Best Valentine’s Day Gifts Under 5k

Best Valentine’s Day Gifts Under 5k

While gifting your valentine, worrying about how deep a cut your pocket may suffer hindering your romantic valentine’s day isn’t so fun! This valentine's day just think about what all you want to plan for your valentine and just how it is that you want to celebrate this day with them.

A Valentine day gift for wife is mostly something which is related to health and fitness. While a good valentine’s day gift for husband is something that consists of the best intentions and thoughts for him. All in all, anything that can bring an involuntary smile to your valentine’s face is the one that ranks the highest in a lover’s memory lane.

So stop worrying and getting confused about what will be the perfect gift that’ll fit your budget, because we at blingvine are here for you with the best gifts for women and gifts for men both.

If They Love Gadgets

A New Alexa! Echo Dot

If they love new gadgets and are always excited about their new features and stuff, then gifting them Amazon’s new Alexa gadget ‘Echo Dot’ is a nice choice. This newly launched gadget by amazon looks just as cute as it sounds. It can be real fun listening to music with your loved one or just fooling around with the speaking AI to get a good laugh. The scary and fun way these AI gadgets are developing, it will surely make them glad to be a part of it all from the beginning to the end.

If They Just Started A Fitness Routine

A Watch To Track

If they have recently started to work on their fitness then gifting them this fitness tracker to keep a record of their fitness is the best valentine’s day gift for them. Just tie it on their wrist and it will get all their vitals as well as the distance they covered in a day and how many calories they lost on that day. This way you can not only silence your worries but also show your support in their new endeavours. Just an idea, you can wear one yourself and join them for a race or something and the winner to do something romantic for the other, what say?

If They Love To Watch And Chill

Show Subscriptions

If they are the netflix and chill or netflix and ramyun type then, gifting them a subscription is the best way to make them happy this valentine’s. A whole year of subscription for their favourite app or show is the best gifts for women and among the best valentine’s gifts for men. The era of kdramas and avengers demands a subscription gift to be at the top of the valentine’s day gifts. Watching all those favourite series of yours that you've always wanted to watch with them, sitting in their warmth of love is the romantic evening you can aim for.

If They Like To Capture Even The Smallest Of Moments

An Instant Camera

If they like to take pictures every chance they get, then this instant photo producing camera is the best gift for them this valentine's day. Watching them take pictures of some of your moments makes you think how talented they are, you can basically support them to grow their talent into a real thing. This instant camera looks even more cute than the pictures it captures which makes this gift even more adorable.

If They Love To Wear Sunglasses

A Real Ray Ban

If they like to wear sunglasses and apparently have gathered a collection of them at home, then gifting them nice vintage Ray Ban sunglasses can be a good choice of gifts for men or women. These sunglasses, being one from the most notorious brand to be copied, can really bring a tinge of fun with them by finally getting some real ones.

If They Love To Wear Leather

Leather Jackets

If they love to wear jackets then, gifting them a real leather jacket this valentine’s day can be the best gifts for women or men. Leather jackets have that different style and fashion that no other clothing material can carry or provide to the one wearing it.

If They Love Reading

A Book Set

If they love to read, getting them their favourite book set of books this valentine’s can make them jump out of happiness. Books are a ritual for those who read, and they love to keep all that's related to their favourite one carefully for as long as ever. A set of books may consist of a journal, a workbook or even some merch and gifting this all to your valentine will definitely make your day. Show your care and interest in your valentine by gifting them the most recent they have been obsessed with.

If They Start Their Day With A Smoothie

A Smoothie Maker

If they are someone who chooses a nutrient-filled smoothie instead of coffee in the mornings then this smoothie maker is the best valentine day gift for wife or husband. This smoothie can be a great relief from them having to order it the first thing every morning or keep it all night in a fridge. Nothing better than making them a fruit and nut smoothie made by you especially for them, in their new smoothie maker gifted to them by you.

If They Love To Wear Watches

A Smart Watch

If they love to wear a watch most times, then a smart watch is a valentine’s day gift for husband or wife. Though the smart watches have been in the market for quite some time now, their features keep improving. The latest smartwatch is the favourite of most watch lovers. The fact that smart watches can do so much more than just tell time, it is another way to show care for your valentine.

If They A Perpetual Mobile User

Mobile Steriliser

If they are perpetually on the phone and never leave their phone alone, this phone steriliser is the valentine gift for wife, girlfriend, etc. In present times where sterilisation and keeping the germs away for health has been a trend this is the best valentine’s day gift for your partner. It's a small device-like shell that has a stand for the phone to be kept inside and is sterilised in a few seconds. I would recommend this as the best valentine’s day anyone can give or receive.

If They Love To Display Pictures

Digital Photo Frame

If they love picture frames and think of them as an essential part of their home decor, gift them this digital photo frame. The best feature being the multiple pictures display like screensavers, almost like telling a story of you and your love. This valentine’s day, thread your memories into a story making a display of it and move your partner to tears of love. Photo frames have been an essential part of the gift culture and taking it a step ahead the digitalisation of the same definitely brings a whole different meaning to it.

These were some of the best Valentine's day gifts for men and gifts for women under 5K that will help keep your pockets intact. So just read, relax and then pick the one that suits your valentine’s the best.