A Complete Guide To Buy And Style Diamond Earrings

The shine and sparkle of diamonds have been stealing the hearts of people since ages. Diamonds have a coveted place in our jewellery boxes for their elegance. From necklace to ring, there is a long list of diamond jewellery options to choose from. All the accessories made of diamonds are timeless. Out of all, subtle and eye catchy, diamond earring is a ladies favourite. Diamonds are one of the most sought after gemstones in the world. Like other precious metals, diamonds are also a gift from nature. Deep pressure and extreme heat within the Earth forms diamonds. After bringing them to surface, by cutting and shaping them, they are used in various accessories.

Rare and precious diamond jewelleries receive love and admiration from all age groups. Each piece of jewellery made out of diamonds has its own charm. But with a variety of styles and designs the charm of diamond earrings is unmatched. A diamond earring for girls is a go too choice for every occasion. Their simple yet stylish setting enhances the beauty of the outfit in an instant. Diamonds are not only beautiful but are also durable. diamonds and diamond earrings are timeless. They are an elegant choice for anyone looking to add a touch of luxury to their wardrobe.

History Of Diamonds As Earrings

Diamond earrings were a part of royal jewelleries of many Indian and Persian rulers. India was where diamonds were first found. In ancient times, diamond earrings were often decorated with other gemstones. Use of rubies, emeralds gave intricate colourful designs. Though, it was only the elites that could wear diamond earrings back then. Precious metal and gemstone earrings were largely used to display social status. Europe then introduced diamond earrings as a fashion accessory in the 16th century. Over the years, diamond earrings became a preferred accessory of Hollywood actors. By wearing them at red carpet events and in movies, they opened a door of popularity for diamond earrings.

With the variety of designs and styles, popularity of diamond earrings continue to grow. There are plenty of options to suit every fashion need. Listed below are a few staples of every jewellery box.

Types of diamond earrings

Based on their shape and size, there are 4 basic types of diamond earrings one must own. Each type of earring is charming and beautiful in it's own ways. Read along to find a perfect pair to suit your personal style.

Diamond stud earrings

Studs are a classic piece of earring loved by all age groups and genders. Diamond stud earrings feature a single diamond set in a metal base. Secured with a round or butterfly backing, they are lightweight and simple. Popular choice for daily wear, they look stylish at a special occasion as well. Suds are available in various sizes and shapes. From small delicate studs to a bit dramatic and large designs, studs have a variety of designs. Wear them on a simple t-shirt at a formal event or pair them with a gown on a date. You can never go wrong with studs.

Diamond hoop earrings

A large metal wire in circular form looping around the ear lobe is a common design of hoop earring. When worn, it gives a look of a hoop. The usual basic design of hoops becomes fashionable when decorated with diamonds. The metal base of hoops studded with diamonds make them look dressy. Various shapes like oval, square etc in hoop earrings are popular for casual outings. These types of diamond earrings are a bit on the glamorous side. Style them on a plain bright coloured t-shirt or a saree and pep up your look.

Diamond drop earrings

Drop earrings are a popular choice for special occasions such as weddings or parties. An extension to stud earrings, these earrings feature a cluster of diamonds. It dangles from a metal base. The size and shape of diamonds used can vary. They are often decorated with other precious stones to get the traditional look. They look excellent when paired with a necklace. Styling them with traditional attires such as a lehenga or saree enhances its beauty. Various styles of these diamond earrings are a statement piece themselves.

Diamond chandelier earrings

Dramatic and glamorous of all, chandelier earrings are perfect for events and galas. They feature a cascading row of diamonds which make them look like a chandelier, hence the name. It has a stud with a large, tiered and ornate design of diamonds hanging below. The earring design is large at the bottom which gives a stunning visual effect. They look royal when decorated with other gemstones. These diamond earrings are perfect to pair with glorious gowns, they are sure to make all the heads turn.

How to style diamond earrings?

Diamond earrings are a timeless choice that will never go out of style. Their options in sizes, styles and designs have something for everyone. Whether you want to style them on a daily errand or on a special occasion, they add a bit of sparkle and class to your look. But, choosing the right diamond is a hideous task if we lack knowledge. One needs to take into consideration a few points while purchasing diamonds.

