Matching Jewellery For Paithani Sarees: Adding Glow To Traditions

Matching Jewellery For Paithani Sarees: Adding Glow To Traditions

Paithani sarees are traditional, silky, and gorgeous. It's a cultural heritage transferred through generations. This traditional beauty remains incomplete without matching jewellery. Pairing the right jewellery with your paithani saree is just as important as looking good in it. Wearing it traditionally, like it's always been worn, can be a great and safe option. For those who like to experiment and explore new looks, you can look for a few factors to do it well. Let us take a look at some of the ways that you can match jewellery with paithani sarees.

Match The Colour

jewellery for paithani saree

Paithani sarees are colourful silk sarees; hence, the easiest way would be to just match the colour of your jewellery with your saree, and that's your look for the day. You can wear diamonds and stone jewellery decorated in gold as a pair with your paithani saree.

Traditional Is The Answer

jewellery for paithani saree

Traditional jewellery and a traditional saree are like a match made in heaven. Gold jewellery in traditional designs like rani haar, karn phool, etc. is one of the few choices to pair with paithani sarees. Temple jewellery is another jewellery type that can look wonderful with paithani.

Preference Matters

Whether you prefer to keep it simple or elaborate, that's your thing. This is the next factor to consider when deciding on the right type of jewellery. If you are a minimalist lover, then a stone pendant set or a simple gold necklace set can do the best for you. Those who like to keep it heavy can wear everything from headbands and anklets to necklaces and earrings, along with bangles.

Layer a Few Types

jewellery for paithani saree

Layering different types of necklaces has been a trend, and you can do the same with your paithani sarees. A choker with a long necklace is the most typical layering you will observe in a traditional look. Different materials like pearls, diamonds, and gold can be layered quite beautifully too. You can satisfy your wish to wear it all at the same time with the beauty of paithani sarees.

The Occasion Matters

jewellery for paithani saree

The event or occasion for which you are wearing a paithani saree determines the right jewellery for the paithani saree. For an office cultural day, you want to keep it simple but stylish. Going for pearl jewellery or a stone pendant is a good idea. While you can wear gold with stones and diamonds for festivals and weddings.

Oxidised is Modern

Young women are inclined towards the aesthetics of oxidised jewellery. Paithani sarees, when worn by these young women, naturally get paired with oxidised jewellery. From oxidised chokers to long necklaces with pendants, girls love to pair sarees with all of them.

Pearls are Never Wrong

jewellery for paithani saree

Pearl jewellery is one of the most versatile types of jewellery. Pearl chokers, earrings, and even bangles are great choices to pair with paithani sarees. A single pearl chain or a single-stranded pearl necklace, when paired with a paithani, brings a chic-sophisticated vibe to the traditional look.

Minimal is Fine

jewellery for paithani saree

Wearing minimal jewellery with a paithani is totally fine because the saree itself is quite rich in colour and design. Single jhumkas made of pearl, gold, or diamonds are a nice pair with paithani sarees. While dangler earrings like chandbaaliyan and chandelier earrings are the fashionable match of jewellery for a paithani saree. 

These are some ideas for matching jewellery for paithani sarees. Minimal lovers can go with only earrings, while traditional jewellery is fit for weddings and festivals. Gold and pearl jewellery is timeless and something you can pair with paithani with your eyes closed. Now go ahead and choose your jewellery match for the paithani saree.

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