Accessorize with the starry shine of Platinum Pendants

The quintessential glint of Platinum Pendants

Platinum jewellery is a cut above the rest. The steely white glint of platinum that resembles the luster of diamonds is unique. The shine of platinum gels well with all skin types. It adds gloss to the skin texture. Platinum pendants are the most desired pieces in platinum jewellery. When combined with gemstones, pearls, and crystals, they look simply divine. Jewellery of the Gods!

The Mystery of the surge in the demand for Platinum Jewellery

Platinum is the number one precious metal on earth and it is rare. It is a strong metal and has a luminosity that doesn’t age with time. It is 60% heavier than gold. The Hope Diamond, a rare treasure, has now been reset in platinum, to create the world’s rarest platinum pendant. Platinum pendants do not get affected by cosmetic chemicals regardless of their closeness to the skin. Platinum doesn’t age with time. It holds the gemstones in platinum pendants, rings, and earrings in a secure manner.

Platinum pendants and other platinum jewellery can be worn in pools, as chlorine has no effect on its beauty. The metal is pure and hypoallergenic. For this reason, platinum pendants suit even the most sensitive skin types. Other platinum jewellery that is worn close to the skin are earrings, chains, bracelets, anklets and others. These pieces, like the platinum pendant, don’t cause any rashes or breakouts in the skin. It is an extremely pliable metal. Intricate designs in platinum pendants can be created. Tiny gemstones too can be grafted easily.

The emergence of Platinum in the Jewellery Industry

The Egyptians and South American Indians used traces of platinum in gold and platinum pendants. In Ecuador, platinum termed as “platina” meant little silver. But the use of platinum in jewellery was not that common. Till 1880 silver ruled the jewellery market, as a white metal. It had lower melting points, was cheaper than gold, and was available in ample quantity. But it was not possible to encrust heavier diamonds in silver, as one can in platinum pendants. In 1890 the jewellery market changed. Cartier launched an iconic platinum jewellery piece in garland style. It had fine work, strong bonds, lacy design, and was light weight. Platinum pendants, chains, rings, bangles, and others now rule the jewellery industry.

Platinum pendant designs

Platinum pendants can be dainty or bold, but they enrich the look of your attire immediately. They can be dramatic or quaint and are perfect for gifting. As platinum is extremely pliable, brilliant and unique designs can be created in platinum pendants.

Initial Pendants

The pliability of platinum is very high. Cute designs of initials are available in platinum pendants. They could have diamonds or other gemstones encrusted in it. These platinum pendants can be worn every day.

Uniquely shaped Platinum Pendants

Platinum pendants are created in incredible designs. Angular patterns, paisley designs, flowers and buds, and a plethora of Indian ethnic art is used to create platinum pendants. Modern art and science fiction also inspire designers to create new age designs in platinum pendants.

With diamonds and gemstones

Platinum combined with diamonds and gemstones look divine. Platinum pendants encrusted with well-cut gemstones make pieces of great beauty and luxury. In the ethnic design sense, platinum pendants encrusted with gemstones are a bridal favourite.

Platinum Pendants with solitaires.

These platinum pendants are real showstoppers. They sell style like nothing else. Solitaire platinum pendants quietly express the wearers class and status. Solitaire platinum pendants look great with all outfits, be it sarees or cocktail dresses.

Adding years to your platinum pendant

Platinum pendants have great sentimental value. To care for them is easy. Platinum pendants can get scratches or stains when exposed to very strong acids. They need to be stored in their original boxes that are lined with fabric. A regular polish by a professional will maintain it for life. The love for platinum pendants is universal. Add years to the life of your platinum pendant with tender loving care.

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