6 Ways To Style Bracelets With Your Sarees

A traditional clothing of Indian culture, sarees tend to cast a glow of elegance over the wearer. All the various styles and draping manners make for a versatile collection of options for anyone that wants to wear a saree. The diversity of the country shows through the types of sarees as each state and even cultures have their own variations of the saree. From the famous Banarasi saree of Varanasi to the hidden gem of Bomkai saree from Odisha, the styles of saree differ draping styles, material used and designs. The most widely worn of the types are the previously mentioned Banarasi saree, Kanjivaram saree, Dhakai Jamdaniis and Tant saree. No matter the type of saree, it’s often clubbed with appropriate jewellery pieces.
While choosing jewellery articles for sarees, some might overlook bracelets while focusing on other accessories. However, a bracelet can bring your look together with its subtle allure. Traditionally, women pair their saree with a set of bangles on both of their arms, but over the years, some have opted for bracelets to achieve a lighter and a more modern look. If you’re one of them, or are just looking for ideas about pairing the two, we’ve created this guide on how you can choose a bracelet according to the type of saree you’re wearing.

Printed Sarees

There are countless patterns of printed sarees out there, which makes picking jewellery for them a little tricky. Prints that are striking and bold will pair well with subtle bracelets that keep the focus on the print while still enhancing the look. Likewise, simpler prints on sarees can be clubbed with eye-catching bracelets that will add glamour to the look. Generally, large gemstones or crystal studded bracelets make for great options for minimal prints while dainty or chain bracelets go well with sarees that have complex prints.  

Embroidered Sarees

Sarees with embroidery work are almost universally considered the most sophisticated traditional wear. The previously mentioned trick of contrasting intricate designs and minimal jewellery and vice versa, applies for embroidered sarees too. However, it’s crucial to keep in mind that sarees with embroidery work can look more visually complex than printed sarees. When confused, we suggest opting for minimalistic crystal bracelets since they’re highly versatile and can go with almost anything. 

Casual Sarees

Sarees for casual wear are usually light in weight and comfortable, in order to be worn throughout the day. They tend to be simple yet draw attention to themselves. For such sarees, bracelets that are bright and refreshing to look at. Colourful gemstones and cute designs are what to look for when buying a bracelet for casual sarees. Such designs will keep the look fresh no matter where you wear it. 

Fusion Sarees

Sarees that blend the fashion of traditional and western wear are what we call fusion sarees. These tend to have a fresh and trendy look, while conveying your creative and distinct style of fashion. The perfect bracelets for such extraordinary sarees are those that compliment the style by following its path in creating a mix of traditional and modern designs. Look for bracelets that have an element of each element, such as ethenic colours with American diamonds or a traditional bangle design with rose gold plating, a widely popular metallic colour in the west.

ColorPlay Multi Coloured Stone Bracelet - Blingvine
ColorPlay Bracelet
₹ 2,000

Keeping in mind the latest multicoloured jewellery trend, we came up with this gorgeous piece with undeniable beauty! The 18K Rose Gold plating is stunning while the coloured Faux Cat Eye stones add the oomph and vibrance.

Stylist’s Notes:

This bracelet with vivid colourful stones and sparkling rose gold plating is what you need to add to your winter accessory collection right now!! It's edgy and stylish, just for your kind of Diva!

The Extension piece helps you to adjust the size of the bracelet according to your wrist size.

What's Included:

  • 1 Bracelet


  • AAA Austrian crystals
  • Multicoloured faux cat-eye stones
  • 18 K gold plating
  • High-grade lead and nickel free environmental alloy


  • Bracelet chain length: 19cm + 3 cm extension piece
  • Kindly refer to model photos for size reference

Formal Sarees

Formal wear is generally considered to be bland, though it doesn’t have to be that way. To enhance and freshen up the formal attire, a great trick is to add on a bracelet. With subtle elegance, the bracelet is sure to elevate your look while still keeping the look professional. Formal sarees are generally simple in design, monochromatic, or simply solid-coloured. They either have no designs or simple ones. To pair such sarees with a bracelet, you should look for bracelets that have a gentle and sophisticated look. Ones with warm tones and a sleek look are sure to pair well with your formal sarees.

Vivian Bracelet - BlingVine
Vivian Bracelet
₹ 2,200

The Vivian bracelet is an apt example of sheer elegance. The sober design combined with minimal crystal work makes it a must have for women who like simple graceful designs.

Stylist’s Notes:

It is a simple design with subtle femininity without being too girly. Perfect for working ladies and for college students.

What's Included:

  • 1 bracelet


  • High quality faux cat eye stone
  • High Quality Imported American Diamonds
  • 18K rose gold plating
  • High grade lead and nickel free environmental alloy


  • Bracelet Length - 18 cms

Traditional Sarees

Favourite among the masses of India, the traditional sarees vary in styles and designs across various states. This diversity in designs can make it a little tricky to select jewellery for your saree. However, the trait that links all the different types of sarees is the ethnic flavours of India. What’s more desi than the glorious bridal jewellery! Go forth and pair your traditional sarees with glamorous gold plated bracelets that carry the presence to be the centre of attention. Intricate designs, elaborate patterns, large personalities are what you should look for while getting yourself a bracelet to pair with traditional sarees. 

No matter what style of saree you choose to wear, pair it up with a bracelet to level up your look. The versatility of bracelets is sure to match multiple of your attires and keep a long-lasting place in your jewellery collection. Check out some more bracelets and find yourself the perfect ones for your sarees.  

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