How to Style A Choker Necklace Set With Different Outfits

Chokers are the shortest necklaces in terms of length as they align very closely to the throat without dropping down to the collar bones. Choker necklace sets are probably the most misinterpreted type of necklace sets when it comes to styling due to their short length. They come off as a stiff necklace set with no flexibility when it comes to styling, well this can't be false enough. In this article, we understand the structure of chokers, the materials used to make choker necklaces and the different outfits to style them with.


Chokers are about 16" in length and closely wrap around the neck with very little space for the entire necklace to move, hence the name. The choker set design is very unique when compared to other necklace sets, as they are very rigidly structured which at times can be considered too rigid to be a necklace.  

Though these necklace sets look rigid, when styled can be one of the most flexible necklace sets ever. Choker necklace sets when styled with a little bit of creativity and grace can be a treat to look at and can make for an amazing fashion statement. Chokers also come in a variety of materials which furthers their cause of being flexible in style. 

Materials Used for Choker Sets 

Necklaces in general have been used for centuries for the style statement that they bring along to the entire look and chokers necklace sets in general have been popular for a long time now. Let us now understand the various materials that are used to make choker necklace sets. 

Velvet Choker Necklace 

Velvet choker necklaces are meant to be worn to casual outings, these chokers have a sense of luxury to them and can be paired with frocks, skirts and summer dresses.Though the velvet chokers had lost popularity in the last few years, are said to make a comeback this year. 

Gold Choker Necklace 

The combination of gold as a material and choker as a design is perfect. The class that gold brings to jewellery is something that cannot be matched. Further, gold with its ability to be designed in many different ways and its ability to add flair to any outfit makes this combination one not to miss! 

Diamond Choker Necklace 

Diamonds are the epitome of elegance and class. Diamond choker necklace sets are popular among brides as they are easy to style and gorgeous to look at. This simple choker necklace set for sarees is something everyone can try and something that no one will regret wearing! 

Pearl Choker Necklace 

Pearls are beautiful to look at and bring a sense of elegance to the overall fashion statement. Pearls can be used to make choker necklace sets, they can either be made with pearls only or can be combined with other materials to add a tad bit of drama to the entire look 

Lace Choker Necklace 

Chokers made out of lace are probably the most commonly used chokers these days, the black fabric makes the overall look very subtle yet aesthetic which makes it perfect to try out with various outfits. Lace choker necklaces are generally used with light-coloured shirts, gowns and midis. 

Leather Choker Necklace 

Probably the oldest material ever used to make necklaces and is still being used for choker necklaces. Leather chokers have a raw look to them which is perfect for casual meetings. 

Bead Choker Necklace  

These simple yet colourful materials make for an amazing choker necklace set. Beads are the most versatile materials for choker necklace sets and jewellery as a whole which is due to them being available in various colours and sizes. 

Apart from the base materials, other elements can be added to choker necklaces to make the strip of band look more appealing and sophisticated.


Pendants can be added to choker sets to make the entire look stand out while at the same time, you can present your customisation and creativity. 



Tassels go extremely well with lace chokers, the solid colour of lace chokers can be mundane and adding tassels can bring a certain fluidity and character to the entire choker set design. 


This combination is for a sophisticated look. The chain might complement the choker set and make the entire affair long while maintaining the primary characteristics of a conventional choker set design. 

Outfits With Choker Necklace Set 

The versatility of choker sets also makes them very adaptable to a large number of outfits. Let's take a look at how you can match chokers with some attires.


Diamond and gold chokers are the most popular choker necklaces for sarees. A simple choker set for sarees is the best way to dress up for a wedding. Choker necklaces not only provide style to the entire look but also adds elegance and glamour to the wearer. 


The evergreen kurtis are comfortable to sport and come in a plethora of designs and colours which by default makes them the most flexible outfits. When you combine a kurti with an elegant gold, silver or diamond choker the combination is irresistibly beautiful and something no one should miss out on trying. 


Chokers can be combined with different types of gowns and the combination will look flawless. The complexity of the gown and the beauty of the choker necklace set make for an amazing combination. Diamond chokers are preferred for this combination. 


Shirts are simple to style and the most preferable formal wear attire when you combine this with a simple choker set then the combination is somewhat exciting and brings a pinch of casual style to a formal look. This is perfect for semi-formal meetups or casual outings and is something you cannot miss out on. 

Strapless Dress 

Lace chokers and velvet chokers blend amazingly well with a strapless dress. This combination is for a casual look and is best suited for parties and casual meetups.

Taking into consideration all these factors, we can now comfortably say that choker necklace sets are flexible enough to be worn with various outfits and on various occasions. Check out our collection of beautifully crafted chokers just for you!

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Taking into consideration all these factors, we can now comfortably say that choker necklaces  are flexible enough to be worn with various outfits and on various occasions. Check out our collection of beautifully crafted chokers just for you!