Birthday gift for your college girlfriend

Birthdays are joyous occasions that most people celebrate with their partners, friends and family members. These are days that go down in history, no matter what happens on the day. For young girls and women in college, these will always be remembered with fondness and nostalgia. This is why the gifts you give your college girlfriend will go down in history. No pressure. In fact, while the gift may not remain forever, the feeling it created will definitely be remembered. But don’t worry, we’ve got you. We’ve stepped in the feet of a college going young girl and are pretty confident with the gifts we’ve curated that will not only impress your girlfriend but also make her feel cherished and loved.

Here’s our top five birthday gifts you can give your college girlfriend.


We’re pretty sure, the first and most important accessory in your girlfriends collection is her college ID card. Apart from that, she’ll have her government IDs, her bank cards and other important items like passport size photos that she can never find when she really needs them. Solve this and get your girlfriend a wallet where can keep all this and her money. This is especially good for the slightly clumsy and messy girlfriends who chaotically carry everything in their bag as is. With wallets, keep in mind what style your girlfriend will prefer, something minimal or chic or even masculine. Remember, as a college going student, she doesn’t want her wallet to look like the ones someone older would carry.


The second most important aspect of college is clothing and dressing up. College is typically the first educational institution that doesn’t have a uniform therefore, your girlfriend is bound to explore and experiment with different styles. Accessories, of course, are a fundamental part of the outfit. Gift her jhumkas or danglers, or rings or bracelets, they are bound to be used and become a part of her collection. With jewellery you give your girlfriend in college, we recommend sticking to classic pieces for longevity and for bold, trendy pieces for experimentation, depending on what your girlfriend vibes with the most. 

Polaroid camera

College is the hotspot of making memories that last a lifetime. Most people make friends in college that also last a lifetime. With phones, there’s no limit to the number of pictures you can take. But, some of the best memories need a tangible, physical remnant of it. We recommend a polaroid film camera that your college girlfriend can carry on night outs, trips and breakfast dates alike. We’ve all seen the fairy lights and polaroid pictures aesthetic enough to know that you never go wrong with this.

Pro tip: Don’t forget to stock up the film because they can get over pretty quickly. 

Self-Care Hamper 

College is the best time to start taking care of one’s skin. People in that age group have the advantage of youth and the fact that with little care from their end, their body will reward them their entire life. It’s also the age where most girls may get interested and explore makeup. For your college girlfriend, you may first start with finding out about their skin type and any other information like allergies. For make up, you need to match her skin tone if you make purchases like foundations and concealers. You can then curate a lovely little self care and skin care hamper with products like sunscreen, sheet masks, moisturisers, makeup essentials, nail paints and the like. You can really take the liberty and customise this hamper with products and goodies she is going to enjoy using and add a warm touch to it with handwritten notes and affectionate messages. 

Travel cup 

If your girlfriend is anything like we were when we were in college, she probably has a favourite beverage. It could be a tea or coffee in the morning to a fruit juice or milkshake during lunch. Gifting your college girlfriend a travel, break proof and leak proof mug is a real idea in that case. She’s not got her own special mug, but she’s also actively not creating as much waste as she would otherwise use and throw cups. And if your girlfriend is not very fond of the above beverages, she can always drink water and remain hydrated.

College is filled with young and exuberant people. Most people experience dating and falling in love for the first time in college. It doesn’t take a lot for your partner to feel special when you know her. With gifts that she can use and show how much you know her, you are bound to make her feel special and loved on her birthday.