All About Link Bracelets

All About Link Bracelets

Intricate and fashionable small links added into making a bracelet is what constitutes a link bracelet. The absolute trend follower or a setter, Link bracelets are something you must want to try. It is the kind which never goes out of time rather evolves with time. Simple and sophisticated but alluring and familiar at the same time.

Love The Links

Women today prioritize fashion of comfort which is why they love the link bracelets. Who doesn’t want to look all pretty and poise with a whole lot of comfort and ease? Adjust the length by just adding or removing a few links, or sliding it under the sleeves.

…tell A Story Or Not?

The bracelet you wear is a symbol of what you want to convey about yourself to the world. Is it a memory? Or a value? Or just a symbol of what you recognize yourself the best with? It’s these tiny interwoven links which establish a link between your accessory, the world and you. A statement.

Some accessories may remind you of a long lost love, a recent friend, a silly little sibling while others we gift ourselves to cherish the times of praise and joy. The cute little charms added to the simple links, or beads that carry gorgeous gems or just a normal letter when added to the link bracelet represents a whole new story.

Alluring Charms

Wearing a link bracelet with a charm brings luck! Whether you believe in it or not, the charm does add a distinct beauty that brings out the luck. Stars for the galaxy lover, turtles to bring all the wealth, and the flowers that bring out the elegance. Adorning your wrists, these sweet charms dangling are not just eye-catching, but also remind you how lovely you are.

Beading Beauty

Beaded link bracelets have been there for as long as one can imagine. It is a culture that has passed on from the grandmothers to their daughters and the next. The best of gems, pearls and beads from all over the country are made into a fine bracelet. The technique that goes into making a link bracelet is not new found or amateur but an art performed by ancients.

The easiest medium of making a perfect link bracelet is the beads. Decorative beads, gem beads, box-like beads, etc. bring back the nostalgia. You become a woman from a child ,the meaning and blessings attached to the bracelet remains the same. Every bead handpicked with thoughts and wishes for the ones you love and care for.

Chain The Links

Linking chains or chaining links are chain-like links that look like holding hands signifies the union. Chain-link bracelets have become the trend especially with the influence of East Asian culture. The chain-link bracelets mostly come with an intriguing quote or a line that tells about what it means for the person wearing it.

Motivating quotes like ‘time is yours’, a loving ‘best-est friend ever’, or a song line ‘like a blooming flower’, linked with the chains provide a whole different level of depth to the particular thought.

Find Your Letter

Wearing letters referring to the initials of a significant other or one’s own name in a link bracelet establishes a kind of attachment with the piece of jewellery you wear. The name in itself is a key element in developing a good relationship between two people. Adding a letter to the bracelet that links different elements together form a secret message for the related ones to understand.

Link bracelets with initials are a great choice for a gift to your precious other. Celebrating the new year with its digits or the anniversary date, the letter link bracelets find their place in all.

Linking Styles To Designs

Why spend money when you can’t choose? It’s really important that we get choices when we buy things. If you don’t like one pattern the other is there for you to try. The varieties in the pattern, style and design of the link bracelets provides you the chance for you to choose the one which fits you the best and find pretty to wear.

The oval chain links, snake pattern, round complex link, or rectangular links etc. are some varieties that single layer link bracelets present for you. You can wear a thick bracelet, or a couple thin ones with different patterns and shapes to complete your ensemble and be satisfied with it.

Great Is Gold

Wearing bangles is old news, but wearing gold is still great. The gold plated link bracelets are one such piece of jewelry that has kept up with the time. It possesses the royalty of the old times. The economic but grand ornamental style gives the perfect fusion. The gold plated jewellery is at the peak of demand. This is the trendiest and cheapest ornament you can get.

A fun loving college student, or a diligent office-worker, a diva of the party or the lovely bridesmaid whatever it may be, you can always go for the link bracelets. Check out the bracelet collection at Blingvine, they can be flexible with occasion, audience or location and a perfect fit for regular use.