Bracelets to wear with your black gown

Black is often seen as the denominator for elegance, and as timeless is the beauty of black, equally timeless is the beauty of bracelets where the common grounds lie within the scope of sophistication and luxury. While preparing for a night of celebration, if the idea of a black gown has even slightly touched upon a woman’s imagination, it has only made her look stunning and, this beauty is simply multiplied when her choice of accessory is a bracelet.

Bracelets have gradually evolved themselves as a graceful fashion accessory, however, in primal times they were in fact worn to guard against evil spirits. In today’s modern day and age, bracelets add drama and fire to a dress and what more of a dress can one ask for than the queen of all dresses, a black gown!  If your fashionable mind is also looking forward to creatively pairing a bracelet with a black gown, we have got you covered. 

Blingvine brings you a myriad of bracelet options to explore with your black gown.

Crystal bracelet for an effortless charm

When Marilyn Monroe sang “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend”, she held crystals at the second spot because only crystals can second the glaring shine of pure diamonds. Pairing your black gown with a crystal bracelet is a big win because the contrast developed through the dark tone of black, as opposed to the brightening look of crystals is very charming to witness, let alone to be the one wearing it. Coloured crystals can also make for a strong match with a black gown.

Pro Tip: Crystal bracelets with geometrical shapes always have a certain edge when paired with a black gown.

Gemstone bracelets to infuse more personality

After putting on your gorgeous black dress, a hint of colour will only accentuate the femininity exuded by the whole attire. Gemstone bracelets really can come in handy when the OOTD intends on bringing alive your personality as a fashionable person. On one hand, a happy-go-lucky woman might feel more of herself adorning a yellow gemstone bracelet, while on the other hand, a woman who is very diligent might choose greys or whites for her gemstone bracelet.  

Pro Tip: A mauve mono-coloured gemstone bracelet for the day and an emerald green for the night can truly boost the aura of a black gown.

Enamel Bracelets for that Ritzy appeal

The unique crafting of enamel makes it indescribably one-of-a-kind, with its plethora of shades and shapes that are heartily a form of self-expression. The intricateness of an enamel bracelet makes it a wardrobe essential for formal dresses and elevates the beauty of a black gown. It is rather safe to say that investing in an 18K rose gold plated enamel bracelet, even before finalizing your black gown is worth every penny.

Pro Tip: You can’t ever go wrong with a floral enamel bracelet. Period.

The Classic Pearl Bracelet

The minimalism carried out by pearls is unmatchable by anything else but a plain black gown. Needless to mention, the combination of both is simply heavenly, being both pleasurable to the eye of a common man and to the critical eye of a fashionista. A bracelet made from freshwater pearls truly makes a statement on its own but when is worn alongside a darker tone, like the black gown, it naturally raises the standards for fashion, making the wearer not only appear to be opulent but also iconic.

Pro Tip: The delicacy of pearl bracelets is such that they make for great show-stoppers but are also perfect for being an everyday companion.

Gold Plated Bracelet for a goldmine of options

A good quality gold plated bracelet which can be paired with a black gown and many other attires is quite genuinely worth its weight in gold. While it is undoubtfully true that “black and gold” is one of the most eye-catching and luxurious looking duos of all time, however, gold plated bracelets look just as beautiful with other lighter tones, making them an undiscovered goldmine of options that are gradually opening up.

Pro Tip: Keeping with the trends, when looking for gold-plated bracelets, always choose the sturdier and thicker ones with plain gold or textured gold colour.