Give Your Girlfriend The Best Birthday Gift

Birthdays are exciting, and the birthday of your girlfriend is even more exciting. The planning starts months in advance, and you want to ensure you give her a gift that’s beautifully thoughtful. Some staples to celebrate your girlfriend’s birthday are a bouquet of lovely flowers and a cake. But apart from these classics, come the main birthday gifts

These gifts can range from jewellery, electronics to clothes too. This is the gift that shows her how well you know her, and you have a chance to make her special day more special. 

But this entire process can also be stressful, as you want to give the most perfect gift. If you're in the same boat, and are thinking of what the perfect gift for your girlfriend would be, we have the perfect solutions for you - based on a number of factors. Read on to know more. 

Her personality

When choosing a birthday gift for your girlfriend, it’s very important to think about her personality as well her personal style. If she’s someone who loves partying and going out a lot, gifting her a beautiful dress, matching jewellery will go a long way in making her really happy. 

If your girlfriend is one who likes going out to more sophisticated places, and has a finer sense of fashion, we would suggest gifting her a gorgeous pair of diamond earrings and a handbag would really make her light up with joy. 

If you have a low-key girlfriend who enjoys staying in more, and goes out occasionally, we have the perfect ideas for you. Gift her something that’s both sentimental and practical. A set of Airpods pro, a pair of pearl earrings are some gifts we’re sure she’d enjoy. 

Her sun sign

You might not be someone who knows much about sun signs, or even what your sun sign is, but a lot of girls love gifts that represent their sun sign. These gifts are thoughtful and heartfelt, and will make her special day more special. 

Most sun signs are associated with a certain type of gemstone, which is thought to bring luck and prosperity. Giving your girlfriend a pendant set or earrings with these gemstones will make her feel loved. This gift will be a sure shot way to show her what she means to you. 

You can also gift your girlfriend something that has the sign on it, a bracelet, or even a customised jacket with their jacket. This will not only be a well-received gift, but also something that is unique to her. 

Her dressing style

When giving your girlfriend a birthday gift, it's very important to know what her dressing style is. Is she someone who wears bohemian clothes and street wear? In this case, we would suggest oxidised silver jewellery, unique pieces that you've thrifted and if you're looking for something that'll stun her, take her for a trip to the beach. 

If your girlfriend is someone who dresses in a very sophisticated manner, we would recommend giving her something that accentuates her personal style. A gorgeous handbag or a beautiful tennis bracelet is fool-proof and will make her feel really special. 

If your girlfriend's dressing style is more simple, you can gift her a pair of studs or a nice jacket, we're sure she'll appreciate these gifts. 

What message do you want to convey?

A gift can convey messages that you might not be able to put into words. Sometimes, actions speak louder, and what better action than giving your girlfriend a birthday gift she’ll absolutely adore? You want to show her you love her, you treasure and you know her. 

Keeping these in mind, give her a gift that you know will mean the world to her. This can be as simple as a book she’s been wanting to read for a while, or a bracelet she’s been wanting to buy. These things show that you pay attention to the important things. 

Irrespective of what birthday gift you give your girlfriend, we are sure she will love and cherish it. Give her something that shows her how much love you hold for her, and something that she’ll always look at with a smile in her eyes. And if you’re looking to give your girlfriend jewellery, Blingvine is your BFF!