Choker Necklace: Top 7 designs for 2023

Choker necklace has been in fashion for centuries. They were worn by queens first and then the style just kept rubbing off on people. Slowly, the choker necklace became a category in necklaces that could be worn on their own or easily paired with necklaces and pendants. 

Be it Indian wear or western wear, the choker set finds space in every jewellery special with its ability to transform into the style of the person wearing it. A good choker necklace set and you could float in both boats effortlessly. 

Trends come and go like seasons. And just like seasons, they are back again too. With jewellery, the trend might change, the designs might get outdated for a while, but the categories are here to stay. Choker necklace, for one, is a category that won’t disappoint you this year or in the coming one at that. 

Some design chokers that you could include in your jewellery wardrobe today are listed here for you. Not only do they give you a brief idea about what is trendy, but also about what would suit your personality and style best.

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Pair it up

Duos is a combination that we are all up for. Dance, music, and jewellery; duos bring in the spice that we love. Pairing a plain stranded choker necklace with a full-length necklace set is a fashion leap that you should be taking right now.

Anaisha Choker Set
Anaisha Choker Set
₹ 3,600

In an attempt to make a classy yet stylish all season jewellery set to complement the personality of a bold and confident woman, Anaisha Choker Set came into existence. 

The two branches of this 18K yellow gold plated necklace are decorated with a high-quality imitation pearl and Austrian crystals on either side.

This trendy choker set has a light and flexible make so that you can adjust the collar as your wish, more or less open, the two branches parallel or not... at your choice!

Stylist's Notes:

This simple and easy to wear choker necklace can be worn to complement any outfit or occasion, day or night! Pair it up with your formals, an evening dress or a pretty saree, it is a statement maker. You can also pair it with thin chains or multiple necklaces for a cool layered look!

What's Included:

  • 1 pair of long earrings
  • 1 Choker necklace


  • High-quality imitation pearl
  • AAA Austrian crystals
  • 18K yellow gold plating
  • High-grade lead and nickel free environmental alloy


  • Length of choker: Flrxible and Free Size (36 cm choker frame length)
  • Length of the earrings: 5.5 cm

Give it the western warmth

Nobody wore a choker necklace more than people from the west. While India is all about the birth of these jewellery categories, people from the west used it in different ways to make jewellery a staple accessory. So, it is not surprising to see that chokers shake hands with western wear and make for good accessories. 

Scream it with gold

Indian weddings have always been about extravagance. In terms of decorations, outfits, and jewellery; people see weddings as a chance to flaunt with grace. What could be more flaunting than a gold designer choker around your neck? Guessed it right. Nothing! So, come grab yours today at Blingvine!

All in pearls

Pearls bring joy and designs. With a pearl choker in your collection, you could just have it all this year. With their beauty, grace, and the style statement that a choker necklace is, we are sure you will be the show stopper just anywhere.

Round the fashion

A round plain choker necklace set is way better than any jewellery when it comes to minimal accessories. This year, go minimal with our collection in round necklaces that emit grace and scream today’s style, minimalistic jewellery. 

Say hi to luxury

With Blingvine’s luxurious designs and patterns that are too good to miss, wave enthusiastically at luxury design chokers that would take your hearts away!

Intricacy is the key

Intricate woven designs rule the jewellery world. In chokers though, they speak for a different beauty altogether. With Blingvine’s collection in intricate choker necklace sets, you have a lot to buy this season. 

Choker necklace sets have a long history attached to their name. with such rich history also comes a responsibility to stand up to their image and choker necklace pass with flying colours. And that too with Blingvine’s collection, you are in for a thrilling, happy roller coaster ride which you would want to get on again and again once you take a look at what we offer. What’s stopping you then? Check out our website today and pick a choker that chooses you in one single look at it:)