The Best Birthday Gift For Your Virgo Girlfriend

Virgo season is like the ending of summer, the start of autumn. It’s beautiful and magical. Virgo is the sixth sign of the zodiac, and is ruled by the planet Mercury. If your girlfriend’s birthday falls between 23rd August and 22rd September, she’s a Virgo. 

Virgos are perfectionists, detail-oriented and practical. People born under this star sign are planners, and always look out for the ones they love. They’re grounded, and for this reason will often be calm in the middle of the storm. 

Despite this, Virgos are very picky and like things a specific way. They prefer gifts that are practical and thoughtful over something extravagant and showy. When you pick out a birthday gift for your Virgo girlfriend, go with the classics, go with something that she’ll love. And if you’re confused about how to make her happy, we’re here to help! Read on to see what gifts your virgo girlfriend will absolutely love.


Virgos love to gather more information about things and topics that they’re interested in. They love knowledge and want to know everything about everything. Give them a book about a subject they’re passionate about - economics, art, tattoos - there’s a book for everything! 

This is a very thoughtful gift, and also shows that you know your Virgo girlfriend very well, which we’re sure she’ll appreciate. This book also shows how much you mean to her, and how much you know. Virgos love down time where they can just read and escape from the world, and your Virgo girlfriend will adore that you’re giving her this escape. 


Virgos are very organised, and organising is nothing lesser than therapy for them. They want their things kept in the places they assign, and will reorganise if someone else does it for them. They hate when things get tangled and are out of place, so this is the best gift for your Virgo girlfriend. 

Give a couple of close organisers, jewellery organisers and watch as she lights up with joy. As we mentioned, Virgos adore practical gifts that they can use regularly, and what better gift than this? This gift will be appreciated and loved by your Virgo girlfriend. 


Jewellery is every girl’s best friend, and your Virgo girlfriend is no exception. Virgos have very classic and sophisticated tastes, and prefer their jewellery to be the same. They’re not ones for loud pieces. They love jewellery that they can wear everyday, be it to work or date night. Your Virgo girlfriend is someone who’ll probably pass on this jewellery, so choose carefully. 

We would suggest going with the classic favourites while giving your Virgo girlfriend her birthday gift. A gorgeous pair of diamond earrings that’ll make her shine, a beautiful tennis bracelet or a classic pendant set are our top picks for jewellery she’ll love. 


Virgos are perfectionists, and for the same reason, take care of themselves as perfectionists too. They love me-time, where they can relax with a glass of wine, put on their skincare, a sheet mask and just snuggle with a book. Skincare is one the best birthday gifts you can give your Virgo girlfriend as it checks all her boxes - practical and thoughtful. 

Since your Virgo girlfriend has already done her research on skincare and has carefully picked out everything she uses on her face, we wouldn’t recommend giving her something new. The best birthday gift would be to give her her favourite skincare, even if she already has it. You can never get enough skincare. This girl will definitely bring tears of joy to your Virgo girlfriend’s face and make it a birthday to remember!

We know giving birthday gifts is stressful, especially if it’s for your Virgo girlfriend. These recommendations are tried and tested, and will definitely perk up your Virgo girlfriend. Whatever birthday gift you do end up gifting your Virgo girlfriend, it’s very important that it comes from the heart and be something that she would pick out for herself. Do let us know if you gifted your Virgo girlfriend any of these gifts for her birthday and how it worked out. And you can always pick up beautiful pieces of jewellery from Blingvine as a birthday gift for your girlfriend