A Handy Guide On Fixing Broken Necklace Chains

Necklace chains are extremely versatile and stylish. You can pair these with almost all types of outfits. Necklace chains on the heavier side can look great with traditional outfits, while thinner ones pair great with casual and formal styles. At Blingvine, we have a curated collection of necklace chains that will elevate your look on any occasion.

However, one problem with a necklace chain is that it can be a tad bit difficult to maintain. Since these necklaces are very thin, they are prone to damage. A single rough tug can be enough to break these necklaces in some cases. Fortunately, you can get your gold chain repaired at the local jewellery store. In some cases, you can even fix them on your own. However, we always recommend you go to the jeweller to decide what to do with your necklace chain. You can also check out our guide on everything you need to know about necklaces.

How Are Necklace Chains Made?

To know how necklace chains can be repaired, it is important to first understand how these are made. A necklace chain is mostly made of alloys that contain gold, silver, copper, and so on. These are shaped like wires, and then depending on the design of the item, they are stitched or sometimes glued together. In some cases, the chains themselves are knotted to form various kinds of designs.

As can probably be guessed from this, a necklace chain is a very delicate piece of jewellery. Moreover, a pure gold chain is even more delicate since gold is by nature a very soft metal. This makes them prone to breakage. If one chain breaks off, it can ruin the look of the entire piece. Sometimes, since the chains are knotted together, one breaking off can lead to all the others following suit.

Since these kinds of necklaces can be used with a variety of outfits, they can be termed as daily use necklaces. Therefore, if any piece gets damaged, it may ruin your entire getup and leave you without an accessory for the next day. It is important to know how these can be repaired and what you should do if you ever face a situation such as this.

How Can Necklace Chains Be Repaired?

To answer broadly, most broken or damaged necklaces can be repaired. However, sometimes the repair process is more extensive depending on the material of the necklace chain and the extent of the damage. In some cases, there is no distinguishable difference between the original and repaired necklace, as is the case with a gold chain. In some other cases, the part that was repaired stands out a little bit in comparison to how it looked before.

The process through which a chain can be repaired is called soldering. In this process, a piece of alloy (called solder) is used to sort of stick the broken pieces together and make the necklaces whole again. Solder has a low melting point and is very easily fusible, which allows it to repair the damaged part without affecting the nest of the chain. Therefore, it is the ideal way to repair most necklaces, especially those made out of precious metals such as gold or silver. Once this process has been completed, the repaired area is painted so that the repair does not look too apparent.

Can You Repair Broken Necklaces At Home?

In some cases, you can repair a broken chain at home. This is possible with most imitation or bead jewellery. Sometimes, jewellery sets come with special DIY repair kits and an instruction manual that can help you in repairing the damage. Soldering can be an expensive process, so in case you want to repair your necklaces on your own, you will mainly require a small wire cutter.

Nevertheless, we will always advise you to not try to fix your broken gold chain at home. Pure gold jewellery needs to be repaired by a professional goldsmith, and it is not possible to repair this without involving soldering. Soldering at home can be dangerous and without the right guidance, you can end up hurting yourself or damaging the necklace even more.

Gold ornaments also come with a warranty, so in case your necklace chain gets damaged, you can always get it repaired for free from the retailer you bought it from.

Necklace chains look great with many different kinds of outfits, so it can be a real bummer when one of the chains breaks. But these can be repaired to look as good as new, so go ahead and fearlessly style your favourite necklace chains with your daily outfits!

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