Best Valentine’s Day Gifts For Specific Eras

Best Valentine’s Day Gifts For Specific Eras

Old is gold, and each era has their own colour and vibes that are specific to that era. Having a valentine that still has great nostalgia for the past eras, somehow makes you a part of that culture too. It's natural to try and look for a gift that suits their nostalgia and their obsession with the 80s, 90s, or the millennium.

We at blingvine have got you the best choices of valentine’s day gift ideas for him and unique gift for girlfriends, to choose from according to specific eras they like.

The Erect 80s

The evergreen eighties, if your valentine is a fan of the eighties and never gets enough of the fashion, games and songs of that era. It was the era that was all about expressing through actions more than words. Let's look at some of the most sought after gifts that describe the 80s era the best, to gift your valentine this valentine’s day.

Bring Back Innocence

Water Ring Toss

The infamous game of the 80s, where everybody just used to hold both their hands up with tongue lurking at the side of the mouth in concentration. It was this water ring toss, which you can totally gift your valentine this valentine’s day. How about a round of match between the two of you, and the winner gets a wish from the loser?

Rollers With Brakes

Roller Skates

The popular Nisha’s roller skates from that famous movie you just thought about, yes that the next choice of gift you can choose for your 80s lover valentine. The roller skates were the real deal, so why not just go ahead and bring a pair for you and your valentine both to skate all around hand in hand.

Sparkles To Carry

Sequin Fanny Packs

The era of fanny packs, that too studded with stars and gems too shiny for naked eyes is the most appropriate choice for you if your valentine is someone who loves to carry a sling everywhere they go. This fanny pack isn't just stylish but can actually carry a lot of things, best as a unique gift for girlfriend.

Damn Those Marbles


That game where one used to play just so they can win that beautiful marble the other is playing with. Ultimately, the winner is left with a jar full of marbles as the trophy and gets royalty in the game. How about reminding your marble winning partner of ‘those days’ by gifting a jar of marbles which are so unique and special to look at and equally difficult to find? This valentine’s day gift ideas for him or her will make your décor loving partner just as happy as the win used to be.

Nicely 90s

The golden era, when most of the transformational changes took place in the world. The technology, sports, politics, environment etc., you say the field and we saw the advancement in every sphere of life during this decade. With the awareness and development, it was the era that is especially remembered for how love germinated and bloomed during these times. Love during this era was something that was all about being immersed into each other so much that you can’t find the other.

Remembering That Viral Game

Nintendo Mug

So a game that every 90s child was addicted to was ‘the nintendo’, every other mother complaining that their child never puts that damn video game down. In the memory of that uncontrollable urge to play even after so many scoldings you can gift a nintendo mug to your 90s lover valentine.

Those Sweet Days

Retro Candy Box

Collect all those candies the students used to gather around that cart in front of the school to get, and make a whole basket full of it as a present. This nostalgic gift for your valentine, is so fun and moving to remember and they couldn't be able to control their tears if they cry when they are touched.

Tie It Wear You Want

The Band Bandana

Those bandanas that became a fashion all through the population in the 90s and spread all over the world like wildfire. From the west to east leaving none of the countries deprived of its presence in clothing and styling. Gift your valentine that classic bandana, mostly blue or red coloured one with patterns drawn with white colour and celebrate their valentine’s day in their own way.

Make The Best Out Of Waste

The Art Attack Kit

That 90s show which used to be an adventurous creativity for kids, ‘Art Attack’! Yes, bring back the days when every other child just wanted to try that art attack method for once. This valentine’s day, gift them an Art attack kit to your 90s fanatic lover or spouse and be the best valentine ever. And go all in with your partner in making the best art and craft ever. Doing art with colours with your romantic partner is lovey-dovey to say the least. Make the best of this valentine’s day with this unique gift for girlfriend or boyfriend. 

Mere Millennium

The era that came right after the 90s, had so many more distinct features than the era that just passed, as it was the beginning of the 21st century! The century of evolution, reformation and revolutions. Revolution of love and romance too came to be one of the most important changes that took place during this era.

Health And Hygiene Is The Key

Cleaning Kit

This era is when people started the fitness thing and that's what led them to eat healthy and keep a hygienic environment around themselves. Gifting this sanitising kit for cleanliness at home or in the workplace, is a unique gift for a girlfriend or boyfriend.

Aroma For Therapy

Scented Candles

The calming and healing effect of a nice aroma that arises while burning a scented candle is the product that came to be in the thousands itself. A set of scented candles to be lit in the bedroom during sleep or a warm bath is a really romantic gift for your valentine.

Air Be Pure

Ceramic Diffuser

The ceramic diffuser which came to be a real thing because of the development in the infrastructure and technology leading to increased air pollution. This valentine's day gift this ceramic diffuser to your valentine and let them know how much you care about their health.

F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Be There Always

Friends Merch Set

That friends sitcom which had captured the whole generation with its funny and witty views at life and relationships, remember? Well, you may remember that your valentine is actually a really big fan of the same sitcom and loves using its quotes whenever. Then ‘Friends’ fan merch will be a good Valentine's day gift ideas for him or her. These merch have transcended days and time, and will make sure you receive a little more love than usual.

These were some of the best valentine’s day gift ideas for specific eras. Choose the one from the era that your valentine prefers more than the other and make your valentine’s day a bit more nostalgic.