8 Types of Jewellery for Saree You Must Try

8 Types of Jewellery for Saree You Must Try

Jewellery for a saree is something that demands a lot of thought and attention. The kind of saree, the design and what exactly is it supposed to provide with the look? Sarees are worn by Indian women on a daily basis. From traditional sarees to modern party sarees every saree has its characteristic vibe and appearance which needs to be matched well for a perfect match.

Types Of Jewellery for Saree

Saree is worn in different ways and styles, and it accommodates different types of jewellery for each. Broadly three types of jewellery that are often worn with sarees are:

Traditional Jewellery

Traditional jewellery made up of gold and decorated with stones is one of the choices in jewellery that complements a saree really well. A gold necklace with gold jhumkas or gold hoops is the most worn type of jewellery by Indian women with a saree. A long necklace or a short collar necklace-type suits the best with sarees.

Contemporary Jewellery

Contemporary or modern jewellery made up of American diamonds and artificial stones are another type of jewellery one can wear with sarees. An American diamond tennis necklace or a stone pendant necklace both of these looks great with a saree. Drop and danglers in silver and stones go very well with sarees worn at an office event.

Fusion Jewellery

The fusion of the East with the West of the world is quite prevalent in the country of India. People here love to westernise Indian traditional designs by mixing a bit of Western culture into the style. Pair your saree with a choker necklace made of gold and American diamonds. Stud earrings paired with a choker can for a saree look amazing to look at too. An indo-western style of jewellery has a traditional inspiration incorporated into modern style for a perfect combination.

Ways To Wear a Saree

A saree can be worn in different styles and ways based on the occasion it is worn on. The style a saree is worn in decides the type of jewellery that can be worn with it.

Traditional Saree

There are numerous traditional ways to wear a saree, from kashtha to dhoti to seedha palla and so on. A saree is worn in traditional methods at religious occasions or weddings. Brides are often dressed traditionally in sarees and that adds to her beauty and glow for the day.

Indo-Western Saree

Saree too has adapted to the western culture with open arms and worn in ways that may defy the traditional sarees. The indo-western style in sarees is a thing of young women. Unmarried young women started this trend for the sake of fashion and style to stand out from the rest. Indo-western saree style is worn by women at parties and wedding receptions with grace and glamour.

Popular Designs in Jewellery for Saree

There are a variety of designs available in jewellery for you to choose from when you wear a saree. A saree can suit different styles, patterns and designs. These are a few designs that look the best with sarees.

Gold Jewellery

Gold is a favourite for sarees and women love to wear it with their traditional saree look. Gold necklace and earrings when paired with saree bring out the royal elegance that looks enticing to say the least. Gold combined with diamonds, pearls and gemstones for a pop of colour adds to the monotone of gold. Gold hoops and gold chains are the most commonly worn gold jewellery types with a saree.

Silver Jewellery

Silver jewellery has been a part of Indian traditional jewellery for years now. They are an active part in bridal jewellery and wedding jewellery. Women who don't like the bling of gold much go for silver. Silver oxidised jewellery like silver oxidised necklace and earrings are worn by young women with saree for a rusty aesthetic look. Silver jewellery is versatile and matches well with all kinds of skin tones hence a popular choice among all women.

Pearl Jewellery

Pearl jewellery is the next in line when it comes to jewellery for saree. The versatility and elegance of pearls when added to the transition of the saree brings out a totally mesmerising vibe. Pearl jewellery has been in trend for its designs, styles and patterns that go with all kinds of sarees. Pearl necklaces, whether simple chains or statement necklaces, provide the same elegance and grace. Pearl drop earrings are among the trending earrings for saree one must give a try.

Diamond Jewellery

Diamonds being best friends is what I've heard, but diamonds being the best pair is what I've seen. Diamond necklaces, whether pendant necklaces of gold or silver or a statement-style tennis necklace look great with a saree look. Diamond earrings like studs and dangers are some common types of earrings that are worn by women with sarees.

Kundan Jewellery

Kundan jewellery, that is glass stones embedded into pure gold, is the best traditional match to sarees. An ancient craft originated in India, generally worn as a statement necklace the best for a bridal saree look. A Kundan necklace set worn with any saree style tends to fit perfectly with the occasion and outfit.

These were some ideas of jewellery for saree you can go for. Now go ahead and shop for the best jewellery for a saree from our necklace set collection. They are modern with a traditional touch and unique elegance!  And  discover how to perfectly pair jewellery with your Nauvari saree. Read this article for expert tips and ideas!