Bracelets You Need For Your Next Vacation

Did someone say vacation? You have worked day and night, put in your blood, sweat and tears, now you’re finally ready to vacay your way out of the stress. It’s an undeniable truth that dressing for a vacation has a whole different vibe than a typical day-to-day outfit. When on a vacation, fashion becomes as interesting to wear as it is to look at. As much rush as the word vacation brings to you, it also creates that need to plan all of your on-holiday ensembles. Between all your clothes, footwear and jewellery, a vacation wardrobe is always the hardest to beat. We’re assuming that you’re done making the bookings and the reservations, the only hard part that’s left is packing. That said, over the last few years we have all learnt the harsh lessons of overpacking. It’s not just about paying a fine for the extra luggage; it’s also knowing you don’t need to pack a ton of things to have multiple options. The key is to pack smartly, not excessively. At this point, let’s pretend that you have all your clothes, footwear, hats, lotions and everything else in place but the jewellery. The word jewellery might draw your attention towards the neckpieces and earrings, the bracelets, however, are the underdogs here. Bracelets for girls are an important styling factor as they indirectly add class and elegance to any occasion. We’ll take this as our chance to meddle and let you in on our specially curated list for bracelets for vacation to spice up any outfit, no matter the time or location.

Beach Vacations 

Broadly speaking, there are two types of people. If you fall under the “beach person” category, this one’s for you. We all dream of those alarm-clock-free mornings, beachy days and stunning outfits, near and far. You’ve planned the trip and you’re only a step away from experiencing the bliss. We’re here to help you select that perfect bracelet, so you ace that beachy look. We’ve all seen those traditional shell and beachy bracelets; but it's all about standing out right? We’d recommend something that will make you the talk of the town and not one out of the ordinary. Our top choices would be the floral bracelets to add that elegance to your hand, while keeping it fun with the floral designs. Another pick would be the pearl bracelets that beautifully glisten with a hint of sunlight. 

Hill Stations 

The cold weather calls for chic, dainty and sophisticated jewellery, beautifully crafted using the winter palette. White and snowy hilly landscapes with contrasting and darker hues are the perfect fit. This makes a way for the darker gemstones to make a vogueish entry. Bracelets embedded with emeralds, rubies and sapphires are undoubtedly fashionable. You can also lean on tiny crystals that add a hint of glow and shine to your layered outfits.

Wildlife Tours 

Some like vacationing in the quiet, while others enjoy the hustle and bustle of the city. If you relate to the former, wildlife tours could be of your interest. While planning for a wildlife tour or if you've planned one already, camouflaged outfits aren’t the only things you’ll need. If you intend on making a statement even in the woods, we’d recommend carrying a few bracelets to elevate your fashion quotient. It’s important to be mindful of certain things while getting in touch with nature. Anything flashy or shiny will hamper your experience and shoo your friends in the wild away. Subtle bracelets with minimal work should be your best picks during this trip. Simple chain bracelets can also bring in some texture to the outfit.

City Breaks 

There’s something so exciting about city breaks. It’s the bustling streets with a whirlwind of activities. Cities are usually separated into multiple neighbourhoods, each one owning a different atmosphere. From the iconic landmarks to museums and the city restaurants & bars, each place demands for a unique style suiting the ethos. While planning a holiday in the city, the list of bracelets one can carry is endless. For a more casual day out, lighter bracelets with smaller charms would work perfectly. However, for the flashy nights, go for the crystals, gemstones and the bangle bracelets that add class to every outfit.

Ece Luxury Bracelet
Ece Luxury Bracelet
₹ 2,100

All about luxury and elegance, the Ece Luxury Bracelet is a well crafted piece of jewellery that ought to become a part of your jewellery collection. It is made out of brilliantly shining American diamonds and accented by a show stopper piece of Pink Monalisa stone. Perfect for flaunting at a wedding or a festive event, this gorgeous bracelet will look splendid with a saree or a floor length gown. 

What's Included:

  • 1 bracelet


  • AAA quality American Diamonds
  • High quality pink monalisa stone
  • German Rhodium Polish
  • High-grade lead and nickel free environmental alloy


  • Bracelet circumference: 17 cms

Weekend Getaways 

Weekend getaways are special in their own way. It’s about arranging something at the drop of a hat that won’t necessarily cost you an arm and a leg. It’s the beauty of being swept away from your everyday routine without going for a full-blown holiday. A weekend can pass in a blink of an eye which makes it important to plan to make the most of it. This means carrying multiple outfits for different times of the day and styling them in the best ways possible. We suggest taking golden or pastel bracelets during the day that will complement the golden hour while relying on crystal or stone bracelets in the nights that are delicately wrapped around your wrist. 

Vivian Bracelet - BlingVine
Vivian Bracelet
₹ 2,200

The Vivian bracelet is an apt example of sheer elegance. The sober design combined with minimal crystal work makes it a must have for women who like simple graceful designs.

Stylist’s Notes:

It is a simple design with subtle femininity without being too girly. Perfect for working ladies and for college students.

What's Included:

  • 1 bracelet


  • High quality faux cat eye stone
  • High Quality Imported American Diamonds
  • 18K rose gold plating
  • High grade lead and nickel free environmental alloy


  • Bracelet Length - 18 cms

Road Trips  

Road trips are best known for their adventures, spontaneity, freedom and the experience.  Road trips have a distinct style that involves casual, sporty, rustic and comfortable looks. Bracelets for girls are a good option to go for since they’re lightweight and comfortable. We recommend chain bracelets that will let you rock any outfit, be it at a sightseeing point or a restaurant. Be sure to bag one of our bangle bracelets that add an edge to a casual outfit making every halt picture worthy. 

Be it a holiday in the wild or a getaway by the beach, bracelets complete the look and give an outfit that much needed pop and charm. Head over to our bracelets section to up your vacation game. Happy Holidays!

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