Gorgeous Jewellery To Match Your Nauvari Saree With

Gorgeous Jewellery To Match Your Nauvari Saree With

From Rani Lakshmibai to Mastaani, every Marathi queen has sported "Nauvari" with utmost elegance and majesty. From history to historical drama movies, a nauvari saree has remained in Marathi culture. Be it the pride that every Marathi takes in their cultural heritage or the beauty of nauvari sarees, it has managed to survive time.

The traditional Marathi saree, called a nauvari, is long, lavish, and beautiful, to say the least. The beauty of a Marathi nauvari saree is quite eye-catching, but it feels empty without matching jewellery. With quite a unique drape and a signature bindi in a crescent moon shape, a nauvari look is a traditional treat to the eyes. Full of colours, matching the right jewellery that will enhance its prettiness is a necessity for the visuals.

In this article,we are going to take a look at what type of jewellery one can wear with a nauvari saree, what material suits the traditionality of a nauvari, and how to choose the best jewellery for your nauvari.

What Jewellery Articles Can Be Worn With A Nauvari Saree?

A nauvari being a traditional costume, all traditional jewellery ornaments suit it just as much. From headbands to nose rings, armlets, necklaces, earrings, and bangles, all articles of traditional jewellery decorate the beauty of a nauvari.

The headband, or saaj, is designed according to Marathi traditional designs and is mostly made of gold. The nose ring, or nath, is another design native to the state of Maharashtra. Bangles worn are generally golden and are called tode.

Although all these types of jewellery worn with nauvari are traditional, they have been made in different materials and designs. Adding a pinch of modern jewellery designs here and there is often worn by young women wearing a nauvari. The trend of fusion of traditions with modernity may not have totally taken over the nauvari look, but it sure has spread its arms.

jewellery to match with your nauvari saree

What Jewellery Types Can Be Worn With A Nauvari Saree?

A nauvari saree, originally worn with traditional gold jewellery, is still preferred by a lot of women. Gold necklaces with matching gold karn phool earrings, naths, and bangles are the most common jewellery type with nauvari sarees.

Gold jewellery with stones is the next top choice for women to wear with nauvari sarees. Gemstones like rubies, emeralds, and sapphires add a pop of colour to gold jewellery. This makes it easier to match the jewellery with the saree colour.

Pearl jewellery is the modern choice for women to wear with nauvari sarees. The elegance of pearls, when combined with stones and gold, gives the wearer a royal look. Wearing pearls with a light-coloured nauvari saree provides the perfect elegant look, just like a princess.

Kundan jewellery, temple jewellery, and polki diamonds are some other types of jewellery that are in trend these days and can really match the look of a nauvari saree.

How To Match Your Jewellery With a Nauvari Saree

There are a few factors you can consider when choosing the right jewellery to go with your nauvari saree. Some of the things you need to take a look at are discussed below.

Choose According To Colour Of Saree

A nauvari saree is full of colours: red, yellow, black, and golden. The variety of colours calls for jewellery that complements the colour of the saree. It can be a matching colour or a contrasting colour; a multicolor jewellery set can do too.

Let's see what jewellery you can wear with the colour of your saree.

jewellery to match with your nauvari saree

Red Or Warmer Shades

For warmer shades like red, orange, and maroon, gold jewellery is the perfect choice. Gold is a warm metal and, hence, goes really well with red and orange, complementing the tones to the fullest. Gold with stones or gold with diamond jewellery are some of the choices in gold that may look good with your nauvari saree colour.

Black Or Darker Shades

Diamond jewellery is the best contrast, adding sparkle to dark colours like black and grey. Diamond stones in different shades and crafts like kundan and polki can really add a lot to the simple, traditional look. Diamond jewellery with gold and pearls can be a nice addition to your black, blue, and purple nauvari sarees.

Yellow Or Lighter Shades

For lighter shades like yellow, pink, and coral, pearl jewellery is the perfect match. The elegance of pearls matches perfectly with the feminine and calm tones of light colours. Pearl jewellery with gold and diamonds is the most popular kind for a traditional look. The pure grace that pearl jewellery brings to the bling of tradition is mesmerising.


Choose According The Occasion

Nauvari sarees are worn by women on various occasions, like weddings, rituals, and festivals. It is important to match the jewellery with the occasion just as much as the saree. The jewellery type, material, and design all change according to the occasion.
These are some occasions when a nauvari is worn and the jewellery you can wear:


jewellery to match with your nauvari saree

Bridal jewellery needs to be elaborate; hence, it consists of all the jewellery articles decorating the bride from head to toe. A whole bridal jewellery set consists of necklaces, earrings, bangles, naths, saajs, and even anklets.
With a nauvari bridal saree, gold bridal jewellery decorated with metal balls or stones is the top choice of Marathi brides. Gold, being a symbol of royalty and status for centuries, trumps all other types of jewellery.
Some brides even prefer pearl jewellery for its subtle elegance. The calm white pearls balance the colour blast of the nauvari sarees. Bridal nauvari is regal in itself; the addition of pearl jewellery with gold or diamonds can really add luxury to the look.


Nauvari sarees worn by guests and the bride and groom’s families require simpler jewellery. Kundan jewellery and meenakari jewellery can really be nice choices for family members. They are traditional but without a lot of bling at the same time. Pearls are another choice for younger women. A pearl jewellery set consisting of a necklace, earrings, nath, and bangles is the perfect jewellery set for a wedding look.


Festivities like Diwali, Vat-Savitri, Raksha Bandhan, etc. are other occasions when nauvari sarees are worn by women. During festivals, it is necessary to move around and have fun, so comfort is the first thing to consider. A minimal jewellery set made of gold or silver—whatever suits your taste—can do. A necklace, earrings, and nath are the typical jewellery set for a nauvari look, which can be made of pearls, gold, silver, or stones. A pearl choker with matching studs and a single pearl nath is a recommendation you can go with if you can’t imagine the look.

jewellery to match with your nauvari saree

Choose According To Preference

Any look you want to wear and carry well will do well only if you are comfortable in that style. It is very important to consider your style and preferences. Otherwise, it will hinder your experience, and you may get tired of it soon.


The modern trend is a minimalist style, wherein the less you wear, the prettier it is. A minimalist lover can opt for pearls right away. The perfect balance of tradition and elegance provided by pearl jewellery is the best minimal look. A pearl choker or a pearl chain with pearl studs and pearl nath is the recommended look for you.

Fuller Look

jewellery to match with your nauvari saree

Traditionals are typically meant to be heavy and full; hence, you can style your nauvari exactly like that. Layering different jewellery articles and different types of jewellery can combine majestically for a statement look. A choker necklace layered with a lariat, rani haar, or nath with jhumkas or karn phool earrings. Bangles at last to complete a typical traditional look, for those who like to keep it heavy. Wearing diamonds, kundan, and pearls with gold can be a good choice for layering a well-balanced, heavy look.

These are some of the types of jewellery to match your nauvari saree. Complementing the regal saree with the elegance of jewellery and making imaginations a reality.

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