A Blend Of Luxury And Artistry - Gold Designer Earrings

Gold earrings have been a part of women's jewellery collection since ages. The glitter and shine of gold never goes out of style. Earlier, gold earrings were only considered a traditional accessory. Long, heavy and intricate designs were suitable for only festivities and weddings. Over the years, gold earrings have made their way in the fashion worlds as well. With time, sizes, shapes and designs of gold earrings have evolved. Today's women search for a perfect blend of luxury and artistry in jewellery. Gold designer earrings are  where their search ends. They are crafted with light and intricate designs. A modern take on the traditional patterns designed in a way that enhances the beauty of the earring.

History of Gold Designer Earrings

Early use of gold earrings

The practice of piercing and earrings are ancient. Mankind has been adorning himself in earrings since centuries. There are traces of men wearing earrings in ancient Egypt and Persia. Earrings made of stones, beads, woods and bones are evident in history. It was in the post bronze era that man started using precious metals such as gold in earrings. Back in the day, only men from noble families wore gold earrings. Gold designer earrings decorated with pearls and gemstones were for communicating social status. Even sailors wore earrings to claim christian burial.

Evolution of gold earrings

In the ancient era, simple gold studs dominated the world of earrings. In the middle age, there was a shift in the earrings design. Along with studs, small and delicate hoops became popular. In the 18th century, gold earrings became popular in the general population. New technologies made mass production possible. With that old simple design upgraded to the latest elaborate design of gold earrings. Gold designer earrings with intricate designs and shapes became popular in the mass. Women along with men started adorning themselves in earrings. 

Role of gold earrings in fashion industry

Earrings became an ornament of personal adornment with women wearing them. Ladies started wearing earrings that matched with their necklaces. However, it was still upper class and nobility that wore earrings. They wore them only in social meet ups and parties. In 1950's Europe re-introduced earrings as a fashion accessory. Gold earrings with new and elaborate designs became fashionable in the film industry. Actresses wore various gold designer earrings on screen and on red carpets. This led gold earrings to common households. For the elegance and class gold earrings add to the look, they are a well fit tool in the fashion world. For the instant glamour and charm they bring, they are popular in the fashion industry.

With time, earrings have evolved. From being a traditional accessory to a fashion statement, they have come a long way. There are various types of earrings to cater to different needs. They come in various sizes, shapes and designs. Read along to explore some of the most famous types of gold designer earrings.

Types of gold designer earrings

Stud earrings

Gold stud earrings are a classic piece of accessory that has stood the test of time. Popular for centuries, studs are the smallest and simplest earring design. It has a small metal drop sitting on the earlobe. It has a thin wire passing through the piercing hole with a screw-like secured backing. It often comes with a decoration of pearl, diamond or gemstone for a dressy appearance. Designer gold stud earrings come in elaborate sizes and shapes. Latest design of gold earrings involve stars, squares and geometric shapes. From kids to veterans, all age groups love gold stud earrings. Wear them on a simple T-shirt or style them on traditional wear, they look elegant on everything. . 

Hoop earrings

Hoops are a versatile and timeless piece of accessory that goes with any outfit. Basic and beautiful, hoops are a circular metal tube looping around the earlobe. The circle is open from one end which passes through the piercing hole. Secured with a clasp, it gives a look of a circle passing through the earlobe. Latest design of gold hoop earring comes in various shapes such as stars, flowers and squares. For a dressy look, they even come with decorations of trinkets and gemstones. These gold designer earrings are popular amongst youngsters. They stand out when worn with a western attire like a shirt or a t-shirt. Wear them while hanging out with friends or at college, they look minimal and stylish.

Drop earrings

These gold designer earrings are for the lovers of statement jewelleries. Drop earrings have gold strands ascending below the earlobe. The design of this gold earring is latest and fashionable. They are a popular choice of actresses for red-carpet events. The gold chain often has diamonds or pearls at the bottom for a dressy look. They fall on the neckline enhancing the natural features of the wearer. The long, slender drops come in various styles, making them a right choice for social events. Pairing them with a gown or a saree would make a bold fashion statement.

The versatility of various types of gold designer earrings is exceptional. From an everyday look to a party, they help you carry yourself with utmost grace and femininity. With so many options in designs, choosing the right pair for you could be a tough task. Fret not, listed below are a few points to consider before buying gold designer earrings:

Key Considerations when selecting gold designer earrings

Face shape

Knowing your face shape is one of the key factors for choosing earrings. As earrings can enhance your features, its important to choose the right pair for your face shape. There are several ways to know your face shape. One of the most common is to pull your hair up and mark all the angles of your face. Choosing an earring that blends well with your face will make you look even more stylish. If you have a round face, long drop earrings will create a perfect contrast. If you have a square face, gold designer earrings like hoop or studs will be a right choice. If you have an oval shape, you can go for any earring design as they all blend very well with your face.

Skin tone

Choosing earrings with materials that complement your skin tone is important. To know your skin tone, look at the colour of the veins of your wrist. If they look blue or purple, you have a cool undertone. If they look green, you have a warm undertone. If you can't tell the colour of the veins, you have a neutral undertone. Gone are the days when there were only bright yellow gold earrings. Gold designer earrings today range from yellow, rose gold to white gold. For warm undertones, yellow gold or rose gold is ideal. white gold looks beautiful on cool undertones. If you have a neutral undertone, all the shades of gold will enhance the beauty of your skin.


The colour and style of your outfit is something you must not ignore while pairing earrings. Various types of earrings look different with various outfits. It is important to choose the one that complements the outfit. For a casual get up, studs or hoops are perfect. If you are planning to wear heavy ethnic wear or a gown, designer gold drop earrings will blend well. Choosing earrings in contrast to the colour of your outfit is advisable. This will help in getting attention to both outfit and earrings.


Being mindful of the occasion while choosing jewellery is important. Wearing the wrong type of jewellery at any event will look out of the place. The size and style of the earring will be different for different occasions. From minimal to bold & glamorous, there are many earring designs for various occasions. The wrong type of earring at a wrong event will take all the attention from your face to the earring. They will look outdone and uncomfortable. Go for studs if you are getting ready for a friend's outing or office meeting. For dates or weddings, gold drop designer earrings will be the right choice. The right choice of earring blends well with your attire, adding style and elegance to your look. 

Earring is a small and delicate piece of accessory. It plays an important role in your appearance. The right earring will take your fashion game on another level. So, take a well thought decision while adding a gold designer earring to your collection. Choose the perfect pair for you keeping all the above mentioned points in mind.