Best Jewellery For Interviews: Blingvine Style Guide

1. Job/Formal Interviews

Going for an interview is already a stressful process, and choosing an outfit and accessories just adds to the stress of it all. First impressions are everything, and you need to ensure yours is the best. It is important to dress for the job you’re looking at pursuing. The way one would dress for an interview at an ad agency would definitely be different from the way one would dress for an interview at an audit firm. 

But the thumb rule for all interviews is that less is more. Let your resume and your personality speak for you, while your look compliments you. Dressing well will make you more memorable to the interviewer and create a lasting impression. While you may have your outfit for the interview all ready and set, jewellery is where most of us find ourselves stumbling. We give you our top picks for the type of jewellery to wear to an interview: 

Stud Earrings 

Stud earrings are classic and timeless. Wear small and subtle earrings that accentuate your features, but aren’t the centre of attention. Wearing big hoops or statement earrings would only distract the interview from what you’re saying. If you’re someone who has multiple piercings, wear only one pair of earrings as they are all that’s needed to make a statement and accentuate your outfit. 


If you’re wearing that particularly would require you to wear a necklace, go for something that is simple and elegant. Chunky jewellery will make you look unprofessional and draw unwanted attention. We wouldn’t suggest layering necklaces too. A simple necklace with a pendant is something that will look great with formals or traditional wear. 


Rings are a big part of your outfit, as you communicate a lot with your gestures as well during job interviews. If you have an engagement ring or wedding ring, that’s completely appropriate. But other than these rings, wear a simple diamond ring. This shows the interviewer that you are sophisticated. 

For formal interviews, it’s always important to remember that less is more. You dress for the job you want, and let your work speak for you. Be you in your interview and we’re sure you’ll make an amazing impression and get that job! 

2. Media Interviews

Getting interviewed by the media is akin to an honour and you always want to ensure that you look your absolute best. Your outfit and your jewellery need to be perfect, and your make-up camera friendly. While going for an interview of this nature, you might be required to wear a microphone. Microphones catch every small noise that you make, and amplify them. 

In cases like this, it is important to wear something that won’t hit the microphone repeatedly. It is also important to not wear flashy jewellery that can work against the lighting and get picked up on camera. It’s also vital that you stay away from jewellery that clinks, as it can sound very harsh through the microphone. 

Here are top picks for the kind of jewellery you should wear for a media interview:


When choosing your earrings, go for something which is simple and sophisticated. We would suggest a pair of stud earrings or simple dangler earrings. Let your earrings frame your face, but not take attention away from it. You can wear pearls or diamonds as they will always look sophisticated and classy. Wear earrings that are one colour and not too flashy. 


Bracelets are a great accessory to wear for media interviews as they don’t mess with the mic placement and elevate your outfit too. A chic tennis bracelet will bring your entire look together seamlessly, without drawing attention from you and what you’re saying. Tennis bracelets look amazing with everything they’re paired with - be it traditional or modern. This piece of jewellery is definitely a win! 

Pendant Sets 

Move away from necklace sets for a media interview as coloured gems can come off as distracting as well as catch light from the cameras, making you look bad. Wear pendant sets that capture your essence. You can also match these to the earrings you’ll be wearing for a more cohesive look. Pendant sets go great with everything and add subtle glamour to a look. 

We hope we helped you narrow down your jewellery choices for any important interviews you might have lined up. You can get amazing jewellery on the Blingvine website that will only make you look even more sophisticated and gorgeous for your interview.

And we have also covered an earrings style guide for various occasions and outfits. We hope you find it helpful and enjoyable.