Birthday gift for your family-oriented girlfriend

With giving gifts, the best way to go about it is tapping into what is important to the person you're gifting. This is also true for when you have to give your girlfriend her birthday gift. Birthdays are already milestone days and how you make it special for her will always be remembered by her. While the gift itself may not be the most important thing, it is certainly important to make or break her day which is a lot of pressure. This is why we’re here, we’ve got you. 

Everyone has facets that are important to them. For some women, they prioritise thor work, some prioritise travelling whereas there are others who prioritise their family. For girlfriends that prioritise her family and are generally a family-oriented person, you may want to keep her priorities in mind while you choose birthday gifts for her. This is because as much as she would enjoy any gift you give, she would especially cherish gifts that bring family together and create memories with them.

Here’s our recommendations for gifting the family-oriented girlfriends

Recipe Journal

Every family has a close connection with food. Every family has family recipes that have passed down from great grandmothers, grandmothers and mothers, sisters and essentially, all generations and family members. Over time, it may get cloudy and as family members age, the recipes may also. What better way to keep cherished family recipes and secret ingredients than in a recipe journal. In fact, you can customise it with her name and include details like which member's recipe it is. This is a good gift for the girlfriends who cook and even those who don’t cook yet, because when they’ll be ready to, they have their entire families recipes in their hands. Who knows, she’ll cook some delicious meals for your next date night as well. 


You can never go wrong with jewellery for the most important people in your life. For your family oriented girlfriend, she may have grown up seeing aunts and cousins borrowing and lending jewellery for special events and occasions. Giving her pieces that she can adorn and also maybe eventually share with her sisters or cousins will further go on to create special bonding moments for her. We recommend opting for an American diamond necklace set or a pair of gold plated jhumkas that she can adorn and look as gorgeous as ever. 

Mini Projector 

Who doesn’t enjoy movies? We’re sure your girlfriend also does. This birthday you can get her a mini projector that she can use to watch her favourite shows and movies. This would be perfect not only for movie dates with you but also family movie nights. 


A family that plays games together is a family that stays together. Just like movie nights, game nights are also fun and the competition makes it all the more fun. You can gift her games that she can play with her family and friends alike, as well as carry on trips. Afterall, nothing like a game of monopoly or cards to take your mind off the realities of life. Birthdays are fun and so are games, this a perfect gift for girlfriends who are competitive and just absolutely enjoy winning. 

Photo Printer For Scrapbooking 

For girlfriends that are family oriented, we can vouch that they are usually the ones who usually organise get togethers, game nights, movie nights, and ensure that they have all the pictures of everything. For such girlfriends, you can consider gifting them an instant photo printer so they can add to their scrapbooks and have a tangible memento from some of the most special days of their life. Plus, we’re pretty sure, she’s also going to keep a separate scrapbook of your relationship with her, so you know, it’s a win-win gift. 

As much as family is important to your girlfriend, showing her how important she is to you with your gifts is the way to make her birthday special. The best gifts are those that go on to let her make more memories with you and her loved ones. Your gifts and affections will make your girlfriend's day and set the tone for the rest of her year. Cherish these special days with her so you can look back at them with nostalgia and fondness.