A Guide to Simple and Safe Gold Earrings For kids

Children's skin is thinner, delicate and sensitive. Choosing a jewellery for their sensitive skin requires some extra considerations. The jewellery article needs to be delicate, lightweight and made of a high quality metal. Fuss free, safe and simple earrings are the best to introduce your little one to the world of jewellery. Earrings come in various materials, but the high quality of gold is unquestionable. Hence, gold earrings for kids are the most suitable option.

Importance of choosing safe and hypoallergenic earrings for children

Other metals such as brass, nickel are mixed with precious metals to make jewelleries. This gives them a firm texture to mould and design. They are usually found in the base and backing of the earring. These metals can be harmful for skin. As kids have delicate skin, nickel and brass can cause irritation and allergies. Hence, it is important to choose earrings that are safe for them. 18 carat gold has 25% of other metals - usually silver or copper, meaning it is nickel free. A 24 carat gold earrings are best for kids as they have 99.9% gold. Nickel free earrings ensure that the kid enjoys wearing them without any irritation.

Types of gold earrings for kids

The options of styles and designs in gold earrings make them popular of all. From long heavy earrings to simple designs, gold earrings come in various designs. For kids, gold earrings that are small and delicate are best. Here are a few gold earrings designs that are suitable for kids:

Studs earrings for kids

Stud earrings are the first earring that we are introduced to. While piercing, a small gold stud is kept inside the hole to help it heal. Stud gold earrings are small, simple and perfect for introducing kids to jewelleries. They have a secured backing, which doesn't open without the help of an adult, this ensures kids don't lose them. They are also comfortable to wear, which is important for kids who may not be used to wearing earrings yet. They come in various designs such as stars, cartoon characters and butterflies. Kids find them very attractive. They can be worn on a daily basis and fit in the school dress code. Definitely, a safe and comfortable choice for kids. 

Hoop earrings for kids

Hoops are not just limited to adults. Small and lightweight gold hoop earrings are a popular choice for kids as well. Hoop has a circular metal tube that loops around the earlobe. Their sizes vary from small to big. A big hoop might get tangled with their hair, hence choosing the one with a small diameter is advisable. A hoop earring hugging the earlobe is suitable for kids at a young age. If you want to go for a slightly bigger hoop, go for the ones with some decorative elements. Hoops with a small pearl or bead look beautiful on their tiny faces. They also need the help of an elder to remove, hence are very safe for kids. They can be worn on a daily basis. But for school, simple hoops without any decoration would be appropriate. 

Drop earrings for kids

Drop earrings feature a big hook passing through the earlobe with a design hanging below. Kids like drop earrings for their whimsical designs. The designs could vary from a simple bead or pearl to stars and animals. These various shapes often come in bright colours that kids love. As these just hang in the earlobe, this type of gold earrings is suitable for kids of age above 10 or 12. For they are easy to wear and take out, a younger kid might lose it. These are a bit on a dressy side hence, wearing them on a birthday party or family outing is suitable.

Gold earrings for kids are perfect to complement their playful nature. They add a spark with utmost simplicity to their everyday look. For a recently pierced ear, a small and delicate gold earring accelerates healing. It also ensures there is no irritation or rashes. But, Choosing the right pair for your little one is not as simple as it seems. With plenty of options and different styles, it gets tedious at times to choose a perfect pair for them. When choosing a pair of gold earrings for kids, there are a few points to take into consideration. Listed below are a few points that are unmissable:

Key Points to keep in Mind When Choosing Gold Earrings for Kids

Size and Weight

For kids, small and lightweight gold earrings are appropriate. Large or heavy earrings can cause discomfort and even damage their delicate ears. Studs fit well in this criteria. But, even studs come in various styles and shapes. Small and delicate gold stud earrings would be a wonderful choice for girls and boys both. 

Design and Style

Kids have a very jolly nature and are attracted towards playful designs. While choosing gold earrings for kids, try looking for simple and hazard free designs. Avoid earrings with small parts in designs as it can break off easily. For girls a delicate design and for boys, gold earrings with minimal design would be preferable. 

Safety Properties

Safety comes first while choosing gold earrings for kids. It is very important to see that they are made of high quality gold. This ensures that these gold earrings are not causing any irritation to your girls and boys. Also earrings with a secured backing that doesn't come off easily. Choosing a stud earring or hoop earring that needs help of an elder to wear and remove is perfect for kids safety.

For their safety, durability and versatility, gold earrings are the best choice for kids. They complement the kids' delicate look. They are a practical and delightful way to introduce kids to jewelleries. Get a few gold earrings for your little ones but make sure to remove them while they are swimming or playing.