Conch Piercing and Jewelry Types to Go With It

Conch Piercing and Jewelry Types to Go With It

Conch piercing, however considered modern fashion, has been in Indian culture and traditions for centuries. Many Indian tribes and regional costumes have conch piercing as a part of their heritage. Jewelry for conch piercings consequently has a lot of traditional influence in a way.
Modern women with conch piercing love to wear tiny and pretty things to accentuate the beauty of their outer ear. It's like a complete ensemble to decorate the whole ear according to one's taste, style and mood.
Let us take a look at some of the jewelry types that provide just the same.

Cute Little Charms

The tiny piercings that decorate the outer ear of a woman look even more adorable with little charms. Charms like stars, moon, fishes, fruits and hats etc., each has a unique vibe that adds to the personality of the wearer. Gold, silver, shiny or colorful charms are often worn by women in their conch piercings. The personal touch of liking makes them all the more alluring.

Gold and Silver Hoops

Hoops are next in the popular line for jewelry types that's perfect for conch piercings. Hoops made in gold silver or decorated in stones and diamonds are classic and chic at the same time. One can alternate between studs and hoops with piercings, it is both comfortable and fashionable.

Diamonds Can't Be Left Out

For those who love diamonds, the best way to wear diamonds is conch piercing jewelry. No matter how small your diamond is, it will stand out no matter what as a conch piercing jewelry. One can wear it as studs, in different shapes or cuts. Adding a Sparkle through diamond studs is the best conch piercing jewelry to adorn the ear with.

Ear Cuffs Are Bold

Ear cuffs are the new thing and going all big with their unique style and vibe. Wearing an ear cuff that has space for all of your conch piercings is just dope. It's the most stylish and trendy look one can try wearing with a cinch piercing. Ear cuffs are great party jewelry as well as a creative addition to ensembles.

Studs In Style

Studs are the most popular and common type of jewelry to wear with conch piercing. The styles and designs they are available today make them a choice which can't be left out. Black metals studs, oxidized metal studs and silver studs made in Gothic designs are a great pair for casual and college looks. Young women can definitely try different stud designs and experience the new look it brings along.
These are some of the jewelry types to go with conch piercings. Modern, fashionable and unique jewelry types are the choice of women today. Go ahead and explore, try and enjoy the new looks you discover along the way. 
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