Bracelets For Various Occasions

Bracelets are deeply ingrained in South Asian culture. They have a long history of ethenic significance owing to their varying styles and uses among the people of the subcontinent. Bangles made of various materials such as clay, glass, stone and metals believed to have medicinal qualities, amulets composed of spiritually significant gemstones, the sacred Kada, the western inspired modern bracelets - they can be seen across the several cultures and periods of Indian subcontinent. 

The most subtle of the types of jewellery, bracelets are considered essential accessories irrespective of gender identity. Its highly practical nature, ease of use and subtle elegance make it one of the most universally adored and worn jewellery.

While bracelets are highly versatile among styles and occasions, there are still some things you have to keep in mind while picking a piece for particular occasions. We have some recommendations to help you pick out the best possible bracelet for various types of occasions:


For the casual and young atmosphere of college, we suggest with picking a quirky, colourful piece such as the likes of the Caroline Bracelet. Its funky design paired with its loose and comfortable nature, makes a perfect bracelet for the long hours of college. Another option would be something like the Checkers Spring Bangle for those that prefer a somewhat tighter fit.


Bracelets are ideal for the workplace. The subtle nature of bracelets due to the fact that they're usually worn on the non-dominant hand, compliment the professional environment of offices. That's why, we suggest elegant options such as the Alexa or the Snow White bracelet.

The sophisticated enamel work of Alexa and the elegant, intricate design of Snow White, make them versatile pieces of office jewellery.

Casual Outings

 Bracelets make great casual accessories owing to their versatile nature and ease of use. You can just snap one on while going out to the movies, or the park. Hardly a second and you've succeeded in leveling up your look for the day. The Chirpy Open Bangle is great for everyday use, while the Laisha Green Bracelet is a must for the nature lovers and the park-goers. Another casual wear is the Paris Love bracelet that is adored for its lovely design. 

Laisha Green Bracelet
Laisha Green Bracelet
₹ 1,600

Looking for a touch of luxury in your life? Look no further than the Laisha Green Bracelet! This stunning piece is made with high-quality American diamonds and green Austrian crystals, giving it a look that is both elegant and unique. The sturdy clasp with safety lock ensures that your bracelet stays securely on your wrist. Add this bracelet to your wardrobe today and enjoy its beauty and allure for years to come!

Stylist’s Notes:

This gorgeous bangle is perfect for a college or office or any place where you don’t want to attract too much attention. Goes well with saree, salwar kameez or even with western outfits.

What's Included:

  • 1 bracelet


  • AAA quality American Diamonds
  • Green Austrian Crystals
  • German Rhodium Polish
  • High-grade lead and nickel free environmental alloy


  • Bracelet circumference: 17 cms


Bring out your wild side by completing your party outfit with a funky bracelet. We recommend going for something unique and striking to stand out in the party crowd. Eccentric designs, loud colours - this is the occasion to go wild! The aptly named Loopy Bracelet, with its quirky design and the Blue Vibrant piece (also available in Emerald Green), with its stunning loud colour, are party-perfect! You can also go a step further and match the Loopy bracelet with the Loopy Pendant Set.


On the other end of the spectrum, bracelets for interviews should be sober or minimalistic. It should not be distracting or a show-stealer since the focus of the interview is you and your personality. Simple pieces like the Haniya Minimal Bracelet and dignified designs such as of the Vivian are suitable for the formal atmosphere.   

Dinner Date

Elegance and charm are the foundations of the perfect bracelet for a romantic date. Intricate designs such as that of the Enchanted Crystal and the Blossom, are the standard for sophistication for such an occasion. The Enchanted Necklace Set would complete the look if you go for the former. Look for pearls, intricate designs and elegance for this occasions. 

Enchanted Crystal Bracelet - Blingvine Jewellery
Enchanted Crystal Bracelet
₹ 2,600

You are going to love this marvellous bracelet that is the perfect combination of style, modernity and glamour. The design of the Enchanted bracelet would appeal to women who like things with a bit of twist; traditional design with an infusion of the contemporary style elements.

Get your hands on this ravishing piece before someone else does!

    Stylist’s Notes:

    This bracelet is almost perfect for any occasion, semi-formal to formal to traditional. Team it with the Enchanted Necklace set to complete the look!


    What's Included:

    • 1 chain bracelet


    • AAA Austrian crystals
    • German Rhodium polish
    • High-grade lead and nickel free environmental alloy


    • Length of bracelet: 19 cms
    • Please see the model photo for more details


    Go all in for the weddings with show-stopper bracelets that shine in the glamorous atmosphere of the setting. We recommend stunning pieces with a fusion of traditional and western elements - such as the Pink Potion bracelet and the Fiona Twist Bangle. You can also go classic with sophisticated designs like the Riwaaz bracelet.


    We suggest choosing keeping in mind the theme of your destination when getting your vacation bracelets. Pieces such as the Princess and the Remy are ideal for a floral space like the Tulip Gardens in Kashmir, whereas ones like the Mishika are suited for the stone-heavy cities of Europe.

    No matter the occasion, you don't have to worry much about the bracelet you choose. Bracelets are usually the most versatile of all types and jewellery, making it hard to mess up. If you're a beginner in the jewellery world, this is where you should begin. Check out some more to find your next favorite!