Sacred Bonds Of Togetherness – Mangalsutra Pendants

The Auspicious powers of Mangalsutra pendants

The Hindu bond of togetherness through life and death! The Mangalsutra is an auspicious thread that binds the bride and groom together for seven lives. Just like the wedding ring, mangalsutra pendants are the definitive sign of being married for the Hindu woman. “Mangal” stands for prosperity, success, happiness and “sutram” means sacred thread. It represents a principle of Hindu or Sanatan dharma. The mangalsutra pendants, beads, and threads are bought before the wedding.

What does the Mangalsutra pendant symbolise

Adi Shankara has written in his book, Soundarya Lahari, that the mangalsutra benefits the life of the husband. It brings good health to the husband and wife. It bestows financial bliss on the couple. It also benefits the child of the woman who wears the mangalsutra pendant. Married Hindu women need to wear the mangalsutra all through their married lives.

Significance of black beads and gold chain

The Mangalsutra is typically made of black (kala pota) and gold beads on a gold chain. The mangalsutra is incomplete without these auspicious beads and the mangalsutra pendant. The gold beads and chain in the mangalsutra represent Mata Parvati. The black beads stand for Mahadev. The loving and cosmic bond between Shiv and Parvati is considered a supreme bond of love. Every married couple aims to have a blissful marriage like Mata Parvati and Mahadev. The elemental powers of air, fire, water, and earth safeguard the husband and wife. The beads of the mangalsutra and the mangalsutra pendant protects the married couple from evil eye and negative vibes.

Role of Mangalsutra in marriage and family

Mangalsutra pendants and beads have divine energy. Without the mangalsutra, the marriage is considered incomplete, both in tradition and in law. The Hindu priest recites sacred mantras, while the groom puts the mangalsutra on the bride’s neck. It represents the promise that the bride will be taken care of by the groom. The mangalsutra is bought by the bridegrooms’ family for the bride.

Mangalsutra pendants have mystical health benefits. The black and gold beads of the mangalsutra worn close the chest, bestow good heart health to the wife. The mangalsutra pendant and the beads attract cosmic energy. It bestows a healthy and loving relationship between the husband and wife. The mangalsutra normalizes the blood pressure in the wife. It reduces edginess and brings cheerfulness. The mangalsutra pendant and beads regulate blood circulation and boost immunity. It helps married women to stay energetic during the entire day.

Mangalsutra pendant designs

Mangalsutra has to be worn everyday by married women. The design of the mangalsutra pendant has to be comfortable, light, and without any pointed or edgy corners that could hurt. The red, white, gold and black beads of the mangalsutra are essential to the design. But the mangalsutra pendant defines the look of the mangalsutra. One can choose between traditional pendants or contemporary designs. Brides are now opting for many mangalsutra pendants to pair up with different types of apparel.

Traditional mangalsutra pendant designs

Mangalsutra pendant designs are a personal choice for most Hindu families. Some may prefer heavier mangalsutra pendants that represent their culture. Others may want to opt for trending designs. In present times, women buy new mangalsutra pendants all through their lives. Husbands gift them on anniversaries or during important pujas or rituals. Gold mangalsutra pendant designs are the norm.

Temple Mangalsutra pendants are inspired by the mystical carvings of ancient Hindu temples. The temple mangalsutra pendant may have small sculptures of Goddess Lakshmi or Lord Ganapati at the centre. This pendant is ornate and may have encrusting of diamonds, emeralds, rubies, or pearls. They pair up brilliantly with apparel made of real silk. Most married women buy temple mangalsutra pendants for elaborate traditional events.

Chandbali Mangalsutra pendants are vintage designs. They are popular with married women as they are easy to wear and pair well with many outfits. This gold mangalsutra pendant is designed like a crescent moon. It has engravings and encrusting of precious stones. They look great with festive wear.

Tanmaniya Mangalsutra pendants are popular in North India. They are also called Taagpaag mangalsutra pendants. It is shaped like an arc. The Tanmaniya mangalsutra pendant design in gold has shapes like leaves, stars or flowers in the middle. They can be simple pieces or heavily encrusted.

Peacock Mangalsutra pendant designs are ornate and most loved. The magnificent peacock pendant is designed with colourful precious stones. This gold mangalsutra pendant looks exquisite and feminine. They are perfect for elaborate traditional events.

Wati Gold Mangalsutra pendants are simple and traditional. They are common and can be worn every day with ethnic wear. New trends are available with diamond and gemstones.

Contemporary mangalsutra pendant designs

With the changing lifestyles of women in India, mangalsutra pendant designs have altered to suit the modern Indian woman.

Minimal Mangalsutra pendant design follows minimalistic fashion trends. It is chic and elegant, most suited for fusion and western wear.

Floral Diamond Mangalsutra pendants are preferred for the wedding day. This mangalsutra pendant design is elaborate but contemporary. They are heavily encrusted with diamonds and pair up well with outfits for traditional events and festivals.

Diamond Locket Mangalsutra pendants have a simple diamond locket. They are paired with the traditional black and gold beaded chain. Perfect for western and ethnic wear.

Infinity Mangalsutra pendant designs denote forever love. This diamond mangalsutra pendant design is a wardrobe must have.

Metals and materials used to create mangalsutra pendants

Gold Mangalsutra Pendant are traditional and made in 22 Karat or 23 Karat gold. For more intricate designs, 18 Karat gold is used. Yellow and rose gold mangalsutra pendants should match the colours of the encrusted gemstones.

Diamond Mangalsutra pendants are encrusted with diamonds and gemstones within a gold framework. The mangalsutra chain is the traditional gold and black beaded one. Diamond mangalsutra pendants are also made with silver chains. A trending design is the Solitaire mangalsutra pendant, minimalistic and classic.

How to wear mangalsutra pendants

Rules to wearing mangalsutra pendants and beads depend on specific cultures. The mangalsutra pendants need to be conspicuous. There are many lengths available, but it needs to be visible, and not hidden by other jewellery or apparel.

Traditionally, the mangalsutra length needs to fall just below the chest, so that it gives best benefits to the wearer.

In modern times, mangalsutra pendants are worn around the neck area, just touching the collarbone. This too benefits the wearer. Contemporary mangalsutra designs can be paired with other necklaces and chains, creatively.

Do’s and don’ts of wearing a mangalsutra pendant

It is important to buy mangalsutras that have black beads as they protect from negativity and evil eye.

It is important to check the mangalsutra for breakage, damage, and rusting. If the mangalsutra pendant is damaged it should be repaired immediately, otherwise bad luck will follow.

The mangalsutra that has been given by the husband should not be given to anyone else. This is important for a happy married life.

It is important to wear a silky black or yellow thread around the neck when the mangalsutra is given to the jewellers for repairs.

Do not buy a mangalsutra pendant on a Tuesday. It is considered a day of fire and aggression and not lucky for buying any kind of jewellery.

When you buy a mangalsutra, offer it to Mata Parvati before you wear it. This will ensure that you have a long, happy, and auspicious married life.

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