A Guide To The Different Types Of Necklaces

Are you on the lookout for a new necklace set but confused about the plethora of options available online? We’re here to break down the different types of necklaces for you. Before you buy a necklace, you must consider some options - the length of the necklace, the quality and the occasion you want to wear it for. Some necklaces are meant for occasions while some are for regular wear. You should choose a necklace in accordance with how often you want to wear it, and what the purpose of buying it is.

Read about different types of necklace sets for women and choose what suits you best.

Chain Necklaces

Chains are a simple necklace that is available in gold, silver, platinum and other metals. These are a classic necklace option and can be worn every day. They’re perfect if you like minimalistic necklaces and a good quality chain necklace will go a long way.

Riviere Necklaces

A riviere necklace is a set of two necklaces that are linked together. These are usually made of gemstones, and are usually princess sized. These necklaces are dainty and elegant. They are the epitome of femininity and a must-have necklace set for women.

Choker Necklaces

Choker necklaces are usually 14 to 16 inches long, and sit right above the collarbones. These necklaces are another classic piece to have in your closet. You can also glam up choker necklaces with a pendant, beads or some lace. Choker necklaces go with all outfits and necklines.

Collar Necklaces

Collar necklaces are usually 12 to 13 inches long, and worn just above the collarbones. They are stunning pieces to have in your jewellery set, and can be stunning when made with pearls, stones and jewels. Collar necklaces are perfect to wear with off-the-shoulder clothes, turtlenecks and v-necks. Collar necklaces are also casual enough to wear on an everyday basis.

Locket Necklaces

A locket necklace is another version of the pendant necklace. It has a small chamber inside to store a photo or memory. Lockets are very sentimental and emotional, and this is a necklace that is usually passed on through generations.

Pendant Necklaces

Pendant necklaces typically have a chain with a pendant in the middle. The pendant is the focal point of this necklace. Pendant necklaces are a classic piece of jewellery set to have, as they can be worn with everything and are perfect for all occasions. These are also sentimental pieces and can be passed down.

Princess Necklaces

A princess necklace is typically a longer necklace which is embellished with jewels. The princess necklace is a more statement making piece, and is typically worn for special occasions. It draws attention to the neck, and also adds glamour to any outfit they’re paired with.

Statement Necklaces

Statement necklaces are one-of-a-kind necklaces that have a big focal point so as to draw attention to it. They are big and dramatic, and a must-have in your closet. Statement necklaces are a no-brainer for special occasions. They instantly zhuzh up any outfit, and will make you stand out in a crowd.

Lariat Necklaces

A lariat necklace is a rope necklace that forms a Y shape. It is a uniquely designed necklace since it usually lacks a clasp. The bead and the chains make a long chain that are pulled through a circular filter, and tied at the front. These necklaces are elegant and add sophistication to every outfit they’re paired with.

Plastron Necklaces

A plastron necklace is a massive necklace that covers almost all of your neck and chest. This heavy and statement-making necklace comes from Egypt. This is a necklace for those who love bold pieces. This necklace instantly lifts the appeal of the outfit, and makes it much more glamorous.

Here you have it! The ultimate guide to some necklaces you must have in your possession. The great thing about jewellery and jewellery sets is that there’s something for everyone. You can choose the necklace that suits your personal style the best. Also pick out necklaces that go with the type of clothes you wear most often, so that you can pair them well. And if any of these necklaces caught your fancy, you can pick them up from Blingvine.

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