American Diamond Jewellery Designs: A Sparkling Trend of Elegance

American Diamond Jewellery Designs: A Sparkling Trend of Elegance

American diamond jewellery, a world where stars sparkle a bit more and colours are classy. Diamonds are girls’ best friend, that being said every girl wants to own a diamond at least once in her lifetime. American diamonds made diamonds a regular in every woman's jewellery collection. With American diamonds one can get the same shine and almost the same durability of diamonds at a far more affordable rate.

Recently, there has been a rise in demand for American diamonds globally. The versatility of styles and the variety of designs of american diamond jewellery has made them quite a big hit among all genders, races and ages.

History of American Diamond Jewellery Designs

To tell you about the history of American diamonds and the designs thereof, it all started with the synthesis of compound cubic zirconia. Totally man made made up of zirconium, the compound resembles a real diamond thus came to be known as american diamond. Now that we have something that looks like a diamond that can be made in a laboratory, the jewellery industry took it upon themselves to produce designs and types of jewellery that is affordable to all.

From simple rings, to earrings and necklaces and bracelets too came into being. Today, you can find every piece of jewellery in american diamonds comprising unique and stylish designs. Both men and women wear American diamond jewellery that best represents their style and personality all over the world.

Types of American Diamond Jewellery

Talking of the types of american diamond jewellery there are a wide variety of jewellery types one can find in the market. From the smallest of jewellery like nose rings to a heavy statement necklace set american diamonds has it all. Some of the commonly worn jewellery types are mentioned below.

American diamond rings

American diamond jewellery designsAmerican diamond jewellery designsAmerican diamond jewellery designs

Rings are the first of the jewellery types to be produced in american diamonds. The craze and importance of engagement rings is one of the reasons for the popularity of American diamond rings. Made in a wide range of designs from solitaire, halo-like to cluster designs are some of the ring designs commonly worn by people.

American Diamond Earrings

American diamond jewellery designsAmerican diamond jewellery designsAmerican diamond jewellery designs

American diamond earrings are another bling in the jewellery collection, worn mostly by women. From american diamond studs to dangler earrings and long drop earrings, the variety of designs and styles in american diamond earrings is innumerable. Men who like to decorate their piercings go for american diamond studs or hoops for the sparkling shine and subtle style.

American Diamond Necklaces

American diamond jewellery designsAmerican diamond jewellery designsAmerican diamond jewellery designs

American diamond necklaces are the most dazzling piece of jewellery you’ll ever see. From minimal styles to full-blown traditional and statement making necklaces all are available in american diamond jewellery. American diamond jewellery designs for necklaces are made in all styles and patterns accommodating almost all wishes and wants.

American Diamond Bracelets

American diamond jewellery designsAmerican diamond jewellery designsAmerican diamond jewellery designs

American diamond bracelets are the absolute accessory of elegance for women. The range of American diamond jewellery designs has acquired bracelets as one of a kind niche. American diamond bracelets look luxurious, classy and add a sparkle to the looks. Styling them with different accessories and matching them with other jewellery types is both fashionable and fun.

American Diamond Pendants

American diamond pendants are the pillar of minimalist jewellery. The pendant designs in American diamond jewellery are versatile and suitable to a wide range of styles. Pairing them with casual western dresses, or traditional sarees will add the same elegance and grace to your every look.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing American Diamond Jewellery

When buying your own American diamond jewellery, there are some things you may want to consider and keep in mind. From the size, shape, and colour of the diamond to the style, patterns, and designs that resonate with your own self. It is important that you can relate to and are comfortable with whatever jewellery you wear. Let us see some of these factors you can’t ignore while buying American diamond jewellery.

The right shape and size are the basics.

American diamond jewellery designs

American diamond jewellery is all about the size and shape of the diamond set in a jewellery design. The price of American diamond jewellery depends on its size and shape, which can greatly affect your choice of American diamond jewellery.

Setting of American diamonds in jewellery designs.

American diamond jewellery designs

The setting and the way American diamonds are decorated in a metal is another factor that affects the definition and choice of jewellery. Diamonds arranged in a tennis manner, a halo setting, or a solitaire are some of the setting examples. All these settings have a characteristic beauty and a suitable price for the particular American diamond jewellery designs.

Colour and clarity of American diamonds.

American diamond jewellery designs

Colour and clarity are the 2 of the 4Cs, which are the basic features one must look at while choosing American diamond jewellery. These two features are exactly what determine the price of American diamond jewellery. The higher the clarity and the more vibrant the colour, the more it increases both its beauty and price by multiples.

