Be mindful of her personality while choosing a birthday gift for your girlfriend

Gifting your girlfriends can be like an adventure sport. It can be scary when you don’t know what to get her or it can be exhilarating when you do know what to get her and are absolutely sure that she’s going to love her birthday gift. The problem is, how often are you sure you know exactly what to get her? This is where we come in, we’ve got this, we’ve got you. 

First things first, what is your girlfriend like? What does she like? What are her interests? What are some things she’s pulled by when shopping but doesn’t buy it? What is something you can give her that is extra special and extremely thoughtful? What are your girlfriend's priorities? We know what you’re thinking; questions, questions, questions but where are the answers? Is this still about buying your girlfriend a birthday present or is this rocket science? Trust us, we may have questions but we also have the answers. 

Depending on which of the following categories your girlfriend is in, we’ve curated a series of recommended gifts that will not only make her day but also show her how well you know her. 

Gifts for the Career Oriented Girlfriend 

If your girlfriend is career oriented and her work is very important to her, we recommend you explore gifts that would make her work life easier. You can consider gifting her tools that will make her workflow more efficient like a physical or digital planner that she can use for work, or you can give her jewellery pieces that make her work outfits look more powerful and command every room she enters. 

Gifts for the Family oriented Girlfriend 

For the family oriented girlfriend, there are some really good gifts you give her when her birthday comes around. You also want to convey how much you respect her values and her priorities. The best part about women who are family oriented, you also get to see how they would be when they start their own family. You can get her gifts like a mini projector, giving her unlimited big screen viewing of her favourite show and movies that she can enjoy by herself, with you and her family as well. It’s a gift that keeps giving. You can never go wrong with jewellery as gifts, especially for the family oriented girlfriends as they value thoughtfulness as well as traditions. Getting her a bracelet or a pair of diamond earrings, something that she will pass on to her future family. 

Gifts for the Traveller Girlfriend 

For the wanderlusting girlfriend, you may want to tap into what she would need and use regularly in her travellers. These gifts don’t have to be bland like a compass, but you can go one step further with customisations with the gifts you pick. You can give her an engraved steel water bottle or you can give her a waterproof backpack. However, not all birthday gifts to your travelling girlfriend have to be something that is utilitarian. You can also give her a pair of studs or a gold necklace with her name or initials. These are simple and thoughtful pieces that she can wear no matter where she’s going. 

Gifts for the College Girlfriend 

For your college girlfriend birthdays, you can make it fun and thoughtful. These are the days that will look back on fondly and with nostalgia. You can give your college girlfriend anything from a self-care and skincare hamper to a pair of jhumkas. The style of jewellery that a young girl in college wears is usually hip, trendy and experimental as she is still exploring her style. If you tap into that, you cannot go wrong. 

The best part about gifting your girlfriend on her birthday is that she would understand that the gifts come from a place of love and affection. She will be able to see the thought that has gone into it and she will feel loved and cherished. Selecting gifts from her areas of interest or the phases in her life gives her a chance to see how well you actually know her. As much as your girlfriend may be family oriented, she also has her own preferences and when you can combine both to show her how well you know her, nothing like it.