Diamond Bracelets – A Bond of love

Bracelets are beautiful pieces of jewellery worn on the hand, at the wrist. They are worn as charms, and used for beauty and medical purposes. Bracelets used in religious functions, or spiritual reasons are also popular. Bracelets made with many materials like gold, silver, copper, bronze, cloth, leather, and diamonds look gorgeous. Bracelets designed with jewels, crystals, pearls or other semi-precious stones are regal.

Bracelets are as old as 5000 BCE. During that period materials like bones, wood, stones, shells, crystals, seeds, or beads helped create the bracelets. The Egyptian Scarab Bracelet expressed death and rebirth cycles. Bracelets are present in many ancient ruins all over the world. Bracelet designs have evolved across decades. Diamond bracelets are very popular.

Diamond Bracelets Design 

As the diamond ring depicts a promise of love, the diamond bracelet expresses a bond of love. When the diamond bracelet rests on the hand of the wearer, it reminds them of their bond with their loved one. The warm feeling a diamond bracelet gives to the receiver is incomparable. It shows them that the feeling of love and bonding is shared and appreciated.

Diamond Bracelets for gifting

The perfect way to express deep feelings of love and togetherness, is to gift diamond bracelets. The links and chains in the diamond bracelet show the strings of love that bind them together. The diamonds express the shine of true emotions. As stars shine forever, the luster of diamond bracelets speak of love that is eternal! Diamond bracelets are available in many designs and shapes. They help create festive, casual and formal looks.

Tennis bracelets

Tennis bracelets are popular with many sportswomen. The name was first coined when Chris Evert dropped her line bracelet on the court. Chris said “I dropped my tennis bracelet!” Thereafter, many jewellery designers created a new line of diamond bracelets, naming them Tennis bracelets. They are available in sterling silver, gold, and many other materials, including diamonds. Tennis bracelets often have a small tennis pendant attached to it.

At times, the entire bracelet could be in the design of a tennis racket. The Tennis bracelet has a hinge and is loose enough to move around the wrist. Diamonds are set around the bracelet either on the hinge or around the circumference. Tennis diamond bracelets look modest but are striking.

Diamond Bangles

Bangles are popular and were even worn in ancient times. Both men and women wore bangles for different purposes. Their bangles showed their status and standing in the society. The Mohen Jo Daro statue of the dancing girl wearing bangles up to her arms is a famous ancient artifact.

In ancient times, kings and queens wore bangles with precious stones in materials like gold, silver, and diamonds. Other materials used to make bangles are copper, bronze, and agate. Shells and stones are also used to decorate bangles. The bangles are self-designed to make elaborate patterns.

Gold and diamond bangles are often used for festive and special occasions. Diamond studded Kadas look luxurious and enhance the richness of the ensemble. Diamond bangles made with silver, gold, and platinum look festive. The bangle designs help create beautiful patterns. Diamonds are then fixed on these patterns.

Different colours enhance their look. Along with diamond bracelets, diamond bangles are also a popular choice for women. Diamond bangle sets are a must during weddings, for both the bride and the wedding guests. Diamond bracelets looped with diamond bangles and watches create a luxurious look.

Charm bracelets

Charms can ward off evil eyes, negative spirits, and remove bad luck. Since ancient times, people have been wearing charm bracelets to protect themselves. Small children, pregnant women, newly-wed couples wear charm bracelets to reject negativity.

Many materials like elephant tusks, tiger bones, gems, shiny rocks, and roots of certain trees are used in charm bracelets. Charm bracelets are also made with tiny pendants. Such pendants are dolphins, stars, moons, and the like for protection.

Charm bracelets alter according to changing trends. The Charm bracelet was first created by Tiffany and Co. in the year 1889. They made a single link bracelet with one tiny heart attached to it. Today, it is a fashion icon. Some popular forms of diamond bracelets are ones with charms like crystals, pentagrams, and hearts.

Younger children can wear them to protect them from evil eyes and black magic. Diamond bracelets with charms are easy to wear and look pretty on the hands of the wearer.


Cuffs are a power statement. Queens and goddesses wear cuffs to declare their status and to protect them from evil forces. Diamond cuffs are quite popular for festivals and as statement pieces.

They immediately increase the status of the wearer. Diamond bracelets and cuffs express the standing of the wearer in the society. Only one diamond cuff on the hand can lift the beauty statement. Diamond bracelets and cuffs come in many simple and elaborate designs.

Wired designs studded with diamonds or clamps with diamond filigree are quite popular. Artistic shapes with large diamond studs also create an iconic look. Diamond bracelets worn with cuffs make a good fashion statement.

Diamond Links

Men and women can wear diamond bracelets and diamond links. Diamond link jewellery created by linking many small pieces together looks beautiful. These small links are made of many materials like gold, silver, platinum, copper.

They are then studded with diamonds. Men can also wear diamond bracelets and links as they enhance the X factor. Diamond links can look rugged and feminine also.

Care for your diamond bracelets.

Diamond bracelets are used for many purposes. It is important to take good care and protect them from damage. The diamonds in the jewellery need protection from heat, breakage, scratches, water, and chemicals. It is important to preserve the shine and luster of the diamonds.


Diamond bracelet designs use many metals and materials. It is important to take care while wearing and removing them. The diamond bracelet is worn for matches, for functions, while traveling, or doing housework. It is important to make sure they don’t get scratched or broken.

The weather can also affect the quality of the diamond bracelet. It is important to store them in a correct manner. It is important to gently wipe the diamond bracelet with a soft cloth to remove any oil or dust before you store it. It is important to store the diamond bracelets in their original boxes. In this storage, they do not break due to bad handling or accidents while handling.


Chemicals can immediately affect diamond bracelets.  There are strong chemicals present in perfumes, shampoos, conditioners, lotions, hairsprays etc.  These chemicals can damage the luster of the diamond bracelets. Household cleaners and dishwasher liquids can also damage diamond bracelets. These chemicals can corrode and completely damage the diamond bracelet. Remove the diamond bracelets before using any products that have strong chemicals. 

Diamonds are forever! Clean them and protect them from heat, oil, sweat, dust and harmful chemicals so that you can cherish them for life.

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