21 Beautiful Pendant Design Ideas For All Occasions - Styling Beautiful Chains

21 Beautiful Pendant Design Ideas For All Occasions - Styling Beautiful Chains

Pendants are an expression, and also an accessory. Millenia ago, humankind discovered the power and beauty of pendants that still holds true today. From simple shells and bones, pendant design has evolved to brilliant and stylized pieces of jewellery. They are now most desired accessories.

Types of Pendant designs

With changing lifestyles, the concept of jewellery has evolved, and so have pendant designs. Here are 21 pendant design ideas to help you pick the one you love the most.

Heart shaped pendant design

pendant design

The most beloved of all, and the most popular one for gifting and wearing, heart shaped pendants have stolen our hearts! This pendant design can be worn with everyday fashion. And for those special occasions that are simply unforgettable. Heart shaped pendant with diamond and gemstone embellishments pairs well with western and fusion outfits. You can style them differently by wearing them with your bracelets as danglers, or then with your watches. The heart shaped pendent design is soft and beautiful, and for true blue romantics.

Religious pendant design

pendant design

For those seeking blessings and protection from their Gods and Goddesses, the religious pendant design is an ancient one. They were very popular amongst priests and crusaders in the cultural history of nations around the world. Religious pendants were revered as they declared the loyalty of the wearer. Religious pendant design is still top of the charts. Religious symbols and icon like Om, the swastika, cross, Star of David, the sign of Allah, are worn with love and devotion. Hindu religious pendant design has numerous other symbols. Icons like idols of gods and goddesses, mandalas, trishul, damroo, and many others. Religious pendants are typically worn every day. Gold and silver pendants are preferred for their durability and comfort.

Temple pendant design

Ornate and bold, temple pendant design is an Indian traditional and flamboyant pendant style. Carvings from ancient temples, idols of gods and goddesses, and auspicious symbols are the norm. The pendant design is festive and exquisite. The metal used is primarily gold with bead and pearl danglers, diamond and gemstone embellishments. Temple pendant design are best paired with ethnic silks and traditional Indian clothes. A super pick for your Banarsi and Kanjeewaram sarees. Maximalist fashion at its best!

Name pendant designs

pendant design

Quite popular in the past, and is now back and trending. Name pendant design is expressive fashion. The pendant is designed to carry the name of the wearer. The script of the font can be in italics or then any other font that is loved by the wearer. Try one with diamonds and add bling to your everyday jewellery.

Alphabet pendant design, Monogram pendants

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Monogram pendants will have a single alphabet designed in cursive. Alphabet pendant design has many variations. You can buy an alphabet pendant in just gold, or get one with diamond and gemstone encrusting. Another pendant design option is getting an alphabet inscribed inside a solid geometric shaped pendant. This pendant design is an everyday fashion delight and will pair with everything you have in your wardrobe.

Couple pendant design

pendant design

At a certain point in the relationship, couples want to add “twinning” to their lifestyles. The couple pendant design brings brilliant twinning ideas for those who value their bond. Couple pendant design is created by merging the names or initials of the couple and making two similar pendants. Design ideas are endless, as this pendant design needs to be custom made. Not limited to romantic couples any more. The couple pendant design is now a hot favourite with people who want to cherish the close bonds that they may have with their parents, siblings, friends, and pets.

Charm pendant design

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Charm pendants have a place in antiquity. One of the first types of pendant design. Ancient cultures like Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, British, and Indians had charm pendants to bring luck and good fortune. Many types of charms were used that were lucky for the wearer. Charm pendant design never goes out of style. The latest trend is that of styling many charm pendants with bracelets, anklets, and chains to make eclectic jewellery pieces.

Coin pendant design

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Gold and silver coins in pendant design have been around since centuries. The design style is to place many coin pendants across the chain or necklace. A single and simple gold coin pendant on a chain is an austere and beautiful pendant design for everyday wear. It’s a must have if you love religious jewellery, as coin pendant designs will typically have religious designs. You can flaunt flamboyant styles with this pendant design.

Personalized pendant design

For those who love art, music, architecture, or have a passion for that one thing in their life that they want to express with their jewellery. Personalized pendant design is expressive fashion. It’s a bold pendant design and extremely impressive. You can design your own pendant with the jeweler and make one that speaks volumes about your personal style and inner drive.