Important considerations when purchasing diamond earring

Buying a diamond is a huge investment. Diamonds are precious and rare, this adds on to their price. Hence, it is important to consider a few points while purchasing diamond earrings. Here is the list of factors to check before buying diamond earrings.

Diamond colour

Diamond colour actually means lack of colour. Diamonds come in various colour ranges, from colourless to light yellow and brown. The purest form of diamond is colourless. A tint of yellow or brown is a sign of impurity. The colourless diamonds are rarer and hence more precious. The tinted diamonds are less valuable. While buying diamond earrings, make sure to get the colour of the diamond checked by a professional. 

Diamond carat weight

Checking the carat weight before buying diamond earrings is essential. Like gold, even diamond has carat as one of the measurements. People often misunderstand carat weight with the size of a diamond. Carat weight refers to the weight of the diamond. 1 carat equals 200 gms. The ideal carat weight ranges between 1 - 1.9. The price of a diamond increases with its carat weight. But, it is important to remember that the value of a diamond is not only determined by its carat weight. A smaller diamond with better cut, colour and clarity can be more valuable. 

Diamond clarity

The natural process of diamond making can often have varied carbon molecules. Which leads to bubbles in the inside and blemishes on the outside of the diamond. Clarity refers to absence of these. The higher the clarity grade, the more valuable the diamond. Meaning the lesser the blemishes the better. It is advisable to go for a higher clarity rank while buying diamond earrings. Though, diamonds with slight inclusions or blemishes are still beautiful and valuable.

Diamond cut

Diamonds in their natural form are not always in the angular shape we know them to be of. They are manually cut in order to give them their shape. The cut of a diamond refers to its symmetrical proportions. A well-cut diamond can reflect the light better, giving it the shine and sparkle it is famous for. The cut determines the beauty and appearance of the diamond. It is important to check a diamond's cut before buying diamond earrings. A cut too deep or too shallow will lose light, resulting in a dull appearance. Diamonds cut is not the same as its shape. A diamond of any size and shape will have the ability to reflect light better with the help of a proper cut. 

Shape of the diamond

Diamonds used in diamond earrings come in various shapes. Round, pear, oval etc there are many options available. However, people often mistake a larger and round shape of the diamond to be of a high quality. The shape of the diamond doesn't make it valuable of less valuable. Any size and shape of the diamond with all the above mentioned factors could be valuable. The thickness of the diamond matters not the shape or size.

All these factors are very tough for an untrained eye to point out. Hence, seeking help of a trusted expert before buying diamond earrings is advisable. The investment you will make in buying a diamond retains its value over time. Gather information and take a well thought decision.

Tips for maintaining the brilliance of diamond earrings

Diamond earrings are a precious and valuable investment. It needs attention and care to maintain their shine and beauty. Here are some tips for maintaining the brilliance of diamond earrings:


It is important to store each pair away from each other. Invest in a separate jewellery box to store diamond earrings. You can also wrap each of them in a soft cloth and keep them in a box. This keeps them away from scratches and tangling. Don't keep them lying around if you are not wearing them. Storing them away from sunlight and humidity ensures maintaining their shine.


Jewelleries need regular cleaning for maintaining their beauty and brilliance. Dirt, oil or other things can layer on your diamond earrings, reducing their shine. To clean them at home, soak them in mild soap and warm water for a while. Then gently rub it with your hands, avoid using a brush or scraper. Rinse it with water and wipe with a clean soft cloth. Let it dry before wearing or storing them. 

Avoiding damage

Harsh chemicals in soap or body wash or make up can damage your diamond earrings. Avoid wearing diamonds during any physical activity as sweat can also cause damage. Remove your earrings while bathing and applying make up or hair spray. Wash off any makeup or cream from your palms before touching your diamond earrings. This will help in refraining it from losing its shine.

Along with these, it is vital to get your earrings checked by a professional on regular intervals. If the earring needs any repair, get it done without any delay. Delaying the repair can lead to breaking or losing the diamond.

In conclusion, diamond earrings for girls are a fashion staple that never goes out of trend. All the styles, sizes and shapes of diamond earrings are widely celebrated for centuries. They are classic and demand a huge investment. It is important to make a well informed choice before buying diamond earrings. Go for a trusted brand name and seek an expert opinion before buying one. After care is also essential, don't turn a blind eye on any sign of damage or breakage. After all, they are a great investment and a stylish pair of accessories you will probably pass on to generations to come!

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