Your Guide To The Best Bracelets To Wear With Short Dresses

A bracelet in one hand is all it takes to add glitz and glam to any of your looks, including your short dresses. Short dresses can be cute and they can be glam and sophisticated. How you accessorise not only depends on the dress itself but also gives you the option of choosing your aesthetic and styling your short dress accordingly. Whatever your age may, we assure you, just as there are bracelets for girls, there are bracelets for you.

Here are our recommendations of bracelet designs that you can effortlessly style with your short dress:

Chain Bracelets

Typically, a chain bracelet is made of metallic links which can be made of gold, silver or any other metal. These are funky and experimental. They are suitable bracelets for girls and for a more toned down look, you can opt for a chain bracelet in a silver bracelet design. Silver has a subdued regal demeanor that won't take attention away from your dress while adding a touch of elegance to your entire ensemble.

Bangle Bracelets

As Indians, bangles are a staple accessory that surpass all cultures and geographical regions. A bangle bracelet design just takes that a world apart. It’s extremely chic, modern and a part of luxury fashion. It's a style that boasts suitable bracelets for girls. Styling these with your short dress exudes a fully contemporary chic look.

Birthstone Bracelets

If you’re someone who is very in tune with the cosmological impact of your birth, then we recommend wearing birthstone bracelets with your short dress. Every month of the year has a birthstone associated with it. You can get your birthstone set in a silver bracelet design for an easy everyday look.

Silver Bracelets

Silver bracelet designs have become more and more popular globally. Silver is the perfect option for anyone who prefers low maintenance pieces that will last them a lifetime. Silver bracelet designs are one of the most elevated pairing with your short dresses. They add a charm and elevate your look without making it over the top. You can pair silver bracelets with coordinating silver accessories to complete the entire look.

Multi Layered Bracelets

If you’re someone who believes in more the merrier, then this tip is for you. Bracelet designs don’t have to be boring and clunky. And more importantly, they don’t have to be just the one. You can layer multiple bracelets to suit the aesthetic you want, could be bohemian or it could be minimal chic. You can attain this by styling pieces that match and will go well together. With multi layered bracelets, you can either layer them yourself from pieces you have in your collection or you can buy pieces that already come in layered. Most popular are designs that are double or triple layered, making it a statement and at the same not making it clunky.

Charm Bracelets

For an additional zingy factor to your bracelets, especially bracelets for girls, you can add charms to your bracelets. You can add dangers in the form of your initials, or your loved ones' initials, or stars or other shapes, or even your birthstone. It’s a fun little touch and adds a touch of personality that only you can pull off. You can add stars, moons, cute little animals or nature motifs. Currently, you'll find designs like locks, keys and enamel hearts and more Y2K designs trending. Invest in these pieces for a more hip and casual look to sport with your short dresses.

Pearl Bracelets

If there is one gem that you can add to your jewellery collection that will be eternally in fashion and classy, it’s pearls. When it comes to pearls, need we say more? Pearls are young and fun and pearls are old and sophisticated. Pearl jewellery has been used as status symbols for centuries. A pearl bracelet is enough to completely transform your short dress outfit to a luxurious and elevated look. It’s timeless and perfect, for bracelets for girls and for young women.

Silver Bar bracelets

Silver bracelet designs are another eternal look that never really goes out of style because of how much versatility it offers. A good silver bar bracelet in fact is a befitting choice for your short dress look. A bar bracelet is essentially the one that has a metallic bar in the design. Often, people get this bar engraved with names and initials, adding a hint of personality. You can add this to your look to own and pull it off seamlessly. It’s a minimalistic style bracelet design so you can experiment and layer more on if you feel like it.

Tennis bracelets

A tennis bracelet is the queen of all bracelets. It’s elegant, it’s effortless, it’s classy, it’s sporty, it’s versatile, it’s sophisticated, it’s elegant, it’s simple and most of all, it’s magnificent. A good tennis bracelet will become a forever piece in your jewellery collection, that you will find yourself going back to again and again. To glam up any short dress ensemble, a tennis bracelet offers the gateway to make it a sophisticated look that will shine through. Like with pearls, this style never truly goes out of fashion and is a superior look. For more affordable options, we recommend opting for American diamonds especially for bracelets for girls.

Styling bracelets is fun and honestly we think it’s underrated. It adds charms, both literally and figuratively, personality and character to your look. Styling your dresses just got a whole lot easier with this guide. Bracelet designs have never been more coveted than they are now, and bracelets for girls are trending. So make your investments in high quality silver bracelets designs and add them to your eternal jewellery collection.