Bridal Jewellery For Traditional Indian Brides

The land of splendour, love and dreams, driven by diversity, religiously pluralistic, most populous democracy with a population of over 1.4 billion, 7th largest country by area, speaking more than 700 languages, the country with the longest constitution in the world, the fast-growing major economy. This is indeed India, the land with a rich legacy, where every occasion is a celebration. People in India savour each moment making celebration the essence of the culture. Weddings in this country are an extensive personal ritual making the wedding business one of the biggest economical contributors. India celebrates over 10 million weddings per year, making it the second largest wedding market after the USA. An average Indian is likely to spend one fifth of his earnings on the wedding festivities.

Weddings in India are a colourful, multiple day's event, with friends and family indulging in traditions and rituals, a fine exhibition of intricate designs and jewellery. Everything about a wedding is of great importance but the bride is undoubtedly the centre of attraction, making bridal jewellery even more important. Every bride-to-be wants to look stupendously beautiful and ethereal on her big day as every eye is going to be on her. Her day to revel in her status as a princess.

With so many alternatives, choosing a jewellery set for your wedding is just as difficult as picking your wedding dress. Bridal jewellery is the subject that gets the most discussion during weddings, aside from the food. In a nation with more than 28 states, the variety of clothing and accessories cannot be overlooked. Every state has its unique traditions, from music to celebrations. From maang tika to toe rings, brides can accessorise to their heart's content, but the bridal necklace set has cemented its place in every culture. a perfect elegance. Take a look at the various styles of jewellery set for marriage if you are getting ready to marry the love of your life.

Heavy Temple Jewellery

Heavy temple jewellery sets for marriage are considered to be one of the oldest patterns on jewellery designs because of their everlasting beauty and wonderful fusion of history and legacy. We probably fell in love with jewellery because of them. It is revered historically because of the gold colour and the elaborate decorations. It simply highlights the bridal outfit's red coloured charm.

Kundan Sets

The perfect example of craftsmanship and detailing, an epitome of modernity inspired from traditions, Kundan always secures its place in the jewellery boxes. The most chosen is the bridal necklace set by those who want to follow traditions but also want to add their own touch with it. Kundan sets come in gold and silver both, making it loved by brides who dodge traditional red and go for neutral tones while selecting their bridal wear.

Choker Sets

Ever since Anushka Sharma set the trend wearing a pastel tone choker set on her big day, the enticing choker has earned a spot among brides' jewellery preferences. Recent brides are choosing choker sets in addition to conventional jewellery, crossing ethnic boundaries. It quickly gives your outfit a little more sheen. Ever delicate and colourful chokers are a magnificent example of how customs and fashion collide.

Meenakari Sets

Nothing can ever replace the classics they say. Meenakari necklace sets are the ideal illustration of this. They have been in vogue since forever. A wonderful blend of colours and ethnicity, meenakari necklaces have received love from jewellery lovers in the world for decades. Occasionally worn with polki, Meenakari necklace set adds just the right amount of colour without deviating from the conventional styles.

Pearls and Gemstones

When it’s your wedding day, nothing is extra. Wonderful takes on classic gold jewellery, pearls and gemstones have recently made it to the list of jewellery set for marriage. Ladies go gaga over different coloured gemstones like sapphires and rubies. And when they are accompanied by pearls, they become highly unavoidable.

Diamond Sets

Choosing a pastel lehenga instead of a bright red one on her wedding day is a terrific option for brides who are in awe of the delicacy of diamonds. Diamonds appear very exquisite and sophisticated with these pastel colours, making the bride seem beautiful with less jewellery.

Modern brides are skilled at modifying customs to reflect their own personal flair. While graciously embracing our tradition, they are not hesitant to play around with their clothing and jewellery. In addition to gold jewellery, there is now silver, diamond, pearl, and other bridal jewellery. Now if you are confused about where to look for a bridal necklace set for your big day, you should know, Blingvine is just the right place.

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