Enjoy The Ever-Shining Beauty Of Gold Pendants

Enjoy The Ever-Shining Beauty Of Gold Pendants

Gold pendants beyond time

The best things in life have a gold standard. And that’s the importance of gold in the lives of many. Gold has been important in many societies around the world, through centuries. Gold treasures are still being hunted and the choicest piece of gold one wants to own, is the gold pendant.

The oldest gold pendant is also the most ancient. This gold pendant is 25,000 years old. It was designed as a spiritual talisman to heal and protect. In ancient Egypt, pharaohs used gold pendants for religious and political events.

Before gold pendant designs became fashion worthy, these pieces had a different avatar. Gold pendants were made in the form of Georgian padlocks, designed with flowers and encrusted with stones. They were the symbols of love and commitment. These gold pendants were worn with long chains around the neck. Brooches were also used as gold pendants and the crescent moon design was very popular.

By the 19th and 20th centuries gold pendants entered the jewellery market. These gold pendants symbolized the art and culture of that period. Then, gold pendants and jewellery were worn by upper classes and members of royalty.

The evolution of gold pendants over time

During the industrial revolution, Art Nouveau began to inspire new designs in gold pendants. Precious stone, coloured glass pieces, non-precious stones were encrusted in gold pendants. These were hung from double chains to create dramatic looks. Many forms of gold pendants developed over time and became a cult favourite. Big and dramatic gold pendants sported by Hollywood stars became a rage of the day. The 80’s saw the advent of gold pendants in the form of charms, motifs, and symbolic medallions. The designs changed with new trends in pop culture, art, and the political scenario.

In India, ethnic gold pendants have changed too. Earlier, bulky and deeply engraved gold pendants were designed to suit the buying capacity of the wearer. The designs had patterns from nature or temple carvings. Many gold pendants and coins were found at the ruins at the Indus Valley Civilization. Kings and queens of ancient India had treasures full of gold pendants that have been lost due to treasure hunters. Every kingdom had a distinct design that was crafted on the gold pendants. In tribal culture, gold pendants were sort of an identity card that revealed the name of their tribe.

Gold pendant designs

Jewellery designs keep changing as per industry trends. However, there a few classic gold pendant designs that jewellery designers work with as a base.


These pendants are designed to protect or give spiritual powers to the wearer. They may have supernatural vibes.


Pendants with small pockets in them to hold photographs or important objects are popularly known as lockets. These pendants can even be attached to chains used in men’s clothing.


These pendants have designs and carvings with couples.


When small tools are created as pendants these are called functional gold pendants. They may be in the shape of small whistles, bottles, compass etc.

Fashion pendants

These are the most popular form of gold pendants. Studded with diamonds, gemstones, crystals or glass, these gold pendants are popular in the gold jewellery market. They are perfect for wearing and gifting.

Ethnic indian gold pendants for females

India has an ancient culture of wearing jewellery and gold pendants have great importance. Gold pendants are important gifting items. There is a pendant suitable for every occasion; from birth to marriage to anniversaries and other important events.

Gold pendants have vivid designs as per the region they are designed in.

In North India, gold pendants for females have elaborate and ornate designs. These gold pendants are encrusted with gemstone, kundan, pearls, diamonds and other precious stones. The size of pendant is often medium to large. They are paired with long chains that rest just below the chest.

In Western India, gold pendants are encrusted with lac, beads, kundan and coloured stones. Tiny diamonds are used generously in these gold pendants. Here, gold pendants are used in chains and necklaces of various lengths.

In South India, the gold pendant designs are most exquisite and artistic. True to the temple culture, most gold pendants have carvings inspired from the temples of the Chola empire. Gold coin shaped pendants are also designed. The gold pendants are heavier in weight and stunning when worn with thick necklaces.

In the East and North East of India, trending designs pendant for females are a must for occasions like Puja and marriages.

Gold pendants in vogue

Jewellery houses give great attention to create new and artistic gold pendant designs. This trend enables them to cater to the ever-changing fashion sense of their target. Modern gold pendant designs are minimalistic to attract working professionals

Artistic pieces are created by design houses to cater to the eclectic crowd. Such gold pendants defy all design rules. They are often seen on celebrities or on fashion ramps. Shapes like hearts, flowers, and geometric patterns are given a fresh twist. These modern gold pendants pair up with western and fusion wear. It is much easier to customize a gold pendant and create a personalized product.

Selecting the best gold pendant

Gold pendants add drama and beauty to your entire outfit. The key is to match it with your design sense. For ethnic wear, the best gold pendants are traditional ones with heavier designs and gemstones. Delicate gold pendants look great when paired with western or fusion wear.

On a general note, the pendant of gold can be picked up in keeping with your face shape, height, and body shape. For a shorter neck size, small gold pendants are appropriate. They can be paired with simple chains that hang close to the collar bone. A big to medium gold pendant can be worn for people with longer necks.

People with oval shapes can wear just about any size of gold pendant. Geometric shapes are more suited to people with round faces. When you have a rectangular face, opt for chunky and bigger gold pendants. Dainty pendants are advised for people with heart shaped faces, as it makes their jaws look wider. If your body is apple shaped, you can create better symmetry by using a gold pendant that is dainty or small. For the pear-shaped body, a bulkier gold pendant with gemstones looks awesome.

Look for gold pendants with purity, certifications and quality marks with karat value.

Care for your gold pendant


Gold pendants are a part of everyday fashion. They are always in touch with the skin surface. The exposure to cosmetic chemicals, skin oil, sunlight, sweat etc. is constant. Cleaning the gold pendant regularly at home with soap and water helps remove surface grime. The ideal method is to first soak the pendant then brush it with a soft or baby tooth brush. An annual cleaning goes a long way in restoring the shine of the pendant.


The ideal way to store your gold pendant or any other gold jewellery is to keep it in a jewellery box, after you have wrapped it in a soft muslin cloth. When there are many pieces, each pendant could be wrapped separately.

Gold is an important investment. Gold pendants are versatile as they can be paired with many chains anad necklaces. They can also be paired with earrings and rings to create gold pendant sets. As they are reasonable pieces of gold jewellery, many gold pendants can be bought for every memorable occasion of your life. Gold pendants speak volumes when they are gifted to someone else. Old and young, traditional and western, everyone wears gold pendants to suit their personal style and enhance their beauty quotient.

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