6 Must-Have Jewellery For Teens And College Freshers

6 Must-Have Jewellery For Teens And College Freshers

The board results are out and you are in a quest for choosing the right stream or college for yourself. It is a time full of haste and you need to be very wise in your decisions.

But aren’t you forgetting something? Let’s say your first day in college? Or your style-statement being a senior at school? You have now entered a phase of your life where just dresses and footwear don’t define you. You need to turn up your style game with suitable accessories and more importantly a little bling of jewellery. You need to pull attention and stand out in the crowd. It’s now about time to pick your personal jewellery and let the world notice your style.

Don’t worry! We are here to help you.

As a teenager, dressing is one of the most exciting things in your life and you get to experiment with your looks with a variety of jewellery in India. Be it traditional ethnic jewellery or modern classics, your personal styles are ever-changing and you want to go along with the trend. We, at Blingvine, have hand-picked some most stunning and trendy fashion jewellery online for you that will elevate your look and catch everyone’s attention in a click.

Check them out here.


Your exam results or your fresher party calls for a celebration. Spread your charm with elegant youthful necklaces that are mesmerizing and steal the show. Check out Elegance Necklace Set, royal yet girly jewellery for special occasions which will make you dazzle like nobody else.

Or Spring Goddess Necklace, inspired by the beauty of spring. A perfect accessory for fun and informal events like a pool party or holiday trips.


Bracelets are all about fun and charm. They are a must-have for young fashionistas. Your hands and arms are the main expressive zone that gets noticed when you’re making hand gestures while you’re talking to somebody. It is a part of your body which is visible to you without looking in the mirror and you can enjoy your jewellery all day long. It adds elegance and confidence to your look. Chain bracelets are easy to wear and are a trendy choice for teenagers. Go for a feminine colourful bracelet like Caroline Bracelet that adds a fun yet calming effect to any outfit. You can add it daily with any outfit casually or to a special occasion. 

Pendants or Charms

Your wardrobe is incomplete with a charm pendant. It is a staple of every teenager’s collection. Wear a style-defining pendant with the right kind of attire. These are pocket friendly and perfect jewellery for young ladies. They also make a great birthday present for girls. Explore yourself and let the people know you Key to Heart Pendant Set. A stunning piece with a key and heart-shaped crystal locket studded with clear Swarovski Crystals.

You can also pick the spirit animal that defines the inner you. Night Life Pendant Set is a perfect accessory for young ladies who are mysterious yet wise.


For young ladies and teenagers, earrings are sometimes enough to elevate the whole look. The right earrings with the right outfit can make you look sensational without putting in a lot of efforts. Go for some trendy and bold earrings like Runway Ready Danglers. These fancy earrings online are eye-catching and perfectly complements any look from a casual day out to party wear. Statement Earrings that are an attention seeker and a conversation starter. 

Enamel Jewellery

When it comes to fine jewellery, Enamel jewellery is the one to pick. It is the most ancient yet modern forms of jewellery making and has the most decorative designs. They are the love at first sight for any woman. Teenage is all about having fun with outfit and jewellery. Go for designer enamel jewellery online through which you can bring your thoughts into vision. Check out Pink Bud Danglers. The best example of artistic jewellery. Fine craftsmanship and flawless enamel finish in this jewellery for girls make them a must-have. 


Floral designs convey freshness and the blooming nature of every living being. So, what can be more appropriate for a teenager than floral jewellery? While you’re growing towards a better future and being nurtured with knowledge and love, floral jewellery is the perfect companion for you. They are unique and always in trend. Check this splendid and stunning Feroza Pendant Set. This fancy and fun necklace online crafted with blue colour faux cat-eye stones and studded with sparkling Swarovski crystals. It makes great jewellery for a casual day out or a boho-style beach look.

You can also check this fresh and delicate floral bracelet for girls – Eva Bracelet. A perfect accessory for any occasion. It elevates your outfit and adds elegance to your look.

We hope we were able to style-in your teenage with these trendy jewellery hot picks.  

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