Best Birthday Gifts For Your Career Oriented Girlfriend

Do you know what makes the best gifts for your girlfriend according to her interests? It’s not how much they cost or how grand of a gesture it makes. The best gifts that you can give to your girlfriend are those that show them you know them, care about them and have meaning to them in their lives. Gifting can be a stressful process but it can also be a rewarding process when you get it right. 

One of the most important aspects of one's life is their career, and if the same is true for your girlfriend, here are our recommendations for the best birthday gifts you can spoil your girlfriend with.


We’re pretty sure your career oriented girlfriend loves and has a reliable stationery kit. She’s got a planner and a special pen for all official purposes. Career oriented girlfriends know exactly what they want and our suggestion is you keep your eye out and note that special edition planner release or the latest the fountain pen as these will be the best gifts you can give your girlfriend. You know why it’ll be a great gift? Because it’s thoughtful and functional and she’ll take a token of your relationship to work everyday. It’s a win-win if you ask us. 


The undisputed best gift for your girlfriend on her birthday would be to give her jewellery. For a career oriented woman, her jewellery can be a symbol of her competence. You can gift her minimal, gold plated jewellery or you can give her bold statement pieces that make her feel like the powerful woman that she is. With jewellery, there is no way you can go wrong because there is something available that will match her style and aesthetic and you can bank on that making her birthday gift even more special. Jewellery is precious and gifting jewellery is a precious symbol of your love for her. 


For a steller woman with a stellar career, there is a stellar outfit out there. We know the same is true for your career oriented girlfriend. For her birthday, you can give them a dapper blazer or a pair of classic black heels. Just remember to not mess up the sizes. It helps to know your girlfriend's style aesthetic as well. If you’re not comfortable buying clothes for your girlfriend, you can always pick up a classy belt or a handbag that would pair perfectly with her office wardrobe and she can carry it to work everyday.  


If you're looking for functional and practical gifts, you must turn your attention to tech pieces. We’re sure your career oriented girlfriend is always on the lookout for things that make her work process and work easier and more importantly efficient. For her birthday, you can gift her a smartwatch so while she works her brain at work, it’ll keep her active. If your girlfriend is an organisational guru, you can also consider gifting her subscriptions to an organisational workflow process management. Or another solid birthday gift for your girlfriend is a pair of headphones, with noise cancellation and the other latest specifications.

Quality Time Activities 

If you want to go the extra mile and gift your girlfriend something relaxing so she can actively take her mind off work, gift her a spa or salon session. What’s the best part? You can join her. You can book a couples massage for the both of you or get facials and pediculars together. It’s three of the five love languages; quality time, acts of service and receiving gifts. A career oriented girlfriend carries her work on her back and is usually the most responsible person in the room, so don’t forget she too needs quality time off to rejuvenate herself. 

The best gifts are always those that come from a place of love, affection and understanding of the receiver's preferences. Being career oriented is only one aspect of the dynamic woman that is your girlfriend. Tap into what you know about her and what would make her feel better and don’t hesitate to go that extra mile and treat her better than she would treat herself. Birthdays are special days and not everyone enjoys them, but being around a thoughtful and cherished partner is sure to make her feel good and special on her day.