Suitable Jewelry for Women of every Age Group

Suitable Jewelry for Women of every Age Group

Jewellery is an accessory that has been much loved by women of all ages. Be it little girls wearing their mom’s jewellery for pretend plays and dress like a princess or aged women trying to uplift their charm with some sparkling jewels. Jewellery defines the entire look and hence forms the most basic part of any styling. Although there’s no hard rule for styling a particular type of jewellery for any age group, it is just a preference as a woman matures and carries a certain personality with her.

Let’s have a look at some of the jewellery preference of different age groups of women.

Jewellery for Kids

Every mom loves dressing her child with the best of dresses and accessories. Kids’ jewellery is generally a part of some family heirloom or just an additional cute accessory for some occasion. A thin delicate chain with a tiny charm pendant of some cartoon or animal-themed Jewelry makes perfect jewellery for kids and gifting.

The Rebellious Teenage

Teenage is the most experimental ages of all. From dresses to shoes, bags and jewellery, teenage girls love trying out different styles. When it comes to jewellery for teenagers, there are no rules or limits to accessorizing with the latest trends in fashion. Bracelets, earrings and chains works like charm for girls of this age group. Try layering and adding some colourful tassels, stone jewellery and heart pendants to your outfits.

The Pretty Twenties

The twenties is an iconic and most transformative age of a woman’s life. Getting dressed up and looking stylish is the norm of any woman in her twenties. Accessorizing forms the most important part of dressing up and you go exploring different jewellery styles in trend. Stay fashionable and chic with long statement earrings, hoops, long necklaces and bold and chunky chokers. It is an age to go with the trends.

The Exquisite Thirties & Forties

As a woman traverse up her 20s, she is settled in her life. She has discovered herself and her personal style. The 30s and 40s are a time to look your professional best. You need to look sophisticated yet chic. Diamond necklaces, stud earrings, pendants and bangles are the best jewellery picks for a mid-aged woman. Create a collection of luxurious and designer jewellery to look your absolute best for any occasion.

The Graceful 50s

By the time you are in the fifties, you are set in your ways. It is a time where you choose your statement and inspire the world with your grace and confidence. Big coloured gemstone jewellery like rubies and sapphires works best for you. Light-weighted gold jewellery studded with stones and pearls can take your look to another level while adding personality to you.

The subtle 60s

The 60s and above are the golden years of your life. It is a time to be gracefully beautiful and timeless. What can be more timeless than pearl jewellery! Go for a beautiful pearl necklace and big pearl studs to complete your look. Gold bangles are also a perfect jewellery for a woman in her 60s. Women in their 60s are often elegantly bejewelled and well-coordinated with their outfits and accessories.

Every decade of a woman’s life brings out an entirely new personality of hers. Just follow your heart and keep yourself updated with the current trends to look astonishingly beautiful at any age.

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