What Bracelets To Style With Your Different Outfits

One of the most elegant accessories you can adorn is the bracelet. It’s delicate and is perfect for any occasion, from a wedding outfit to a business meeting. It adds unmatched class and elegance to your entire outfit aesthetic.

As with all accessory decisions, choosing bracelets also depends on what that event is, what outfit you’re wearing and overall, what is the vibe you’re going for. Here are our recommendations of the bracelets you can wear with different outfits.


With a saree, there is really no limit on what type of bracelet you chose to wear because it all comes down to what kind of saree you’re wearing. For a traditional saree, you can style with something as grand as a polki bracket, or a gold plated bracelet. For a contemporary chic saree, you can style it with an american diamonds bracelet or one with an enamel finish bracelet that can match the colour of your saree to tie the entire look together. You can layer your bracelets with bangles on a saree or with a watch on the other hand. The possibilities are endless.

Back Gown

For a black gown, you’re typically already looking extremely elegant and sophisticated. You want your accessories to also accentuate that further. We recommend going for bracelets that are made of American diamonds. It gives a high society look and they’re classic. They also photograph really well, so imagine your grandchildren seeing this and being amazed at your style choices. For a similar classy look, you can also consider pairing your black gown with bracelets made of pearls like the Mother of Pearl or Venetian pearls. It’s timeless, and matches any and all styles of a black gowns. You cannot go wrong here. 


The first thing to know about shararas is that they are fun and extremely comfortable to wear. You can style your sharara with an enamel finished bracelet to really match the vibe of your outfit, You can dress up or dress down your sharara with  the choice of bracelet, think in terms of thickness or thinness of your bracelet. For a more glamorous look, you can go for a thicker bracket that is adorned with precious or semi precious gemstones or you can tone it down with a simple band of a bracelet, with a simple and single motif. 


In the Indian context, jeans aren’t completely western wear. They are at the heart of an indo-western look. You can choose to style it either way. Opting for a simple, gold plated bracelet, you can style your jeans in a neutral way. Or you can go for a multi layer bracelet look to add a little something extra with your outfit. 


Bracelets and kurtis are a timeless combination. You can style your kurti with a fun bracelet with charms and bangles for that bubbly girl-next-door look. You can also choose a bracelet that has enamel finishing on it for that extra glam look. 


With gowns, you’re typically looking more glamorous than usual. These could be Indian gowns you wear at a cocktail event or a formal gown for a red carpet. You can never go wrong with american diamonds and pearl bracelets for outfits like gowns

The Little Black Dress 

For the little black dress, keeping it chic is essential. You can either play it safe with minimal bracelets or you can elevate your outfit with more experimental pieces. You can choose bracelets with geometric motifs and pieces that are more edgy, like with spikes or with Y2K charms. It’s going to look trendy and more chic. 

Short Dress

For a short dress, you can select jewellery pieces that accentuate the vibe of the dress. You can style bracelets that are adorned with precious stones or that have American diamonds lined on them. These would match any style of short dresses and make your outfit look well put.

As with all styling and accessory choices, it’s best to keep it within your comfort zone until you;re ready to explore and experiment further. The primary purpose of all these pieces and outfits is to make you feel good in your skin so focus on that. Choose bracelets that are classy, versatile or trendy as long as you’ll enjoy wearing them.