Consider Yourself a Creative Person? Here Are the Perfect Necklace Sets for You

Are you someone who loves to nurture their creative spirit? Are you someone who honours creativity in your everyday life the best you can and in the way that it makes most sense for you? Are you often seen as someone who is slightly different from most people and do your outfits and aesthetic also showcase that? Well, if you answered yes to any of the above questions, then you’re at just the right place and this one’s for you.

If you’re out and about looking for jewellery pieces, specifically necklace sets that exhibit your creative spirit, we’ve got you covered. Necklace sets don’t have to be boring and clunky; take it from us, they can be fun and more importantly, in tune with your individual preferences.

Here are our recommendations on the best necklace sets for your creative spirit:

For The Edgy Creatives  

For a fun yet edgy necklace set that’s also statement piece and distinct in style, the Blingvine Soulmate Necklace Set is the perfect choice for you. It has a clean finish with a bold design. The necklace set is made from superior quality materials, including 18k gold plating that is built to last. Combined with premium platinum polish it makes for a classy, finished look. The accompanying earrings are also loud pieces that can be styled on their own as well.  

For The Dramatic Creatives 

If you’re the loud one, taking every moment as if it’s momentous, the perfect necklace set for you is aptly the one that shines through. We recommend opting for a necklace set that is adorned with precious gemstones and whose craftsmanship stands out, such as The Blingvine Blue Ocean Necklace set. It's opulent, it's grand and it’s like no other, just like you. It’s made with the finest deep blue Austrian crystals and is a statement necklace set that is not afraid to shine and command a room.

For The Quiet Creatives 

We know that not all creatives are loud, some find their creativity in their quiet nature. If that is the kind of creative you are, we have just the thing for you. The Cora Crystal Necklace Set has an extremely pristine and luxurious design, and most people tend to fall in love with it at first sight, we know we did. It’s made from superior quality American diamonds and AAA micro paved CZ crystals. This necklace set is your best option for formal dinner events and parties.  

For the Offbeat Creatives  

If your creativity lies on the offbeat path, a.k.a. the road less taken, then this one's for you. The Blingvine Izra Necklace is prettier than even its name. It’s a modern style with the most elegant design. It's minimal and luxurious, made with AAA micro paved CZ Crystals and German rhodium plating. The necklace is perfect for a work event or a cocktail party. For your creative spirit, this necklace set really highlights the fact that sometimes being different is the best thing to be and that there, is an element of unparalleled beauty.

For The Time Sensitive Creatives   

We all know creativity is something that comes at a particular time every day. You may have a burst of creative energy flowing through you at 9 in the morning or 6 in the evening, or sometimes, maybe even 2 in the morning. Whatever time your creativity channels through, the Magical Moments Luxury Necklace Set is for you. It’s got a decadent design, and just like the name suggests, is truly magical. The necklace set is laced with AAA Austrian crystals and carries with it, an air of romance. We’re sure you’ll look stunning as you wear it, after all, it’s hard not to! It’s a necklace set fit for those who know that time fuels their creative energy and are willing to go that extra mile for it.  

Whatever necklace set you choose, staying true to your own creative spirit and style is the most important thing to keep in mind. We know that there is a perfect and fun necklace set for you out there and we believe you’re ready to explore that world for yourself. Your creative spirit is what sets you apart from the rest so keep honing that gift as you make your accessory decisions and highlight your spirit. If you want to learn more about styling necklaces with various outfits, we have an in-depth guide that covers this topic. We hope you love it.