exotic look, with the texture of a broad bracelet, it can be incorporated with different colours and attires.

Pearl Bracelets

The unmissable pearls are much appreciated when worn as bracelets by women. Graceful and sophisticated pearl bracelets are an ideal choice to pair with casual as well as ethnic attire. When pearls embrace your wrists, they bring just the right amount of style accompanied by elegance.

Beaded Bracelets

A single string of wire with beads of multiple shapes and colours is famous amongst youngsters wanting to break the monotony of metals. A beaded bracelet is typically made of elastic or wire that has been elasticated and wrapped in a tube style with no open ends. Highly pocket-friendly beaded bracelets are also ideal for use as friendship bands.

Leather Bracelets

A modern adaptation of ancient leather cuff designs, the leather bracelet is the perfect choice for everyday wear for both men and women. Leather could be an overwhelming choice for a few people, but the wide range of options has made sure there is something for everyone. From broad bands to delicate strings, leather bracelets can be an interesting choice.

Slider Bracelets

Slider bracelets are a boho take on this ancient ornament, made of threads with intricate beads connecting ends and a slider at the inner side, resembling a buckle, with a silicon or bead insert at the end for the grip, allowing you to adjust the size. They have gained wide popularity because they are easy to use and can be worn daily.

Everything said about this versatile piece of accessory will always fall short. Choose any bracelet and it will most certainly add a class and much needed feminine flair to every outfit. No wonder it has ruled the world of fashion for so long. Check our extensive range of bracelets for women to add some to your collection.