Bracelets, The Perfect Jewellery Choice For Interviews

For practically any occasion, women always have a long list of outfits in their minds to choose from. Every occasion has a wide range of accessories and outfit alternatives, whether it's a wedding or a date. However, it gets tricky when it comes to interviews, which makes them even more stressful. We have all heard that first impressions count for a lot, and everyone wants their personality to stand out while maintaining appropriate manners and a stylish appearance. Our appearance makes a great impact on the interviewer, taking stress off your shoulders. A good start, isn't it?

While focusing too much on clothing, the often-missed part is jewellery. The charm of your perfect attire could all go in vain if paired with the wrong accessory. Your choice of jewellery speaks volumes about your style and personality. A mindful selection of jewellery can make you look discreet and professional. Though there are only a handful of pieces of jewellery that do justice to the simple and subtle corporate vibe, the ever-green bracelet comes to the rescue.

The history of the bracelet is said to be as old as 5000 BCE. Originally attributed to ancient Egypt, back in the day, bracelets were made of bones and wood and worn by archers in war. It's not surprising they made it to the corporate level, right?

Bracelets are sheer elegance and can be easily worn for nearly every occasion. From western to Indian formals, bracelets enhance the beauty of the dress with utmost grace, helping you create and carry that distinctive, powerful image. However, choosing the right bracelet could be a tough task. Read on, while we do the job for you.

Single Strand Crystal Bracelet

Absolutely chic, sleek, and light crystal bracelets for women is just the right choice for not drawing much attention while keeping them simple and stunning. It enhances your uber-professional appearance while accelerating the subtle femininity. Pairing it with your western formal wear will help you achieve the minimalist look.

Pearl Bracelet

Pearls are for everyone and every occasion. This classic beauty epitomises style and grace. Because of its adaptability, a traditional pearl bracelet has a special place in our jewellery collection. Pearls are classic jewellery staples that blend exceptionally well with neutral tones, making them the most popular choice among individuals who play it safe and don’t like to experiment much.

Bangle Bracelet

A traditional touch to the ever-stylish bracelets for women, bangle bracelets goes perfectly well with both Western and Indian attire. Ring-shaped anklets, also known as bangles, attribute good luck in Indian culture. Bangle bracelets are modern adaptations of bangles that are made by slicing and slightly pressing the ring shape from one end. For those who feel a little extra love for gold, this one could just be the right choice for you.

Chain Bracelet

Chain bracelets are among the most delicate jewellery items and come in a variety of styles. Women of all ages adore them and own several of them. This piece is a strand of gold or silver chain with a small, detailed motif in the centre. It can be worn on many different occasions, including interviews.

Cuff Bracelet

A semi-circular adaptation of Bangle with a slight gap, cuff bracelets are gender and age neutral. One of the early age introductions to accessories, wearing cuff bracelets at an interview is always a good idea. They have gained their own audience in recent times. Pair it up with a simple shirt and a pair of pants, and you are all set to stand out.

Gemstone Bracelet

Adding a slight colour to your outfit will do no harm. If you feel like ditching the monotony of black and white, a subtle coloured gemstone bracelet is just the perfect choice. Pairing it with a black western outfit or even a light-coloured Indian formal will do the job for you without glamorising the look.

Bracelets for women are their corporate best friends. They work like magic, giving you a puff of confidence. The ever-stylish and classic bracelet is the best to wear at an interview. Blingvine has an extensive range of bracelets for you to choose from. Go ahead and also read our guide on selecting bracelets for different occasions.