Bracelets To Brighten Up Your Workplace

Spending one-third of your day for the job is something all working individuals do, especially the ones that have to go to the office. With the age of the pandemic in its twilight phase, it is high time we start getting ready to face the world now. For us to face the real world, it is important to look the best we can. Looking confident helps us feel confident in ourselves and ready to take on the day.

With the majority of our day being spent in our offices it is important to take care of ourselves both physically and mentally. What better way to care for ourselves than to look our best? We here at Blingvine are here just to take care of that aspect. Take a look at our collection and choose from the finest quality of jewellery out there.

Bracelets are simple and stunning pieces of jewellery. The aesthetics of a bracelet know no bounds as they are flexible when it comes to styling and classy to look at no matter what dress you’re wearing. With the amount of flexibility that these bracelets provide you with, you can wear them for various occasions without giving it a second thought. Like any other jewellery, bracelets come in a variety of designs. They can be worn individually or paired with other articles of jewellery depending on the occasion.

Bracelets At The Workplace

When at the workplace, it is important to make sure that you are dressed appropriately, but that doesn't mean that you should compromise on your style. More often, professionalism and style go hand and hand, and we can always make it work with just a little effort. Office wear jewellery need not always be grounded and dull looking, with a variety of bracelets now available at Blingvine, office wear bracelets are something every working woman needs to complete a professional look.

Whatever might be your position in the office, a bracelet can always be an accessory that you can use. Our collection of bracelets for ladies is one the most carefully crafted collection with a wide variety of options to choose from.

As mentioned above, bracelets come in a variety of ways and the majority of them are available to style for office wear, but one needs to decide on which style to wear and what to pair it with. Let us now briefly look at the different styles of bracelets and ways to style them, so you can make the right choice for any special event at your workplace or just on a regular day.


These bands of metal are a must-have for every woman out there, kadas are elegant looking and comfortable to wear pieces of jewellery with a plethora of designs to choose from. Kadas are made out of gold, silver, or any metal with a simple design of engravings or embossing. Kadas are not to miss having in your collection.

This type of bracelet for ladies highlights the minimalistic nature of fashion. A single-colored kada or a dual-tone kada can be paired with a semi-formal dress. The distinguished colours can be used together with a dress of any neutral colour to pull off a stunning look. This stunning look is a must try for all working women. Check out our curated collection of bracelets and treat yourself to your next stylish look.

Cuff Bracelets

Cuff bracelets are one the most convenient and comfortable-to-wear bracelets out there. These days with our busy schedules and limited time to take care of ourselves these cuff bracelets for women are the most convenient bracelet, so carry one of these in your office bags and wear them when you feel like it.

This office-wear accessory is a must-have for everyone with a sense of style. Cuff bracelets also come with an array of designs and colours that are perfect to throw in a classic boss-woman look. With no clamps or belts attached these bracelets are easy to maintain and hard to lose. Check out our latest collection of cuff bracelets!

Chain Bracelets

These bracelets are one of the most popular bracelets for women. These bracelets are mostly studded with stones or gems yet minimalistic. These bracelets usually carry substance when it comes to design but are also available in sleek designs that are more popular when you want to go for the most elegant style.

Though this type of bracelet hasn't been popular in office culture yet, they do have a lot of potential with its beautiful craftsmanship. These chain bracelets have a charm of their own and can be paired with a cultural outfit. These bracelets are beautiful to look at and round off the entire professional look with a traditional touch. Check out the Blingvine collection of chain bracelets and enjoy your next amazing look!

Beaded Bracelets 

The epitome of customization and flexibility, this bracelet is a must-have for any fashion enthusiast. This bracelet is not only flexible but also stylish. As they say in the fashion world this bracelet grows as the person evolves as you can add charms, tassels, shells, and other elements as you like.

When it comes to office wear you can customise these bracelets around their centrepiece and match them to your dress of the day. As office hours are gruelling, this activity of customising bracelets can be quite a stress buster.

Unisex Bracelets 

Unisex bracelets, are very simple bracelets often having beads or leather that elevate the minimalistic look you are going for. Office-going women can try these bracelets while wearing more casual outfits and can use this opportunity to try something without putting much effort to accessorise.

All in all, bracelets are simple yet amazing pieces of jewellery that go well with most outfits. These bands of fashion are often beautiful to look at and comfortable to wear. While most of them are studded with gems and stones the minimalistic plain designs are popular too. Get yourself one of these bracelets and slay your day at the office and look charming at the same time. Check out our curated collection of bracelets and buy yourself one for your next elegant fashion look.