Current Fashion Trends in American Diamond Jewellery Designs

American diamond jewellery is the trend today and is preferred by a large population of both men and women. American diamond jewellery designs range from minimalist and modern to statement-making and bridal pieces. This diversity of designs and styles is what we are going to discuss next.

Bridal American diamond jewellery designs for the big day.

With the rise in demand and popularity of American diamond jewellery, it has now become an active part of bridal jewellery collections. From bridal necklaces and earrings to engagement rings and bangles of American diamonds, the bride is decorated from head to toe in diamonds. The sparkling shine and lovely colours of American diamonds contribute to the mesmerising look of the bride.
Necklace designs with a traditional touch brought to perfection by modern techniques are added to the bridal collection.

From chokers to statements and lariats, there is a type that matches every type. Diamond bangles are the highlight of a bridal jewellery collection. With their modern designs inspired by ancient culture and craft, there are some eye-catching pieces to wear. Diamond head gears and nose rings are another type of jewellery that is just perfect when worn with American diamonds.

Top fashion trends and celebrities' love for American diamond jewellery.

American diamond jewellery designs

American diamonds are the pillar of minimalist jewellery today, and I am enjoying the trend with them. Different designs in American diamond jewellery are considered statement pieces because of their ability to stand out among others. The enticing and intricate arrangement of diamonds in a necklace, earring, or bracelet has become a trend because of their beauty.

American diamond jewellery designs

Earrings like danglers, chandeliers, and threader earrings are at the top of trends and are popularly worn by women at parties, formal events, and traditional functions. American diamond bracelets are worn as chain bracelets, bangles, and cuff bracelets. Necklaces, earrings, and bracelets are the three types of American diamond jewellery that aren't going out of style anytime soon.

American diamond jewellery designs

Celebrities are loving American diamonds because of their affordability and the variety of designs that they provide. The ditto diamonds are among the top choices of celebrities for their red carpet events. Statement earrings like dangler earrings and chandeliers made of American diamonds, or a choker or collar necklace, are seen quite often on red carpets.

Ditching the expenses for a wider range of colour, shape, and design of American diamonds seems to be a wise choice for celebs who generally do not repeat an outfit.

How to wear American diamond jewellery to compliment your outfit.

American diamond jewellery is quite versatile in design, styles, and patterns. You can basically pair American diamond jewellery with any outfit as long as you choose the right jewellery type. According to the occasion and place you wear American diamond jewellery, the pairings change and the types of jewellery change too. Then it's your style too that influences the way you wear American diamond jewellery designs.

For formal wear, an American diamond pendant set with earrings and a chain bracelet are great pairings. As for casual wear, ditching the necklace for just earrings and an American diamond bracket is the right look. Wearing a traditional outfit, you can pair a statement necklace with American diamond earrings and bangle bracelets for the elite look you are looking for. Depending on the colour of your outfit, matching or contrasting the jewellery colour with the same is the way to go.

You can wear American diamond jewellery the way you like and with whatever you wear. It is your style and preference and the place you are wearing it that govern most of the choices.

American Diamond Jewellery Care and Maintenance

American diamond jewellery needs proper care and maintenance for a long-lasting lustre. Maintaining your jewellery implies taking care of it every time you wear it and also when you do not wear it.

Maintaining American diamond jewellery is the key to keeping it new for as long as you can. Avoid wearing American diamond jewellery while doing household chores like cleaning and gardening. The cleaning supplies may damage the shine and thus decrease the quality of the lustre.

Also avoid wearing American diamond jewellery while showering or swimming; this may also decrease the shine by damaging the surface of the diamond. It is advisable that you wear your jewellery at least while getting ready; the cosmetic chemicals can be too harsh for the jewellery.

Cleaning American diamond jewellery is another way to take care of your jewellery collection. Mix a mild soap, like dishwashing soap, in lukewarm water. Dip a cloth in soapy water and clean your jewellery thoroughly with the same. Rinse and then dry it well with a soft-fibre cloth. Store it in an airtight container away from moisture. Keep all the jewellery elements separately in different containers to keep them from rubbing against each other and scratching the surface. These are some easy ways to clean your American diamond jewellery at home.

If you are looking for a deeper cleaning or you don’t trust yourself enough to clean your jewellery well, take professional help. A periodic visit to your jeweller for maintenance services is a nice idea. Do it well and properly.

The Benefits of Owning American Diamond Jewellery

American diamond jewellery is the trend, and it is there for all the right reasons and benefits. Looking all the same, like diamonds, with almost the same durability at a much more affordable price. They are the diamonds for all, and this makes them different from diamonds in a positive manner. Along with the affordability factor, the variety of designs and the versatility of styles that American diamond jewellery offers are incredible.

