Why Wear Bangle Bracelets?

Bangles are a staple in Indian culture. They have been a part of the culture for centuries, and are never going to go out style. Having said this, bangles are also worn by women who are older, and accessorised with traditional outfits. Bracelets have been worn by the younger generation, and are something that is loved by everyone. We bridge this gap between the two with a bangle bracelet.

Bangle bracelets are chic, light and fashionable. They make a great accessory to pair with your regular outfits like jeans, kurtas and even your formal office wear. These ladies bracelets adorn the wrist in the most beautiful way, without looking too gaudy. A bangle bracelet never goes out of style. Whether you like a more bold look, a dainty and simple look or an extravagant look, there’s one bangle bracelet for everyone.

One of the most popular types of bracelets, a bangle bracelet is a must to have. They are timeless and versatile. They add just the right amount of sparkle with how sleek and minimal they are. They work really well as statement pieces as well. The best part about bangle bracelets for women is that you can either wear a single one, or really dress them up by stacking a couple of bangle bracelets together. If you buy a bangle bracelet that suits your requirement, and is something that is anti-tarnish, water-safe and hypoallergenic, you’ll never have to take it off. Here are some bangle bracelets you must have in your repertoire.

Gold Crystal Bangle Bracelet

A gold crystal bangle is the perfect ladies bracelet. It is charming, sleek and simple enough to wear on an everyday basis. It’s luxurious enough to be worn on an everyday basis or even for special occasions. The crystal in this bangle bracelet elevates the full look and a touch of glam to it.

Simple Metal Bangle Bracelet

You cannot go wrong with a simple and chic simple metal bangle bracelet. This is the perfect bracelet for women, as it’s dainty and elegant. These are great bangle bracelets to stack up as well. You can also choose them in the metal you desire and the colour that you like best.

Twisted Bangle Bracelet

A twisted bangle bracelet, as its name suggests is a more modern take on the traditional bangle bracelet. It’s eye-catching and works as a great conversation starter. You can wear something like this everyday, or dress it up with a gorgeous dress for special occasions.

Leather Bangle Bracelet

A leather bangle bracelet is edgy and unique. This adds dimension to the regular bracelet for women. A leather bangle bracelet is a class apart from the rest and would work really well to dress up a casual outfit like jeans and a t-shirt.

Wire Bangle Bracelet

A wire bangle bracelet is a fancier ladies bracelet as it combines two trends - wire and mixed metals. These bangle bracelets are usually twisted, and add both an edge and chicness to the look. They’re different from the traditional bangle bracelets, and we’re sure they’ll become a fast favourite.

Crystal Bangle Bracelet

A crystal bangle bracelet is perfect for the ladies who like the glamour. They are bedazzled with the right amount of pzazz to bring to the party. These bangle bracelets look great with evening wear, party wear and traditional outfits. If you love being extra, this ladies bracelet is the right one for you! You’ll bring the party to wherever you wear this bangle bracelet.

Charm Bangle Bracelet

A charm bracelet usually has some sentimental feeling attached to it. These charms are added for the important events in your life, and can also be passed on through generations. A charm bangle bracelet follows the same concept, except in a chicer manner. You can customise the charms you want carved into the bracelet, making it even more special and meaningful. These are also perfect bracelets for the women in your life.

This is all about bangle bracelets! This is one type of bracelet that you cannot go wrong with. These make for great additions to any outfit. They would make great gifts for your loved ones, as they are both gorgeous and unique. If these caught your eye, you can pick up your favourite bracelet designs on the Blingvine website.