The Best Birthday Gift For Your Libra Girlfriend

Libra’s are one of the most charming people you’ll meet. And if your girlfriend is one, we’re sure you wonder how she makes friends almost everywhere, well, here’s the reason. If you don’t know when Libra season falls, it’s between September 23 and October 22nd. Libras are social, graceful, smart and last, incredibly hard to shop for. 

Your Libra girlfriend probably has a list of things she already knows she wants, and has picked out styles months in advance. Libras have a very specifically curated aesthetic, and don’t like anything that doesn’t match this vibe. To give them the perfect, you need to know them in and out. 

Your Libra girlfriend has very specific taste, and she won’t shy away from letting you know that she doesn’t like a particular gift. We totally understand that the pressure of getting your girlfriend the perfect birthday gift is high, and that’s why we’re here to help you out. Read on to see some gifts that are foolproof and we’re sure your Libra girlfriend will appreciate. 


All sun signs have flowers associated with them, and so does Libra. Libras are associated with roses, which signify peace and harmony. It is also widely believed that when you surround yourself with flowers that match your sign, it draws out your best quality. 

Give your Libra girlfriend a perfume that has notes of rose in them, and we’re sure it’ll make her birthday really special. You can also look at the perfumes she already has, and give her something that has the same or similar notes, and she will definitely love it. 


Jewellery is a girl’s best friend! And your Libra girlfriend is no different. Since Libras usually have specific tastes, it’s best to go classic with your Libra girlfriend, as this is something she’ll treasure. Give her beautiful diamond earrings she can wear regularly, or even an off-beat ring, and she’s definitely going to show it off everywhere she goes. 

All sun signs are also associated with particular gemstones that are thought to bring them luck and prosperity. Libra’s stone is Opal. Give her customised jewellery set in opal, and she will adore the thoughtfulness and love that you’ve put into her birthday gift. 

Painting Sets or a Painting 

Libras are creative and as such, spend a lot of time honing their creativity and skills. They respect people who understand their art a lot more, and hold them in high regard. Painting and making art is usually their form of therapy and they completely get lost in it. 

If your Libra girlfriend is someone who loves art, giving her a painting set that is exclusive and is of amazing quality is a gift that’ll blow her mind. You can also give her a painting, as she is someone who appreciates the finer things in life. This will show her that you respect her creativity, which is something she holds in very high regards. This will make for a birthday gift your Libra girlfriend will go gaga over!


As we mentioned, Libras are charming and social people. They love hosting, they love going out and they love being the star of any party they go to. They consider themselves well-dressed for every occasion, and most often than not, are too. Your Libra girlfriend would definitely have a wardrobe full of clothes for different occasions, and what’s a better birthday gift than to add to this collection? 

Give your Libra girlfriend a trendy, yet classic dress for her birthday. She follows the fashion world closely, and will definitely know what’s in and what’s out. Give her something that is a timeless piece, and we know she will treasure it and wear it every chance she gets. 

We hope this helped you narrow down birthday gifts for your Libra girlfriend. At the end of the day, your Libra girlfriend will appreciate any gift that you’ve put thought into and had come from your heart. Don’t be worried about giving her something off-beat, as she’ll like it if it’s something associated with the two of you. Let us know if you’re giving your Libra girlfriend any of the above mentioned things for her birthday. And for all your jewellery needs, you can always check out Blingvine.