9 Types Of Earrings Must-Have For Every Woman

9 Types Of Earrings Must-Have For Every Woman

Earrings the absolute accessory for a woman’s wardrobe and also men. Worn by women of all ages from children to young women and grandmothers. The variety in design and styles of earrings is innumerable and extraordinary. Girls love wearing and experimenting with different earrings types on different occasions. Just a mere addition of an earring to an outfit can lift up the whole look along with the face of course!

Earrings have a unique role that can increase your charm multi-folds if you pair earrings according to face-shape, outfit or occasion. It puts together the whole look without making you look overdone. Whether it is simple studs or fancy statement earrings, every type of earrings for women has a role to play in their life.

From the most traditional earrings to the modern earrings in vogue, we have put together 9 different types of earrings that are a must have for every woman.

1. Stud earrings are classic.

Stud earrings, also known as earrings tops, are a type of small earrings that sit snugly on top of your earlobe without dropping down or climbing upwards. Stud earrings typically feature a simple design often made of pearls or crystals. Diamond studs especially solitaire stud earrings and pearl stud earrings are the most popular stud earrings. Fashion stud earrings are available in many other designs like cluster earrings or big stud earrings made of enamel and other materials. Stud earrings are a staple of every woman’s jewellery box and can be worn at any place or occasion, from a day in the office to the night at a party.

2. Drop earrings for style.

Drop earrings are an extension of stud earrings that fall slightly below the earlobe but stay fixed close to the ears without dangling down. These are mostly statement pieces perfect for an evening date or at any special occasion like weddings and parties. Made in gold, silver, diamonds and pearls, drop earrings are one of the most popular types of earrings in young women. Pearl drop earrings are the most popular types in drop earrings enjoying the fashion trend today.

3. Cluster earrings for the design.

Cluster earrings are a type of designer earrings that consist of several stones or crystals closely grouped together to form a cluster. Designer earrings may also comprise of non-precious substances like enamel. These are suitable for slightly playful occasions like casual hangout or trips as they remain comfortable while adding the required oomph to your look. Cluster earrings may be a stud, a dangler or an ear cuff making a statement with its random or arranged clusters.

4. Dangler earrings are the fashion.

Dangler earrings or just danglers are similar to drop earrings. They have a fixed part on the top that sits tightly on the earlobe while the rest of the earring hangs down freely below the ears. Danglers have an intricate design and a slightly higher glam quotient than stud earrings. Dangler earrings are fancy and have an appeal to it that can dress up any attire.

Dangler earrings are the most fashionable and playful jewellery type. They are very versatile and can be added to a pair of formals as well as to a pretty saree for a party. The designs range from minimalist to statement styles having something for everyone to choose from.

5. Hoops earrings are the casual love.

Hoop earrings, also known as Bali Earrings, are the lightest pieces of jewellery a girl can wear. These are one of the oldest earrings types and have been loved and adorned by women from different cultures and eras. Hoop earrings or loop earrings are in the shape of a sleek bangle that stretches from the front of your earlobe to the back. Hoops earrings come in different sizes starting from as small as the size of a ring (also called as huggie) to the size of a giant bangle. They also come in different shapes like ovals, squares, triangles etc.

6. Chandelier earrings are statements.

Chandelier Earrings are a type of dangler earrings in the shape of a chandelier that is broadened at the bottom. Chandelier earrings ooze luxury and femininity and are the most vivacious jewellery type. It has a fancy earring design that is perfect to adorn to a party or special occasions. Mostly made of diamonds and pearls they add a sparkle and elegance to the ensemble respectively.

7. Jhumka earrings the traditional love.

Jhumka earrings are traditional earrings mostly worn by women of the Indian subcontinent. It is a quintessential earrings type that forms the staple of every Indian woman’s jewellery box. It is a type of dangler earrings that has a bell-type structure hanging below the ears. Gold Jhumkas, pearl jhumkas and crystal Jhumka earrings are the most popular Jhumka earrings design. While Jhumka earrings are typically worn with Indian ethnic attires, today it is also paired with western ensembles to create a fusion effect.

8. Tassel earrings are the trend.

Tassel earrings are a type of dangler earrings that has a top element attached to the ear lobe and numerous sleek long threads hanging from it. Tassel earrings come in a variety of designs and materials. Tassel earrings are attention-seeking and playful. Tassel earrings can be colourful or monotone, fabric or crystal. You can pair different types of tassel earrings with different outfits and occasions. They go with almost all the clothes.

9. Jacket earrings are majestic.

Jacket Earrings is a two-way earrings design where a stud-type element is attached to the front of the ear lobe while the main designer component goes at the back of the ear. The two elements fasten each other through the piercing. The jacket is designed to add an extra pop of sparkle to the earrings. Jacket Earrings are unique and fun to wear as they create an illusion in your ears.

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