Chain drop pendant design

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A glamourous pendant design for femme fatales! Chain drop pendant design has a small slinky chain pendant. The colour of the pendant can match that with the chain or have a contrast. Mixed metals are in this season. Best worn with V necks and deep Vs or fashion that is décolleté. A demure design for bold fashion statements.

Dual drop pendant design

pendant design

A single pendant with two drop gemstones or drop design. This pendant design is beautiful with gemstones or diamonds. More for festive occasions and party wear. Dual drop pendant design with vividly coloured stones is perfect for ethnic dressing and also fusion wear. Coloured stones are trending this year, so go for dual drop pendant design and colour coordinate your wardrobe and jewellery.

Art deco drop pendant design

This is a new pendant design trending this year. The pendant is in art deco pattern and has a drop design. Art deco typically has sleek geometric patterns, stylized with colours and metals. A good option for people who love to flaunt vintage art and have an eclectic taste in jewellery.

Filigree pendant design

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Lacy design created with metals and gemstones, filigree pendant design is dainty and exquisite. Designs from nature like leaves, flowers, vines etc., are included in filigree pendants. You can also pick ones that have filigree designed peacock plumage, mandalas, and abstract patterns. The pendant design is popular and can be styled with all types of apparels

Mangalsutra pendant design

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The traditional use of mangalsutra pendants was religious and functional. With changing lifestyles, mangalsutra pendants are now designed to suit contemporary women who love integrating traditional and western styling. A mangalsutra for every outfit is now the norm. Mangalsutra pendant designs are diverse and gorgeous. Easy to shop and comfortable to wear. For every festival and wedding function, wear simple and ornate mangalsutra pendants that match the outfit.

Birthstone pendant design

For those who are looking to increase their spiritual strength and bring more power to their auras, birthstone pendant design is the go-to. Whether you follow your moon sign or sun sign or rely on tarot tips or astrologers, birthstone pendants need to be worn close to the body. The birthstone rectifies the effects of malefic planets. They are quite famous in the Indian context, especially the Navagraha birthstone pendant. An everyday styling pendant design that is sure to boost your energy levels.

Amulet pendant design

Some families have a tradition of wearing certain amulets in many forms. The amulet pendant design expresses the culture or clan of the wearer. It also protects the wearer from certain types of dark energies and negative entities.

Locket pendant design

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When you want to place the thing you love the most, closest to your heart! Locket pendants have dainty pockets or spaces built inside the pendant to hold pictures of loved ones. It’s sentimental jewellery that lasts for ages, and becomes heirlooms and mementos.

Infinity pendant design

In the infinity pattern, infinity pendant design can be hung vertically on the chain, or then integrated with the links of the chain. Infinity pendant design in gold with diamond or gemstones are eternal pieces of jewellery that you can use in everyday styling.

Celestial pendant design

A new trend this year, celestial objects like moon, sun, stars, and constellations are created in dainty and bold patterns. Celestial jewellery is “in” this year. And a celestial pendant needs to be on your “must have” list to wear with your chains, watches, bracelets, and anklets. Layer with many celestial pendants for that cosmic look. Fusion wear at its best.

Functional pendant design

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Used in days of yore, functional pendant is one that can be used by the wearer. It could be a magnet, a compass, a small globe, and any other design that has some utility attached to it. Functional pendant design is still popular with craftsmen and artists.

Solitaire pendant design

A single solitaire diamond pendant is a fashion statement. Lavish eloquence is the expression of this pendant design. A simple solitaire or one encircled with diamond or gold rings, this pendant design is everyday fashion for the rich, bold, and beautiful.

Gemstones and metals in pendant designs

You can take your pick of metals for creating or buying your favourite pendants. Silver pendant design is very popular because of its reasonable costs and durability. While gold can be expensive, it’s the best choice for everyday pendants. Pearl pendants are always topping the charts because of their beauty and grace. Style them with soft pastel shades. Diamond pendants with small or big diamonds are your go to for festive and wedding wear. And if you love investing in high value jewellery, go for platinum pendants in amazing patterns.

Summing up

Pendants will always be the heart and soul of jewellery design. It’s one of the first things anyone notices about you. Pendants bring a shine to your face and a contour to your necklines. When the pendant design resonates with the style of your clothes, you can create an ensemble that is simply fantastic!