Sparkle Like Stars With Everlasting Diamond Pendants

True to heart diamonds

Diamonds symbolize purity and forever love. Nothing says “I love you” louder than a diamond pendant! Diamonds express honesty, romance, and togetherness. As a personal choice, diamonds express classic beauty. With many colours and styles, the everlasting diamond pendant is the primary accessory on the list of jewellery lovers. It is after all, closest to the heart!

Diamonds were first used about 150 years ago. During those times, diamonds were the luxury of the higher classes. Royalty sported diamond pendants in a range of colours, sizes, and designs. Now these pieces are considered vintage.

For the love of love

Diamond pendants are pieces of jewellery that speak emotionally. The luster of the diamond and its cut express a grandeur and beauty that is unique. An ideal way to convey true feelings, is the gift of a diamond pendant. Close to the heart and forever on the mind.

Create picture perfect looks with everlasting diamond pendants

Diamonds look great with any kind of attire. From the ethnic, fusion, western, to boho, diamonds supplement the look and change the allure of the outfit. A well-chosen diamond pendant boosts confidence and vivacity.

Eternal diamond pendants

Diamonds have a long shelf life. They transcend over centuries but don’t lose their relevance and value. Diamond pendants that are vintage are heirlooms, and the star finds for bounty hunters.

Symbolic as ever

Through centuries, diamond pendants have been worn as pieces of status. They defined the social standing, rank, identity, authority of the wearer. Women wore big diamond pendants in the lace ruffs around their neck. When necklines became lower, women started wearing diamond pendants in slim chains of gold or silver.

Picking your diamond pendent

Price Point

When the heart takes over, the price of the diamond pendant is irrelevant, though the rule says that never spend more than two month’s salary on diamonds. The carat size and quality should complement each other. If you want to opt for a larger diamond then you can pick a diamond pendant that has a lower grade of colour and clarity.


In its rough stage, diamonds have many flaws. These flaws could be internal like air bubbles, cracks etc. Diamonds also have blemishes like scratches and chips. Clarity refers to how clean the diamond piece is. While picking a diamond pendant, the diamond needs to be checked for these flaws.


The colour of a diamond pendant actually refers to the lack of colour or presence of colour in the encrusted diamond. Coloured diamonds are very rare and highly priced.


The cut of the diamond refers to its sharpness of shine. The sparkle needs to be bright, reflect colour, and also flash in moving light. When the diamond pendant reflects light, it is considered to have well cut diamonds.


The stone in your diamond pendant can have the shape of your choice. Diamonds are shaped like hearts, pears, round, triangles, and emeralds. They could have an asscher shape, or cuts like princess, marquise or radiant.

Diamond Pendant Styles

The style of your diamond pendant should match that of your outfit, its colour and fabric. Pick an everlasting diamond pendant to suit your best outfits. Let’s look at some diamond pendant styles.

Diamond studded pendants

The pendant could have a cluster of small diamonds encrusted in a gold, platinum, or silver pendant. The diamond pendant could have different colours and a vivid sparkle.

Gemstone diamond pendant

A fashion piece that is easy to style! The diamond pendant has gemstones like sapphires, rubies, emeralds or other stones, with diamonds as the centre piece.

Leaf shaped diamond pendant

A perfect accessory for ethnic attire and fusion wear! The leaf shaped diamond pendant in diverse colours pairs up well for festive occasions. It is the perfect pick when you are looking for light jewellery.

Teardrop Diamond pendant

This diamond pendant can have clusters of diamonds, or have a diamond outline with gemstones or pearls encrusted in the center. The design options are endless. This diamond pendant shape is ideal for western and fusion wear. It can also be worn with ethnics.

Flower pendants

The flower in this diamond pendant could be attached to an oval or round shape. The entire pendant could be in the shape of a flower. This is a dainty piece that one can wear every day.

Heart pendants

The heart shaped diamond pendant is an eternal favourite. When you say love, you say it with a heart pendant. A timeless gift when it has a diamond solitaire designed at its centre.

Ethnic diamond pendants

With the change in pendant trends, diamond pendants designed in the shape of religious or spiritual signs are very popular. These are everlasting diamond pendants and great for gifting to friends, family, and little children.

How to style your diamond pendant

To uplift your glamour quotient, wear your diamond pendant that complements your neckline. The pendant design needs to be unique and somewhere match your outfit, its fabric, or print. To make sure that the shine of the diamond reflects on your skin use appropriate make up. Give space to your diamond pendant to shine and stand out. Do not clutter it or hide it with other pieces of clothing or jewellery.

Wear diamond pendant in keeping with the event you are attending. For instance, if you are attending an award function, you could wear a diamond pendant in the shape of an award or trophy. Follow similar trends for the best look. Boxy diamond pendants look great with ethnic prints and silk fabrics. The daintier diamond pendants can pair up with pastels and outfits with simple cuts. Ethnic diamond pendants look great with embellished and heavily embroidered sarees and fabrics. Minimalist designs in diamond pendants look stunning on the background of simple black or grey outfit. An everlasting diamond pendant that matches your persona adds glamour, shine, and style.

Give love and care to your diamond pendant

Diamonds can be cleaned at home with soap and tepid water. One can use hand soap, or just a few drops of dishwasher soap. Do not boil the diamond pendant in the soapy water. Soaking the diamond pendant for a while helps. Then rinse and wipe it with a soft cloth. One can gently scrub it with a soft toothbrush also. An annual cleaning with the jewellery is highly recommended. Rub your diamond pendant with a soft cloth gently every day. Keep it away from cosmetic chemicals. Good care of your everlasting diamond pendant adds years to its beauty and glory.

A diamond can last a lifetime and beyond. Like love, all it needs is a little TLC!

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