From minimalist pendant styles to statement making heavy necklace designs, there are numerous choices to choose from. Everybody loves to wear a diamond, and if that domain is cost-effective, the joy of wearing that one stone increases by thousands. American diamond jewellery has been a witness to so many relationships and marriages, attaching a sentimental value to that piece of jewellery.

From bridal designs to formal and casual designs, American diamond jewellery is popular among men and women. American diamonds may not be the best diamonds, but they sure fulfil the beauty of the same at much lower prices.

The Best Places to Buy American Diamond Jewellery

When looking for American diamond jewellery, you can go online and browse for tips in articles like this. Explore and search for quality dealers and the variety of designs they offer. You can assess the dealer's reputation by looking at the brand authority and product quality in customer reviews.

You will get everything from online to physical stores by browsing online. There, you can decide whether you want to order online or visit a physical store of American diamond jewellery. If it's your first time, you may order one piece of jewellery online and another from a physical store. Then compare the jewellery pieces on the factors of quality, price, offers, discounts, and comfort.

Some leading brands in American diamond jewellery include Myntra, Blingvine, Amazon, and many others. Blingvine is your one-stop destination for quality and long-lasting American diamond jewellery. Explore the website and get your favourite pieces now!

American Diamond Jewellery: A Gift of Love

American diamond jewellery designs

There are deep sentiments attached to pieces of American diamond jewellery. From engagement rings to bridal sets and birthday gifts, they are presented to loved ones. Diamonds have always been symbols of love and appreciation, and American diamonds do the same without worrying about the fear of losing them.

One can even get customised American diamond jewellery designs for a special someone or a special moment. A setting that’s their favourite, or diamonds arranged in shape for a pendant or charm on bracelets. An engagement or proposal ring of your choice and design you have had in mind for quite some time.

American diamond jewellery is hence among the top choices for jewellery gifts. It is sparkly, durable, and modern, making it the perfect gift for loved ones.

American Diamond Jewellery for Men

American diamond jewellery designs

American diamond jewellery is popular not only with women but is also a great part of men’s fashion. The subtle suaveness it adds to a man's character makes it a popular choice among men. Men love to wear jewellery that isn’t too much but is still stylish enough to make a statement. American diamond earrings and necklaces do just that for them, with designs that appeal to their masculine features as well as accentuating their feminine charms along with their interests and likes.

American diamond jewellery designs

Pop culture-inspired jewellery, or bohemian designs of pendants and charms, is trending in jewellery for men. Worn by men at a variety of occasions, from casual college days to nightclub parties and weddings. Stud earrings and pendant necklaces are the most commonly worn American diamond jewellery types. There are personalised designs and charms for men's jewellery that cater to their interests and wants.

The Future of American Diamond Jewellery Designs

When talking about the future of American diamond jewellery, it can be said with certainty that they have a really bright future ahead of them and the fashion industry. There is continuous advancement and improvisation in the manufacturing of American diamonds and the quality and designs that are available to people in general.

With the rise of manufacturing industries and the chemical industry getting bigger day by day, it won't be wrong to assume that they will surpass other jewellery industries. Also, the advancement in technology has made it easier to print what’s on your mind with perfection. The designs of American diamond jewellery are hence becoming even more intricate and delicate for mesmerising jewellery pieces.

To sum it all up, if you are a diamond lover and would love to own a diamond sometime in your life you can start by accumulating American diamond jewellery. There is a wide range of styles and patterns you will see today in American diamond jewellery designs. Every design has a characteristic elegance and grace which adds a certain value to your look. The equivalent shine and quality to diamonds make them a popular choice among modern people. With the evolution of modern jewellery and the improvement in designs have brought American diamond jewellery to a pedestal which will just rise above. It is encourageable to go for American diamond jewellery without a doubt, they will let you experience the beauty and luxury of diamonds at your own price and budget. You can refer to our American diamond jewellery style guide for the tips and tricks to be the fashionista! 

Go ahead and explore our American diamond jewellery collection, with the latest and most unique designs in the category. There is something for everybody and you will surely love everything there is!


What are American diamonds?

American diamonds are chemically synthesised crystals that look like diamonds.

How are American diamonds different from real diamonds?

American diamonds are Cubic zirconia, which is made up of zirconium while diamond is a carbon allotrope.

Are American diamonds of good quality?

Yes, American diamonds have good quality. Its quality depends on the 4Cs(colour, cut, clarity, carat weight) just like stones and diamonds.

Where can I buy authentic American diamond jewellery?

You can buy American diamond jewellery online as well as in stores. Some online stores include myntra, Blingvine, Amazon etc.)