Birthday Gifts for Your Girlfriend Who Loves to Travel

If your girlfriend is a travel enthusiast and wanderlusting runs through her veins and it’s her birthday and you’re confused as to what to get her, it’s time to let that worry go, cause we’re here. The tricky thing here is to ensure that the birthday gift you give to your girfriend is something she can carry with her so even if you’re not with her physically, your token of love will be.

These are the best gifts you can give our wanderlusting women out there 

Water Bottle

Your girlfriend may find herself at the beach or in the mountains or in the desert or she may be on a hike or a long stretch of a highway. In any of the above situations, she’s going to need water, so a high quality, sturdy, water bottle is a no brainer gift. It’s one of the most essential yet most frequently forgotten items. You can get the bottle engraved with her name for that special extra touch. 


As a traveller, it’s not always about backpacking and living with the bare minimum. You can give your girlfriend a pair of studs or a gold chain with a pendant that she can wear no matter where she’s going. Jewellery is most often a lovely birthday gift even for the girlfriends who love to travel. 

Safety tools 

No matter where she’s going, you always want your girlfriend to be safe. You can give her safety tools that we hope she never has to use, but at least it'll be within arms reach.

Waterproof bag 

When travelling, the weather conditions are always new and may also change, so it’s best to have a good quality, waterproof bag that your girlfriend can carry to her many many travels. 

Pro tip: Look into bags with secret/hidden compartments so she can keep her valuables safely. 

Travel pillow 

Your wanderluster girlfriend may often find herself on flights, in trains, buses and cars, a neck pillow will be her companion through it all. You can opt for the ones that she can easily store when not needed and is most comfortable when in use so she gets good rest whenever she can. 

Bluetooth tracking device

With luggage always getting misplaced, you can take the extra step to ensure that your girlfriend's luggage is never one of them. For her birthday, invest in good quality bluetooth trackers that can be put in her luggage and tracked from her phone so she’s always in the know. 

Power bank 

While travelling, you mostly end up using your phone for tracking location, taking photos and videos. All three can swiftly drain the battery of a phone. Get your girlfriend a heavy duty power bank she can charge her phone with so she’s never stranded without charge on her phone. It’s a gift you can’t go wrong with.

Passport holder 

While travelling, keeping your passport safe is the single most important thing to do. With a passport holder, you can get as funky as you want since you can get a passport holder customised, engraved and such. It’s a nifty little birthday gift for your girlfriend, we think.


As your girlfriend trapezes through the globe, her skin can take a backseat. Find her most used and loved skincare products and buy them in the travel sizes, so she’ll have them at all times and her skin looks and feels good.

Comfortable shoes and socks 

As a traveller, one of the fundamental activities that your girlfriend will inevitably partake in is walking. There will be lots and lots and lots of walking. This is why, for her birthday this year, you should consider investing in good quality shoes and socks. They’ll protect her feet from calluses, bunions, shoebites, and will let her enjoy her travels without any foot or leg pain and cramps that can arise from footwear.

For your girlfriend who lives, breathes and loves to travel this list is a solid curation of birthday gifts that will be of actual use to her. She’s bound to use all of the gifts mentioned so you can really combine as many as you want and give her the ultimate wanderluster gift set: girlfriend edition. We’re positive that she’ll love these gifts as much as she loves you and travelling.